Welcome To Live Coverage Of DPT April 2022 65k High Roller Day 2

Unofficial Final Table Set With Raj Shekhar Puttamsetty In Lead


Level 25 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)

Due to overwhelming response and record-breaking field of 281 entries, this popular tournament has progressed into Day 3 for the first-time in DPT history. The tournament was originally scheduled to play down to a champion on its Day 2 but the unofficial final table of the event will now play out tomorrow (17th April), starting at 2PM along with Day 1C of the DPT 35K Main Event Day 1C flight.

Leading the unofficial final table of 9 is Raj Shekhar Puttamsetty with 21,75,000 in chips.

  1. Raj Shekhar Puttamsetty – 21,75,000
  2. Aayush Arya – 16,55,000
  3. Bhavesh Patel – 15, 50,000
  4. Siddhanth Kripalani – 14,70,000
  5. Pawan Bansal – 15,05,000
  6. Pratibh Saluja – 10,50,000
  7. Goonjan Mall – 7,33,000
  8. Jason Fernandes – 4,95,000
  9. Ranjeet Negi – 2,50,000

Eliminations (10th to 19th Places)

  • Shashank Jan (10th for INR 2,67,000)
  • Myron Pereira – (11th for INR 2,67,000)
  • Nitin Arora (12th for INR  2,67,000)
  • Vikash Shah (13th for INR 2,18,900)
  • Apoorva Goel (14th for INR 2,18,900)
  • Kartik Ved (15th for INR 2,18,900)
  • Mithun Mahesh (16th for INR 1,87,400)
  • Gokul Raj (17th for INR 1,87,400)
  • Tarun Goyal (18th for INR 1,87,400)
  • Udit Baid (19th for INR 1,64,200)

Kartik Ved Busted by Puttamsetty

Level 25 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)

Shashank Jain from UTG opens to 80k, Kartik Ved from button moves all-in for 300k and Puttamsetty from the big blind calls. Action on UTG and he decides to get out of the way.

Kartik: Ax Kx

Puttamsetty: Ax10x

Board: 2x 10x 8x 9x 5x

Puttamsetty flops a ten pair to win the pot and bust Kartik Ved from the tournament.

Pratibh Saluja Doubles-Up

Level 25 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)

Pratibh Saluja from UTG opens to 60k, Aayush Arya from button shoves all-in for 490k. Saluja, who is the shorter stack, calls at the risk of his tournament life.

At showdown:

Saluja: Ac Qc

Aayush: As 5d

Board: 7d 7s 9h Qd 7s

Saluja hits full house to take down the pot and double-up

Chip Counts From Level 24: Aayush Arya In Lead

Level 24 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)

  • Aayush Arya – 15 Lac
  • Siddhanth Kripalani – 13 Lac
  • Puttamsetty – 11.75k
  • Shashank Jain – 10.10 Lac

Mithun Mahesh Finishes 16th for INR 1,87,400

Level 24 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)

Mithun Mahesh from UTG open shoves for 150k and Myron Pereira from big blind calls.

Mahesh: Ax Qx

Myron: 10x Jx

Board: 7x 8x 2x 9x 2x

The board does not help Mahesh, while Myron gets a straight to win the pot and bust Mahesh.

Eliminations From 21st to 35th Positions

Level 24 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)

  • Harsh Dembla (21st for INR 1,64,200)
  • Vivek  Singh (22nd for INR 1,46,000)
  • Ashish Ahuja (23rd for INR 1,46,000)
  • Gaurav Gupta (24th for INR   1,46,000)
  • Vikash Mantri (25th for INR 1,29,400)
  • Sharavan Chabbria (26th for INR 1,29,400)
  • Amit Dhall (27th for INR 1,29,400)
  • Gopi Reddy (28th for INR 1,12,800)
  • Deepak Raina (29th for INR 1,12,800)
  • Vishal Bajaj (30th for INR 1,12,800)
  • Akhilendra Singh (31st for INR 1,12,800)
  • Nikhil Kedia (32nd for INR 1,12,800)
  • Arsh Grover (33rd for INR 1,12,800)
  • Himanshu Kataria (34th for INR 1,12,800)
  • Laksh Pal Singh (35th for INR 1,12,800)

Pratik Modi Finishes 20th for INR 1,64,200

Level 23 (Blinds 10k-20k and Ante 20k

In a pre-flop action, a player from the middle position opens to 40k and Pratik Modi from BB shoves all-in. The player from the middle position makes the call and the cards are turned over!

