Welcome To Live Coverage Of DPT April 2022 15K Bounty

And it`s finally over!!  Amit Kaushik champions DPT April 2022 15K Bounty Event for INR 5,57,300.


Amit Kaushik completed from button and Rajesh Rajpopat checked from big blind

Flop:  8s 7s 6c

Rajesh checked, Amit  bet 150k and Rajesh jammed for 10L.

After tanking for a while, Amit called

Rajesh:  Js 9h

Amit: 9h 6c.

Turn: 4h

River: 8h

Amit took down the pot as well as the title with a pair of sixes. 

The winner Amit Kaushik took home INR 5.57 Lac, while the runner-up Rajesh Rajpopat walked away with INR 3,91 Lac. 

Now It Is Heads-Up For The DPT 15k Bounty Title!


Level 27 (Blinds 75k-125k & Ante 125k)

Leading the way into heads-up is Amit Kaushik with 22.50 Lac, while Rajesh is not much behind with 19 Lac. Given below are the heads-up chip counts of both players:

Amit – 22.50 Lac

Rajesh – 19 Lac

Girish Bhavnani Finishes 3rd for INR INR 2,51,600


Level 26 (Blinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)

Girish Bhavnani from SB moves all-in for 560k and Rajesh Rajpopat from BB calls.

  • Girish: Ah Ks
  • Rajesh: 6c 6h
  • Board: 3s 7d 2c 7c 4c

Pocket sixes for Rajesh hold up and Girish gets no help from the  board. As a result, the latter gets busted in 3rd place, leaving Amit Kaushik and Rajesh Rajpopat for the heads-up for the title.

Pratik Kumar Finishes 4th for INR 1,86,300

Level 26 (Blinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)

Pratik Kumar from cutoff open shoves for 335k and Rajesh Rajpopat from SB calls.

Pratik: Kc 10c

Rajesh: Ac 5h

Board: 4h 10h Js As 8d

While Pratik flops a ten pair on the flop, Rajesh hits an Ace pair on the turn to take down the pot and bust Pratik Kumar.

Akash Singhal Finishes 5th for INR INR 1,39,800

Level 24 (Blinds 30k-60k & Ante 60k)

Rajesh Rajpopat from the button moves all-in and Akash Singhal from  the small blind calls putting his tournament life at risk. Both players show their cards.

Rajesh: 6s 6h

Akash: 6c Ah

Board: 4s Jh 5s 3s 2s

Akash hits straight but Rajesh takes it down with flush and Akash gets busted.

Kshitij Kucheria Finishes 6th for INR 1,11,000

Level 23 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

Kshitij Kucheria from small blind moves all-in for 365k and Rajesh from big blind calls.

Kshitij: AC 5D

Rajesh: 8x 8x

Board: Jc 2H KX 2c 4c

Pocket eights hold up and Kshitij misses the board and gets busted.

Gautham Raju Finishes 7th for INR 92,900


Gautham Raju from middle position goes all-in for 345k and Pratik Kumar from button calls.

Gautham: Js Kd

Pratik: Ac Qh

Board: 5s 9c 2c 3c 8c

Pratik gets one card FLUSH and takes down the pot, busting Gautham Raju from the tourney.

Amit Kaushik  Doubles Up


Level 23 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

Aksah Singhal  from cutoff open shoves all-in and the short stacked Amit Kaushik from button calls.

Akash: Ah Qd

Amit: As Kd

Board: Jd 3c 5s 10s 2c

Amit takes down the pot with higher kicker and doubles up.

Kiran Kumar Finishes 8th for INR 74,500


Level 22 (15k-30k & Ante 30k)

The start of the FT chip leader Rajesh Rajpopat from UGT opens to 80k and Kiran Kumar goes all-in for 70k, putting his tournament life at risk. At showdown:

Rajesh: Kx Kx

Kiran: Ad 9d

Board: Kd Qh As 9h 5d

 Kiran gets two pairs, but Rajesh makes a set, winning the pot and busting Kiran.

Akshay Ghori Finishes 9th for INR 55,800

Level 21 (Blinds 15,000-25,000 & Ante 25,000)

Akshay Ghori from UTG open shoves and Akash Singhal from HJ makes the call.

Akshay: Ad Qh

Akash: As Kd

The board opens 4dd 5c 6d 2h 6h and Akash wins the pot with a better kicker.

Final Table Set With Rajesh Rajpopat In Lead


Level 20 (Blinds 10-20k & Ante 20k)

Final 9 Chip Counts:

  • Rajesh Rajpopat – 780k
  • Kshitij Kucheria – 710k
  • Kiran Kumar – 625k
  • Pratik Kumar – 500k
  • Gautam Raju – 480k
  • Akash Singhal – 385k
  • Girish Bhavnani – 335k
  • Akshay Ghori – 220k
  • Amit Kaushik – 115k

