Brazil`s Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu Wins 2022 EPT Monte Carlo Main Event For Career-Best €939,840

 The 2022 PokerStars European Poker Tour stop presented by Monte-Carlo Casino concluded with Brazil’s Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu topping the field in the 2022 EPT Monte Carlo €5,300 Main Event.

The star attraction of the series, the Main Event, drew 1,073 entries to build a massive prize pool of €5,204,050.The lion’s share of that prize money went to 55-year-old Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu who earned €939,840 and became the first player from his home country to ever win an EPT main event title. This was Mesqueu’s career best score and took his live earnings to more than $1.4 million.

With 2019 PokerStars No-Limit Hold’em Players Championship (PSPC) champion Ramon Colillas falling out in seventh place (€125,420) at the end of the previous night’s action, the final day play began with just six players remaining. Morten Hvam entered the final day with the lead, while Mesqueu had the second largest stack. Six-handed play lasted for several hours and Mesqueu had overtaken the lead during that time. He further extended his lead when his 5-3 bested the A-2 of short stack Erkan Soenmez (6th for €167,050) to finally send a player to the rail. The play picked up the pace afterwards, with Mesqueu open-shoving with K-9 and getting a call from Hugo Pingray with A-K. Both players flopped a king pair, but a nine on the turn gave Mesqueu two pair to extend his lead. The river changed nothing and Pingray exited in fifth place, earning €228,460 for his deep run.

Jaime Cervantes’ run ended in fourth place after his A-J failed to win against the pocket nines of Hvam. Dragos Trofimov got it in with A-4 facing the J-8 of Mesqueue and the J-6 of Hvam. The board ran out Js 9c 6h 2h 9h, with Mesqueue winning the pot and Trofimov getting busted in third place.

Mesqueu (25,250,000) held a significant lead over Morten Hvam (6,950,000). The two discussed an ICM deal but couldn`t reach an agreement. Mesqueu won the first pot and then went on to extend his lead. After nearly two hours, the heads-up battle finally ended with Mesqueu shipping the title.

Marcelo Simoes

On the final hand, Hvam min-raised with Kc 10d and Mesqueu three-bet with Kh Kd. Hvam called and the flop opened 9d 7d 6s. Mesqueu fired a continuation bet of 1 million, only to have Hvam move all-in for 3.4 million. Mesqueu called with his overpair. The turn was the 5s and the river brought the Jd, giving the pot and the title for Mesqueu. Hvam earned €564,640 as the runner-up.

Final Table Payouts (Euro)

  1. Marcelo Simoes Mesqueu – €939,840
  2. Morten Hvam – €564,640
  3. Dragos Trofimov – €397,590
  4. Jaime Cervantes – €298,710
  5. Hugo Pingray – €228,460
  6. Erkan Soenmez – €167,050
  7. Ramon Colillas – €125,420
  8. Yannick Cardot – €89,770