Pratik: Ax 8x

MP: Qs 6x

The board bricks for Pratik, while MP flops a queen pair to take down the pot and bust Pratik.

Harsh Dembla (21st place) Busted by Pratibh Saluja

Level 23 (Blinds 10k-20k and Ante 20k)

Pratibh Saluja from UTG limps, Harsh Dembla from button open shoves for 25,000.

Gokul Raj from small blind calls and the limper Saluja also calls. Both have bigger stacks.

Flop: 3c 3h 7s

Gokul checks, Saluja bets 30k and Gokul folds

Turn: 10c

River: Jh  

Harsh shows As 5s, while his opponent Saluja tables 7h 8h for a flopped two pair to win the pot.

Vivek Singh (22nd Place) Busted by Udit Baid

Level 22 (Blinds 10k-15k & Ante 15k)

In a battle of blinds, Udit Baid from small blind limps and Vivek Singh from big blind moves all-in for 70k. Udit tanks a little and eventually calls. At the showdown:

Vivek: Qx Qx

Udit: Kx Qx

Board: Ks 2c 5h 7s 10h

Pocket queens don’t hold and Udit takes down the pot with a King pair, busting Vivek from the  event.

Notable Chip Counts – Aayush Arya Leads With 15.75 Lac

Level 22 (Blinds 10k-15k & Ante 15k)

There are over 20 players remaining in the High Roller and Aayush Arya is by far the chip leader. Here is a quick look at the top chips counts:

Aayush Arya – 15.75 Lac

Kartik Ved – 10.75 Lac

Bhavesh Patel – 10.70 Lac

Puttamsetty – 9.50 Lac

Ranjeet Negi – 7 Lac

Ashish Ahuja (23rd) Busted By Bhavesh Patel


Level 22 (Blinds 10k-15k & Ante 15k)

Bhavesh Patel from cutoff opens to 30k and Ashish Ahuja from small blind moves all-in for 150K, which Bhavesh calls.

At showdown:

Ashish: Ac 9c

Bhavesh: Ah 10h  

Board: Ad Js 4d 7c Jc

Both players find an Ace on the flop but Bhavesh takes it down with a better kicker, busting Ahuja.

Dhirendra Kumar Becomes First ITM Player, Finishing in 36th for INR 1,12,800

Level 21 (Blinds 6k-12k & Ante 12k

Pre-flop, Dhirendra Kumar from cutoff open shoves all-in and Kartik Ved from big blind calls.

Dhirendra: Ax Qx

Kartik: 5x 5x

The board runs 5x 3x 10x X X and Kartik takes down the pot, busting Dhirendra Kumar who had started Day 2 with the second largest stack.

Abhishek Chinya Bubbles DPT 65K Highroller

Level 20 (Blinds 5k-10k & Ante of 10k)

Goonjan Mall from early position opens to 20k and Puttamsetty from cutoff flats, and Abhishek Chinya from big blind also flats.  They take to the flop.

Flop: Qs 2s 9s

Abhishek shoves all-in for 75k. Goonjan folds and Puttamsetty calls.

Turn: 5d

River: 3c

Abhishek shows AK and Puttamsetty tables pocket tens. Unfortunately for Abhishek, the pocket

Tens hold up for Puttamsetty and he wins the pot, busting Abhishek on the money bubble.