Eliminations From 10th to 36th Places

Ankit Takle 10th for INR 40,600
Shivam Shukla 11th for INR 40,600
Varun Gupta 12th for INR 40,600
Anish Arora 13th for INR 33,300
Siddharth Kadel 14th for INR 33,300
Bharath K Chhunchha 15th for INR 33,300
Himanshu Kataria 16th for INR 28,500
Yuvraj Lohakpure 17th for INR 28,500
Aditya Arora 18th for INR 28,500
Dhirendra Kumar 19th for INR 25,000
Satwik Gupta 20th for INR 25,000
ShyamRag 21st for INR 25,000
Varun Devayya 22nd for  INR 22,200
Anmol Aggarwal 23rd for  INR 22,200
Kuldip Pawar 24th for  INR 22,200
Samayak Sethi 25th for INR 19,700
Varad Mundada 26th for INR 19,700
Sreeram Immadi 27th for INR 19,700
Ishita Arora 28th for INR 17,200
Jyoti Krishna 29th for INR 17,200
Vishwadeep Gupta 30th for INR 17,200
Abhiroop Gupta 31st for INR 17,200
Aditya Shah 32nd for INR 17,200
Avinash Gupta 33rd for INR 17,200
Ankit Jain 34th for INR 17,200
Gokul Krishna 35th for INR 17,200
GautamSachdeva 36th for INR 17,200

Ankit Takle Bubbles DPT 15K Bounty!

Level 20 (Blinds 10-20k & Ante 20k)

Pratik Kumar from button open shoves and the shorter stack Ankit Takle from the big blind calls.

Pratik: Ac 9s

Ankit: Kh Jc

The board runs out 8h 8d Qs Ah 2h, giving the pot to Pratik and busting Ankit. Ankit finished 10th for INR 40,600.

Girish B Doubles-Up Through Amit Kaushik

Level 18 (6k-12k & Ante 12k)

Girish B from UTG opens to 85k, Amit Kaushik who had Girish covered moves all-in from the cutoff position and Girish decides to call with 213k. At the showdown:

Amit:  9s 9c

Girish: 8d 8h

Board: Jc 3d 7c Qc 8s

Girish makes a set with eights to take down the pot and double-up.

Anmol Agarwal Busted by Rajesh Rajpopat

Level 17 (Blinds 5k-10k & Ante 10k)

Anmol Agarwal from cutoff open shoves all-in for 1.35Lac and Rajesh Rajpopat from small blind calls.

Anmol: 3c 3d

Rajesh: Qh Qs

Board: 7s 8s 10s 9h 4h

Pocket queens hold up and Rajesh takes down the pot, busting Anmol from the event.

Ankit Prasad Bubbles DPT 15K Bounty!

Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & Ante 8)

Ankit Prasad from SB shoves all-in for 27k and Gautham Raju from BB snap calls.

Ankit: Ad 9h

Gautham: 2h 4h

Board: 5d 3s 3h Ah 10d

Unfortunately for Ankit, the board gives Gautham straight and Ankit gets busted on money bubble!

Prizepool & Payouts for 15K Bounty

Level 11 (1000-2000 & Ante 2000)

  • 1st – INR 5,57,300
  • 2nd – INR 3,91,200
  • 3rd – INR 2,51,600
  • 4th – INR 1,86,300
  • 5th – INR 1,39,800
  • 6th – INR 1,11,000
  • 7th – INR 92,900
  • 8th – INR 74,500
  • 9th – INR 55,800
  • 10th -12th – INR  40,600
  • 13th -15th – INR 33,300
  • 16th -18th – INR 28,500
  • 19th -21st – INR 25,000
  • 22nd -24th – INR 22,200
  • 25th -27th – INR 19,700
  • 28th -36th – INR 17,200

Ankit Prasad Busts Aman Badhu

Level 10 (800-1600 & Ante 1600)

Ankit Prasad limps from HJ  and Aman Badhu from big blind goes all-in, which Ankit Prasad calls.

Aman: Ax Qx

Ankit: 7x 7x

Board: 2x 8x 3x 10x 5x

Pockets sevens good and Ankit wins the pot and collects the bounty worth 5k.

Late Registration Closes With 282 Entries

Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

With the tournament moving into level 8, the late registration has closed. The event has drawn in a total of 282 entries, creating a whopping INR 25,23,900 in prizepool. Stay tuned for prize pool update!

Varadh Hits Full House To Bust Ketan

Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 & Ante 1000)

In a three-way action, Ishan Pandya from cutoff opens to 5500, Varadh goes all-in from small blind for 41k, and Ketan Chugh goes all-in for 15k.  Ishan snap-folds.

Ketan: Ax Ax

Varadh: 9X 9x

Board: 2x 9x Jx 6x 2x

Varadh  gets a full house to crack aces of Ketan and bust him from the  tourney.

A Few Notables In The House

Level 2 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 0)

As the tournament clock shows, there are 50 players in the field but this number is bound to go up in next few minutes with a long line forming at the registration desk.

Meanwhile, some notables who can be seen in action include Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni, poker streamer Jaideep Sajwan, Gagandeep Malik, Siddarth Singhvi, Amit Dhall, Harsh Bubna etc.

DPT 15K Bounty Gets Underway

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

Welcome to the DPT 15K Bounty which is currently underway here at the Deltin Royale casino.  Players start with a stack of 15k with blinds starting at 100-100. The big blind ante will come into play at level 3. Each level will be 25 minutes, while the late registration will remain open until the start of Level 8. Stay tuned in for key hands, eliminations, prizepool and other important updates