Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT April 2022 65K High Roller FT

Aayush Arya Outlasts Record-Breaking Field In DPT 65K High Roller To Win Career-Best INR 36.63 Lac!


Finally, it is over! After long 3 days of gruelling play here at the luxurious Deltin Royale, we have a champion! Aayush Arya came out on top in the DPT 65K High Roller, taking home a whopping INR 36.63 Lac and his first DPT trophy. The high roller tourney drew a record 281-entry field, generating a whopping INR 1,65,86,025 and making it the most successful event in the history of DPT so far.

Only 123 players returned on Day 2, with late registrations open until the end of first two levels (till Level 12) on Day 2. The eventual champion Aayush Arya entered the final table with the 4th largest stack but did exceptionally well, eliminating six players from the 8-handed final table. He eliminated the start of the FT chip leader Bhavesh Patel in third place and Paawan Bansal in the second place.

The final hand of the tourney was a three-way all-in where Paawan Bansal from button shoved all-in for 18.20 Lac. Aayush Arya from the small blind shoved all-in for more than 8 Million in chips and Bhavesh Patel from big blind went all-in for over 17.50 Lac in chips.  At the showdown:

Aayush: Ah Kh

Bhavesh: 8c 10c

Paawan: As 7h

Board: 2s 6d 4h Kd Jc

While the board didn’t help Bhavesh and Paawan, Aayush clipped a king pair on the turn, shipping his maiden DPT title, trophy and a massive INR 25,70,800 Lac in top prizemoney.

The well-known pro Paawan finished runner-up for INR 25,70,800, with Bhavesh finishing third for INR 16,53,600. Congratulations to the winners and a huge shoutout to the players coming in big numbers and making this event a grand success.

Ranjeet Negi Exits 4th Place For 12,24,000

Level 33 (Blinds 90k-180k & Ante 180k)

Aayush Arya is on fire and he just busted yet another player. This time, he shoved all-in from UTG and Ranjeet Negi from big blind called with 630k.

At the showdown:

Aayush: Ad Qc

Negi: 8h 7c

The board runs out 9h Jh 5s Qd 5h, giving Aayush the pot and Negi gets busted.

Puttamsetty Rajshekhar Finishes 5th for INR 9,18,900

Level 33 (Blinds 90k-180k & Ante 180k)

Aayush Arya from UTG open shoves all-in and Puttamsetty Rajshekhar from big blind calls at the risk of his tournament life. Both players show their cards!

  • Aayush: 6h 6c
  • Puttamsetty: Jc Kc
  • Board: 5d 2s 4h 8s 8d

Pocket sixes are good and they hold up, winning the pot for Ayush. Puttamsetty gets busted.

Siddhanth Krpalani Finishes 6th for INR 7,34,800

Level 33 (Blinds 90k-180k & Ante 180k)

In a pre-flop action, the big stack Aayush Arya from UTG shoves all-in and Siddhanth Kripalani from cutoff calls with 17 lac.

Aayush: As Kh

Kripalani: Ad Jh  

Board: 6c Ac 4c 2c 7s

Aayush takes down the pot with high kicker and Kripalani gets busted.

Ranjeet Negi Gets Much Needed Double-Up

Level 32 (Blinds 80k-160k & Ante 160k)

Ranjeet Negi from button open-shoves for 8.80 Lac and the big stack Aayush Arya from big blind tank calls.

  • Negi: Ah Qs
  • Arya: 4d 9d
  • Board: 9h 5d 3c 6d Qh

Arya flops a nine pair to take the lead on the flop but Negi rivers a queen pair to take down the pot and double-up in the process.

Aayush Arya  Chip Leading The Final 6

Level 32 (Blinds 80k-160K & Ante 160k)

  • Aayush Arya – 42.15 Lac
  • Siddhanth Kripalani -19.90Lac
  • Bhavesh Patel -19.90Lac
  • Puttamsetty – 16.30Lac
  • Ranjeet Negi – 8.80 Lac
  • Paawan Bansal – 6.70 Lac

Siddhanth Kripalani Doubles Up

Level 30 (Blinds 60k-120k & Ante 120k)

Aayush Arya from button shoves all-in and Kripalani from small blind calls with 11.40k.

Aarya: Kd 9h

Kripalani: Kc Jd

Board: Jh 4d 2c 9s Qh

Kripalani flops a jack pair to take down the pot and double up in the process.