Anant Purohit Busted by Aayush Arya

Level 20 (Blinds 5k-10k & Ante of 10k)

Anant Purohit from Cutoff opens to 80k and Aayush Arya from big blind re-raises it, forcing Anant go all-in. Action back on Purohit who shoves all-in for 180k and the cards are turned over!

Anant: 8c 8s

Aayush: Ac Qs

The board runs out 5x 3x 2x Jx Ax where pocket eights don’t hold up and Anant gets busted.

Archit Khandelwal Busted By Tarun Goyal

Level 19: ( 4k-8k and Ante of 8k)

Pre-flop, Archit Khandelwal from UTG open shoves for 50k and gets a caller in Tarun Goyal from button.

Archit: Ah Jh

Goyal: As Ks

The board runs out 2x 6x 2x 2x 7x where Tarun won the pot with a better kicker, busting his opponent in the process..

Notable Chip Counts – Ashish Ahuja in Lead


Level 18 (Blinds 3000-6000 & Ante 6000

  • Ashish Ahuja – 810k
  • Ranjeet Negi – 583k
  • Goonjan Mall – 510k
  • Siddhanth Kripalnai – 493k
  • Kartik Ved – 485k
  • Gokul Raj – 470k
  • Shashank Jain – 450k

Bhavesh Patel Doubles Up Through Aayush Arya

Level 18 (Blinds 3000-6000 & Ante 6000)

In a four-way action, Bhavesh Patel from UTG opens to 15k and gets three callers in a player from

Middle position, Aayush Arya from cutoff and a player from big blind. They all take to the flop.

Flop: 8c 9c Kh

Bhavesh from UTG leads out with 35k, MP folds, Aayush calls, and BB folds.

Turn: 7c

Bhavesh shoves all-in for 65k and Aayush calls.

River: 4h

Bhavesh shows 8d 8s and Aayush tables Qs Kc for a king pair.  

Bhavesh takes down takes down the pot with a set and doubles-up!

Varun Gupta Busted By Ranjeet Negi

Level 18 (Blinds 3000-6000 & Ante 6000)

Ranjeet Negi from UTG opens to 14k, Varun Gupta shoves all-in for 70k and Negi calls.

Gupta: As Ah

Negi: Qs Qd

The board runs out Qc 4c Jh 3h 6d, giving Negi a set of queens to win the pot and bust Gupta.

Kartik Ved Busts Siddhant Gupta

Level 17 (Blinds 3000-5000 & Ante 5000)

In a pre-flop action, Siddhant Gupta from UTG shoves all-in for 60k and Kartik Ved from middle position makes the call. Both players then show their cards.

Siddhant: Kd Kh

Kartik: Qs Qc

The board runs Qh 10s 8s 4c 2d, giving Kartik a set to win the pot and bust Siddhant from the event.

Yogesh Chaudhary Busted By Aayush Arya

Level 17 (Blinds 3000-5000 & Ante 5000)

In a three-way action pre-flop, the player in cutoff opens to 10k, Yogesh Choudhary from small blind calls, and Aayush Arya from the big blind raises to 40k. The cut off folds and Yogesh goes all-in for 37k.

Yogesh: 10d Jd

Arya: Ks 4c

The board runs out 2h 4d Kh Qs 8d, giving Aarya two pairs to win the pot and bust Yogesh.


Chip Counts After Level 15 – Ashish Ahuja In Lead


Level 16 (Blinds 2000-4000 & Ante 4000)

  • Ashish Ahuja – 700k
  • Ankur Sehgal – 453k
  • Laksh Pal Singh – 425k
  • Goonjan Mall – 370k
  • Shashank Jain – 365k
  • Mithun Mahesh – 360k
  • Vikash Mantri – 355k

Vishal Sinha Busted by Nitin Arora

Level 16 (Blinds 2000-4000 & Ante 4000)

After everyone else folds, Vishal Sinha from small blind limps to 4k and Nitin Arora from Big Blind raises to 10k, which Sinha  calls.

