Welcome To Live Coverage Of DPT April 2022 Main Event Day 1C

Day 1C Ends With Alok Birewar Leading 65 Survivors


Level 13 (Blinds 1000-2000 & Ante 2000)



PratIba Saluja 41,00

Kritarth Pant 64,500

Dyuthidhar . S 8000

Rishi Bagaria 39,500

Vdit  Baid 89,000

Anish Kumart 48,000

Avinash Koneru 1,38,000

Bharat K 1,39,500

Neil  Eric Sequeira 1,08,500

kiran Kumar 51,500

Nihaar Uchil 28,000

Chirag Sodha 76,000

Tushar Bharati 91,000

Rishabh Vekaria 1,76,500

imanshu Kataria 63,500

Kapil Kumar 54,000

Alok Birewar 2,07,000

Auish Sharma 50,000

Apoorva Goel 67,000

SambhavRaj 36,000

Gaurav Gupta 1,67,000

Naresh Veeravalli 71,500

Vikaash Shah 1,83,000

Bharat Sharma 1,07,000

Sandip Gupta 1,01,500

Shariq Khan 51,000

Vijaya Bhaskara 1,06,500

Kanishka Upreti 1,60,000

Madan Kumar 40,000

Varun Gupta 1,30,500

Neeraj Sachdava 1,29,500

Eka Vedantham 95,500

Karan Kakkad 49,500

Milimd Dalvi 36,500

Farzed Amed 34,500

Tanrai Relwani 36,000

 Himanshu Arora 80,000

Gregory Rozario 93,000

Archit Khandilwor 57,000

Ritwick Singh 32,000

Abhishheek Chinya 60,000

Pavathaneni Gokul Krishna 53800

Bharat KC On Fire, Busts Two Players In Single Hand!


Level 12 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)

In a three-way pre-flop, Siddhanth Kedel from HJ open shoves all-in and Ishan Pandya from Cutoff shoves behind, and Bharat KC who had them covered calls.

  • Siddhanth: Ac 5c
  • Ishan: Ad 5d
  • Bharat: 7x 7x
  • Board: 9x 10x 4x 2x Qx

Pocket sevens hold up and Bharat takes down the pot, busting both his opponent.


Nayan Kumar Busts Two Players In Single Hand


Level 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

Nayan Kumar from cutoff limps, Dhiraj from button moves all-in for 25k and Nitin Arora from small blind also goes all-in. Action back to Nayan, who also shoves all-in.

Dhiraj: 7x 7x

Nitin: 9x 9x

Nayan: Kx Kx

Board: 8d Kc 6h 6s 2h

Nayan Kumar gets a full house, winning the pot and busting both his opponents.

Ishan Pandya Doubles-Up

Level 8 (300-600 & Ante 600)

Himalya from UTG and Ishan Pandya from cutoff limp, and the player in BB goes all-in for 5800. Action back on UTG, and he shoves all-in for 40k. Pandya calls with 30k stack.

  • BB: 6x 6x
  • Himalya: 8X 8x
  • Pandya: Ax Qx
  • Board: 10x 5x 2x Ax Qx

Pandya gets two pair to double-up and the big blind gets busted.

Sandeep Gupta Busted by Raj Talwar

Level 7 (Blinds 300-500 & Ante 500)

Raj Talwar from middle position open shoves all-in for 5,100, a player in cutoff calls and Sandeep Gupta from big blind raises to 20600. Action on cutoff and he decides to fold his hand. 

  • Talwar:  Qx Jx
  • Gupta: Qx Qx
  • Board: 7x 7x Jx Kx 6x

Pocket queens hold up and Gupta takes down the pot, busting Talwar in the process.

Deepak Raina Busts Aman Jaiswal 


Level 6 (Blinds – 200-400 & Ante 400)

A player from UTG limps, Aman Jaiswal from middle position goes all-in for 12,300. Deepak Raina from small blind calls and the player from UTG makes a snap fold.

Jaiswal: Ah 9h

Raina: Jd Js

Board: 10X 4X 2X 7X 3X

Pocket jacks hold up and Raina takes down the pot, busting Jaiswal in the process.

Siddhanth Kedel Busts Two Players In Single Hand

Level 5 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)

Ishan P from UTG opens to 1k, Siddhanth Kedel from UTG + 1 and a player in cutoff call.

Flop: 3s 9c Kd

Ishan shoves all-in and the rest of two players in the hand also go all-in.

  • Ishan: Ax Qx
  • Siddhanth: Qx Qx
  • Cutoff: Jx Jx

Turn: Kc

River: 5c

The pockets queens are good and Siddhant wins the pot, busting both his opponents.

Bharat KC Busts Takes Down A Big Pot

Level 4 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 200)

The player from UTG opens to 1200, Bharat KC from cutoff calls, and a player from small blind also calls.

Flop: 10h 8s 3d

SB leads out with 7200, UTG shoves all-in for 25k, and Bharat shoves behind. SB folds.

UTG: 9c 10s

Bharat: 8c 8h

Turn: Ac

River: 9s

UTG gets two pairs but Bharat makes a set, winning the pot and busting his opponent.

A Winning Straight For Tanmay Relwani

Level 3 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 100)

A player from HJ limps and the cutoff opens to 2200 and Tanmay Relwani from the button calls and the player in HJ also calls. All the players take to the flop!

Flop: 8x 2x 7x

The HJ player checks, the cutoff bets 4500 and Tanmay calls. HJ folds.

Turn: 6x

The cutoff checks and Tanmay goes all-in which the short stack Cutoff calls.

Tanmay: 9x 10x

Cutoff: Jx 8x

River: 6x

Tanmay hits straight, winning the pot and busting his opponent in the process.



Bharat KC Off To Great Start, Busts A Player

Level 2 (100-200 & Ante 0)

Bharat KC from cutoff limps and a player in the big blind raises to 3500. Everyone else folds, and Bharat KC calls.

Flop: 4d 3h 5d

The big blind bets 6k and Bharat KC who had the big blind covered moves all-in for 25400. The big blind tanks and calls.

Turn: Ks

River: 3d

Bharat Kc shows pocket aces against Kx Jx of the big blind player. The pocket aces hold up and Bharat Kumar takes down the pot, busting the big blind in the process.

Some Notables In The Field

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

As the tournament clock shows, there are 35 players in the field and some notables among them include the likes of the former DPT Main Event champion Rishabh Vekaria, former DPT Xpress Main Event winner Deepak Raina, Avinash Tauro, Gaurav Gupta, Shashank Murarka to name few.  

DPT 35K Main Event Day 1C Gets Underway

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

With the announcement of the ‘Shuffle-Up and Deal’, Day 1C of the1.2 Cr GTD DPT Main Event has begun. There are over 30 players in action and this number is bound to go up in next one hour with the late registration open until the end of level 9. Stay tuned in for the live updates from the flight. 

Welcome To DPT 35k Main Event Day 1C

Welcome to the third and final starting flight of the 1.2 Crore GTD DPT 35K Main Event, Day 1C, which is scheduled to begin in a while at 2PM at the Deltin Royale casino in the sunny Goa.

Day 1C of the showstopper tournament will run 13 levels of 30 minute each, with all surviving players coming back for Day 2 on Monday, 18th April. Players start with 30k stack at blinds of 100-100. Late registration will close at the end of level 9. Stay tuned in for the live updates!