Chip Counts Of Remaining Six Players

Level 30 (Blinds 60k-120k & Ante 120k)

  • Aayush Arya – 43 Lac
  • Siddhanth Kripalani – 22.5 Lac
  • Bhavesh Patel – 16.6 Lac
  • Paawan Bansal – 14.2 Lac
  • Puttamsetty Raj Shekhar – 10.10 Lac
  • Ranjeet Negi – 6.40 Lac

Siddhanth Kripalani Doubles-Up

Level 29 (Blinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)

Aayush Arya open shoves all-in and Kripalani, a shorter stack, calls for 560k.

Aarya: Qs 3s

Kripalani: Js Jc

The board runs out 10h Jh 3c 6s Ac, giving Kripalani a jack pair to double-up.

Puttamsetty Raj Shekhar Doubles-Up

Level 29 (Blinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)

Bhavesh Patel from cutoff opens to 200k and Puttamsetty Raj Shekhar from big blind shoves all-in for 6.5 Lac. Bhavesh who had a bigger stack makes a snap call.

Puttamsetty: Qc 8h

Bhavesh: Jc 10c

Board: 6d 4s 5h Kd 8d

Puttamsetty rivers an eight pair to take down the pot and double up in the process.


Ranjeet Negi Doubles Up Through Aayush Arya

Level 29 (Blinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)

Ranjeet Negi from cutoff opens shoves for 565k and Aayush Arya from small blind calls.

Negi: 5c 5s

Aarya: Kc Qs

Board: 2c 5h Ac Qh 10s

While Aarya gets a queen pair, Negi makes set and doubles-up.

Goonjan Mall Finishes 7th for INR  6,10,400

Level 29 (Blinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)

In a pre-flop action, Aayush Arya from UTG opens to 200k and Goonjan Mall from BB goes all-in for 25 Lac. Aarya makes a snap call and both players show their cards!

Goonjan: Jd Jc

Aayush: Ac Ks
Board: Kh 10h 4c 4h 6h

Pocket jacks don’t hold up for Goonjan as Aayush finds a king on the flop and he takes down the pot busting Goonjan who takes home INR 6,10,400 for his 7th place finish in the high roller tourney.

Jason Fernandes Finishes 8th for INR 4,89,300

Level 28 (Blinds 40k-80k & Ante 80k)

In the battle of blinds, Jason Fernandes from small blind shoves all-in for 530k in chips and Goonjan Mall from the big blind makes a call.  At the showdown:

Jason: Kc 2d

Goonjan: Kh Qh

Board: 10d 8c Qc 3c 3h 

While Jason misses the board, Goonjan clips a queen on the flop and wins the pot, busting Jason. The latter earns a cool INR 4,89,300 for his deep run in the tourney.


Final Table Set With Bhavesh Patel In Lead


Level 28 (Blinds 40k-80k & Ante 80k)

Finally, we are down to the 8-handed final table and leading the way is Bhavesh Patel with a stack of 30,35,000. He is followed by Puttamsetty Rajshekhar who holds a massive stack of 15,75,000 chips. 

Each of the final table players has locked in a minimum INR 4,89,300. The winner gets a whopping 36,63,725, while the runner-up will take home INR 25,70,800. And both the winner and runner-up finisher will take home a beautiful trophy, apart from earning the massive prize along with it. 

Final Table Chip Counts:

Seat 1: Puttamsetty Rajshekhar – 15,75,000

Seat 2: Jason Fernandes – 5,75,000

Seat 3: Goonjan Mall: 12,75,000

Seat 4: Aayush Arya – 12,35,000

Seat 5: Siddhanth Kripalani – 12,90,000

Seat 6: Bhavesh Patel – 30,35,000

Seat 7: Paawan Bansal – 12,20,000

Seat 8: Ranjeet Negi – 10,15,000

Pratibh Saluja Bubbles DPT 65K High Roller Final Table (9th for INR 3,66,600)


Level 28 (Blinds 40k-80k & Ante 80k)

In a 3-way action, Siddhanth Kripalani from UTG opens to 160k, Bhavesh Patel from UTG +1 calls, Pratibh Saluja from cutoff moves all-in for 510k.

Siddhanth who had them covered also goes all-in. Action on Bhavesh, he also shoves for 11.85 lac.

  • Kripalani: Kc Qh
  • Saluja: Ac Js
  • Bhavesh: Ks Kh
  • Board: 6d 7c Qc 3d 2c

The pocket kings are good and Bhavesh ships the massive pot. Saluja who misses the board and gets busted in 9th place for INR 3,66,600, while Kripalani stays alive in the tourney.