Flop: Kx Ax 3x

Vishal Sinha checks, Nitin bets 18k and Sinha goes all-in for 80K, which Nitin calls.

Turn: 4x

River: 5x

Vishal shows 4x5x and Nitin Arora shows pocket aces for a set and doubles-up.

 Prithvi Doubles Up Through Arsh Grover

Level 15 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)

Arsh Grover from UTG opens to 6500, Prithvi from cutoff  goes all-in for 28600 & Grover calls.

Prithvi: 10s 10d

Grover: Ks 9s

The board opens 8c 8s 9d 2h Qs where pocket tens hold up and Prithvi doubles-up.

 Prizepool & Payouts Announced!

Level 15 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)

The payouts for the DPT 65k High Roller are in! The high-roller lived up to the high expectations, drawing in a record 281 entries and generating a whopping INR 1,65,86,025 in prizepool. The top 36 places are to get paid with a min-cash worth INR 1,12,800. The winner gets a massive INR 36,63,725, while the runner-up will take home an impressive INR 25,70,800. Given below is the list of payouts:

1st – 36,63,725

2nd – 25,70,800

3rd – 16,53,600

4th – 12,24,000

5th – 9,18,900

6th – 7,34,800

7th – 6,10,400

8th – 4,89,300

9th – 3,66,600

10th – 12th – 2,67,000

13th -15th – 2,18,900

16th -18th – 1,87,400

19th – 21st – 1,64,200

22nd -24th –  1,46,000

25th to 27th – 1,29,400

28th to 36th – 1,12,800

Suresh Mankani Busted by Ashish Ahuja

Level 14 (Blinds 1500-2500 & Ante 2500)

Ahuja from UTG limps and Suresh Mankani from HJ opens to 20k.Everyone else folds and Ahuja calls.

Flop: Jh 9c Qh

Ahuja checks and Mankani bets 40k to which Ahuja goes all-in for 150k, which Mankani calls.

Turn: 5c

River: Jc

Ahuja shows Js 9s and Suresh tables Ax Qx. Ahuja hits full house and Suresh gets busted.

Dyuthidhar S Busted by Gokul Raj

Level 14 (Blinds 1500-2500 & Ante 2500)

Pre-flop, Dyuthidhar S open shoves for 21.2k and Gokul Raj from the middle position calls.

Dyuthidhar: Kh 10d

Gokul : Ad Js

The board 2c 3s 8d 5d 2d misses both players and Gokul wins the pot. Dyuthidhar gets busted.

Shardul Parthasarathi Triples Up

Level 14 (Blinds 1500-2500 & Ante 2500)

In three-way all-in action, Goonjan Mall from UTG opens to 5k, Shardul Parthasarathi moves all-in for 13k, and Atul Jaiswal from small blind shoves behind for 60k. Action on Mall, he makes the call.

  • Shardul: Ac Kc
  • Atul: 10d 10h
  • Goonjan: Ad Kh

The board opens 8s 2c Qc 7c 5h, giving Shardul flush to win triple up. The side pot goes to Atul, while Goonjan who had both players covered loses a major chunk of his chip stack.  

Deepak Raina Doubles Up Through Shardul Parthasarathi

Level 14 (Blinds 1500-2500 & Ante 2500)

In a pre-flop action, Shardul Parthasarathi from middle position opens to 4k and Deepak Raina from small blind moves all-in for 56500. Parthasarathi calls and shows Jd Js against Kc Jh of Raina.

The board runs out 6s 6c 9d Ks Kd, giving Raina full house to win the pot and double-up.

Late Registration Closes With a record 281 Entries

Level 13 (Blinds 1000-2000 & Ante 1000)

With the the tournament moving into Level 13, the late registration period has ended. The event has collected a record-breaking 281 entries. We should get the prize pool details shortly. Stay tuned in for our update on payouts!

