Throwback To DPT: Meet Champions From Second DPT Edition Held In August 2016

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) came into existence when two industry giants, Adda52 and Deltin Royale casino, came together to form the DPT in  2016. The decision paid handsomely as the very first edition of the series that ran from 21st to 26th January and boasted INR 1 Crore GTD prize pool for the Main Event received an overwhelming participation with 450 + entries joining the action and creating over INR 1.5 Crore prize money. The biggest winner to emerge at the first series was Delhi’s Raghav Bansal who banked INR 30.60 Lac for shipping the series headliner, 100K Main Event.

Owing to the January edition’s resounding success, the DPT returned in August 2016, and this time featured a guarantee for every tourney on the schedule. Thanks to the overwhelming response from the poker community, the series turned out to be a bigger success than its inaugural edition, almost doubling the previous turnout with a whopping 899 entries and generating INR 2.34 Crore prizepool. Much of this gigantic prizepool was dispersed in the 60K Highroller and 30K Main Event.

While the second edition of DPT saw hundreds of players getting into the action in pursuit of DPT glory and hefty prizes, the biggest winner to emerge at the series was Rohit Tiwari who championed the biggest-guaranteed event (DPT 60K Highroller) to take home a massive payday of INR 27.70 Lac.

DPT 60K Highroller – Rohit Tiwari – Won INR 27.70 Lac

The 60K Highroller was the biggest guaranteed event of the second DPT edition and it drew in a record 171 entries, more than doubling its specified guarantee of INR 40 Lac and generating INR 1.02 Crore in prize pool that was shared by the top 18 finishers, with the min-cash being of INR 1,03,000.

While there were several pros in contention, stealing the spotlight was Rohit Tiwari who claimed the title for a massive INR 27.70 Lac, the single largest prize awarded at the second edition of the DPT. He came out on top of a very tough final table that featured two DPT champions in Y J Kim (2nd for INR 17,45,000) and Raghav Bansal (5th for INR 6,65,000), along with Keshav Chadha (3rd place for INR 12,31,000), Manpreet Chadha (4th for INR 9,25,000), and Lawrence Melvin (6th for INR 5,15,000).

Tiwari (613k) started the final table with the third largest stack but gained the control after busting Raghav Bansal in 5th place. He continued his momentum and busted Manpreet Chadha and Keshav Chadha in fourth and third places respectively to enter the heads-up with Y J Kim that lasted for about 30 minutes. The final hand of the 2-day highroller tourney saw Rohit with Kd 10d and Kim holding 7h 10h. The board ran out Qd 8c Jc Qs 3h, giving the pot as well the trophy to Tiwari.

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Rohit Tiwari – 27,70,000
  2. Y J Kim – 17,45,000
  3. Keshav Chadha – 12,31,000
  4. Manpreet Chadha – 9,25,000
  5. Raghav Bansal – 6,65,000
  6. Lawrence Melvin – 5,15,000
  7. Krishna SM – 4,10,000
  8. Hussain Lakda – 3,05,000
  9. Monish Kumar – 2,55,000

DPT 30K Main Event – Vikas Singh – Won INR 17.60 Lac

Talking about the DPT Main Event, it did amazingly well, drawing in a record 235-entry field to more than double its GTD prizepool and create INR 70.50 Lac that was finally shared by the top 24 players. Walking away with the lion’s share of the prizepool was Vikas Singh who banked INR 17.60 Lac.

Vikas Singh began the final table as the second-lowest stack, while Naren Prakash held the chip lead. However, he played exceptionally well to stack up and finally win the tournament. He eventually clashed with Rahul Agrawal (2nd for INR 10.90  Lac) in the heads-up that lasted just a few hands.

The final hand of the tourney saw Rahul with 8h 8s and Vikas with Ah 3s. The pocket eights did not hold up on the Kc 10h Js 7h As board and Vikas took down the pot as well as the title for INR 17.60 Lac.

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Vikas Singh – 17,60,000
  2. Rahul Agrawal – 10,90,000
  3. Shyamrag C – INR 790,000
  4. Naren Prakash –  586,000)
  5. Gaurav Chauhan – 440,000)
  6. Archit Saraogi – 335,000)
  7. Bharath Jayprakash – 260,000)
  8. Gaurav Chauhan – 205,000)
  9. Shaleen Luhadia – 165,000)

DPT 10K Kickoff – Tarun Goyal – INR 6.35 Lac

The second DPT edition had double celebration for IT professional-turned poker pro Tarun Goyal who won the series opener 10 Kickoff for INR 6.35 Lac, as he was felicitated the next day during the 60K Highroller by the then Adda52 Pro Amit Jain and inducted as a member of Adda52 Pro Team.

Goyal started the final table with the third-largest stack but took over the chip lead by the time Manikanta Kona got eliminated in fourth place. He inched closer to the title by eliminating Naren Prakash in third place. The heads-up began with Tarun Goyal leading 3 to 1 against Prashant (Praz) Correa. The  final hand found Praz all-in with Kh 5d, with Tarun making a snap call with 9d 9s.  The pocket nines held up on the board Js Jh 6c Qh 3c, giving Goyal the coveted pot as well as the title.

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Tarun Goyal – 6,35,000
  2. Prashant Correa – 4,00,000
  3. Naren Prakash – 2,85,000
  4. Manikanta Kona – 2,10,000
  5. Vaibhav Sharma – 1,60,000
  6. Nayan Kumar – 1,20,000
  7. Madan Kumar – 95,000
  8. Shaleen Luhadia – 75,000
  9. Rushil Mitra – 59,000

Like the other events of the DPT series, the 10K Kickoff tourney also fared well, drawing in an impressive 256 entries and collecting a prize pool worth INR 25.60 Lac to easily crush its 10 Lac guaranteed prize pool.  The prizepool was shared by the top 25 with a min-cash of INR 20,000.

15K Adda52 Pro Bounty – Gaurav Gala – INR 4,95,000

The series finally culminated on a big note with the 15K Adda52 Pro Bounty drawing in 160 entries and more than doubling its specified GTD with a collection of INR 24 Lac prizepool. The top 21 places were paid out in this tourney and walking away with the title and top prize was Gaurav Gala who banked INR 4.95 Lac. Sumit Ralhan placed runner-up and took home INR 3,05,000 for his deep finish.

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Gaurav Gala – 4,95,000
  2. Sumit Ralhan – 3,05,000
  3. Hardik Shah – 2,20,000
  4. Sameer Tavanandi – 1,60,000
  5. Vivek ‘Ik’ RughaniRughani – 1,20,000
  6. Jasven Saigal – 90,000
  7. Tehseen Girkar – 72,000
  8. Abhineet Jain – 55,000
  9. Charu Vikram – 45,000

Congratulations to the champions from second edition of the DPT and good luck for the upcoming edition scheduled to run from 14th to 19th April 2022 at the Deltin Royale casino in Goa. The April 2022 edition promises to be bigger and bolder with INR 2 Crore GTD prizepool and much more on offer. Come join the series and stand a chance to become the next DPT champion! See you there!