Puttamsetty Rajshekhar Chip Leading Again

Level 27 (Blinds 30k-60k & Ante 60K)

  1. Puttamsetty Rajshekhar – 17.10 Lac
  2. Aayush Arya – 15.75 Lac
  3. Goonajan Mall – 14.80 Lac
  4. Siddhanth Kripalani – 14 Lac
  5. Ranjeet Negi – 12.20 Lac
  6. Bhavesh Patel – 11 Lac
  7. Pawan Bansal – 10.5 Lac
  8. Jason Fernandes – 7.20 Lac
  9. Pratibh Saluja – 6.o5 Lac

Ranjeet Negi Doubles Up Through Siddhanth Kripalani

Level 27 (Blinds 30k-60k & Ante 60k)

In a pre-fop action, Siddhanth Kripalani from cutoff opens to 120k and Ranjeet Negi from the small blind shoves all-in for 310k, which Kripalani  calls. At showdown:

Ranjeet: Ah 6d

Siddhanth: Jc Qs

Board: 4h 10s Ac 7c 9s

While the board does not help Siddhanth, Ranjeet flops an ace pair to take down the pot.

Chip Counts – Siddhanth Kripalani Leads The Way


Level 26 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

  • Siddhanth Kripalani – 27,25,000
    Puttamsetty Rajshekhar – 22 Lac
  • Aayush Arya – 11,40,000
  • Pawan Bansal – 11,00,000
  • Jason Fernandes – 10,50,0000
  • Goonajan Mall – 9,85,000
  • Pratibh Saluja – 7,00,000
  • Bhavesh Patel – 6,45,000
  • Ranjeet Negi  – 40,00,000

Jason Fernandes Doubles Up 

Level 26 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

In a pre-flop action, Pawan Bansal from cutoff opens to 80k and Jason Fernandes from big blind moves all-in for 515k. Pawan Bansal makes a snap call. At showdown:

Jason: Ac Qs

Pawan: 9s 9h

The board runs out 5h Qd Qh 3c 8s where pocket nines don’t hold up as Jason gets trips with queens, winning the pot and doubling up in the process.

Siddhanth Kripalani Doubles-Up

Level 26 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

Siddhanth Kripalani from early position opens to 60k and Bhavesh Patel 3-bets it to 180k. Siddhant then re-raises it to 400k. Patel calls and they take to the flop!

Flop: 2d 7c 3s

Siddhanth bets 150k, Bhavesh who had Siddhanth covered shoves all-in. Siddhanth calls.

Siddhanth: Kh Ks

Bhavesh: Js Jc

Turn: Ah

River: 3d

The pocket kings hold up and Siddhant takes down the pot to double-up.

Ranjeet Negi Doubles-Up

Level 26 (Blinds 20k-40k & Ante 40k)

Siddhanth Kripalani from cutoff opens to 60k and Ranjeet Negi from the big blind shoves all-in for 220k. Kripalani makes a snap call and both players show their cards:

Ranjeet: As 7s

Siddhanth: Kd 7d

The board run out Js Qh 3c 8d 4d, giving the pot to Ranjeet to double up.

DPT 65K High Roller Unofficial Final Table Begins

Level 25 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)

And the final table gets underway! The final nine players have returned for the unofficial final table of the DPT 65K High Roller to battle it out for the title and top prize worth INR 36,63,725. Each of them have locked in a minimum INR 3,66,600. Beginning the final table as chip leader is Raj Shekhar Puttamsetty with 21,75,000. He is followed by Aayush Arya (6,55,000) & Bhavesh Patel (15, 50,000)!


Final 9 Chip Counts:

  1. Raj Shekhar Puttamsetty – 21,75,000
  2. Aayush Arya – 16,55,000
  3. Bhavesh Patel – 15, 50,000
  4. Siddhanth Kripalani – 14,70,000
  5. Pawan Bansal – 15,05,000
  6. Pratibh Saluja – 10,50,000
  7. Goonjan Mall – 7,33,000
  8. Jason Fernandes – 4,95,000
  9. Ranjeet Negi – 2,50,000

Final 9 Payouts (INR)

1st – 36,63,725

2nd – 25,70,800

3rd – 16,53,600

4th – 12,24,000

5th – 9,18,900

6th – 7,34,800

7th – 6,10,400

8th – 4,89,300

9th – 3,66,600