Chip Counts After First Break – Vishal Sinha Leads The Way


Level 13 (Blinds 1000-2000 & Ante 1000)

  • Vishal Sinha – 320k
  • Nikhil Kedia – 260k
  • Ankur Sehgal – 230k
  • Gaurav Gupta – 215k
  • Jagdish S. – 210K

Dhirendra Kumar Busts Nirav Parekh

Level 13 (Blinds 1000-2000 & Ante 1000)

In a three-way action pre-flop, Raghav Bansal from early position opens to 4.2k, Dhirendra Kumar from the button re-raises it to 13.2k and Nirav Parekh from the big blind goes all-in for 35.2k.

Action back on Raghav, he tank-folds and Dhirendra from the button makes a snap call.

Nirav: As Ks

Dhirendra: Ah 4h

The board runs out 3c 2h 9s 4c 10h, giving Dhirendra a 4 pair and busting Nirav

Goonjan Mall Doubles-Up Through Nikhil Kedia

Level 12 (800-1600 & 1600)

The start of the day chip leader Nikhil Kedia from cutoff opens to 5100 and Goonjan Mall from small blind moves all-in for 35600. Kedia tanks a little and then calls.

Mall: Kd Ks

Kedia: As Qs

The board runs out 3c 10s 8s 10h 7c where pocket kings hold up and Mall gets a double-up.

Aniket Waghmare Busted by Adda52 Pro Arun Sriram

Level 12 (800-1600 & 1600)

In a three-way action, the short-stacked Aniket Waghmare from UTG +1 open shoves for 8.4K. Adda52 Pro Arun Sriram from MP calls, while Dhirendra Kumar from big blind tank-folds.

Waghmare: Kh Qs

Sriram: As 8c

The board runs out 2d 7s 8h 5h 6c, giving Sriram an eight pair to win the pot. Waghmare gets busted.

Anuj Yadav Busted By Avish Sharma

Level 12 (800-1600 & 1600)

Avish Sharma from cutoff opens to 5k and Anuj Yadav from small blind shoves all-in for 18k, which  Sharma calls.

Anuj: As 10c

Avish: 7s Jh

The board runs out Jd 3s 3c Kh 6s where Avish finds a jack to win the pot and bust Anuj in the process.

Vikash Mantri Busted By Jeeran

Level 12 (800-1600 & 1600)

Gagandeep Malik from UTG + 1 opens to 2500, Vikash Mantri from the small blind 3-bets to 10.3k, and Jeeran from big blind shoves all-in. Gagandeep folds and Vikash, who was at the risk, decided to call.

Jeeran: 7h 7d

Vikash: Qc Js

The board opens 8x 6x 6x 5x 3x, giving  Jeeran two pairs to win the pot and bust his Vikash who later re-entered the tournament.

241 Entries & Counting

Level: 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

With late registrations open till level 12, some of the players who had busted Day 1 and also others who didn’t play Day 1 yesterday, have signed-up for the high roller tourney.

Some recent entrants include WSOP bracelet winners Aditya Sushant & Kartik Ved, Ashish Munot, Dhaval Mudgal, Ankit Wadhawan, and Adda52 Team Pro Arun Sriram  to name a few.

Former Adda52 Team Pro Nikita Luther Busts Sarvesh Jagga


Level: 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

In pre-flop action, UTG opens to 2500, WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther re-raises it to 7k and the next player Sarvesh Jagga goes all-in for 16k. Everyone else folds and Luther makes the call.

Sarvesh: Ax 6x

Luther: Kx Qx

The board opens 8c 4d Jc 2s Qd, giving Luther queen pair to win the pot and bust Jagga in the process.

Day 2 of the DPT Highroller Begins

Level: 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

It will be a busy day at the Deltin Poker Tournament today! The 65k DPT Highroller will play down to a champion. There are two DPT Main Event starting flights on the day`s schedule. Day 1A starts at 4 PM, while Day 1B (Turbo) kicks off at 9 PM.

Most of the 123 survivors in the DPT Highroller have returned, and the cards are already in the air. Late registrations and re-entries remain open until the end of  Level 12. Stay tuned in for updates!