Welcome To The Live Coverage Of 2 Crore GTD Big Millions FT

Raghav Bansal Is The New Adda52 Big Millions Champion!

Finally, it is over with the first-ever DPT Main Event Raghav Bansal shipping it!! Yes, Raghav Bansal has shipped the coveted Big Millions title. He overcame a massive field of 1,936 entries enroute to his victory. He eventually bested Debapriya Manna (runner-up for INR 22,72,880) in the heads-up, taking home the prestigious trophy and a whopping INR 31, 63,652 uptop prize for his grand victory.

Raghav began the final table as one of the shortest stacks but made most of his long experience in the game, applying pressure on the opponents and taking down the pots. He kicked off in style by busting P.V.V.N Swami in 7th place and then went on to knock out the start of the FT chip leader Varunn Gaala (6th), Chandan Arora (5th), Anuj Yadav (4th) and eventually Debapriya Manna (2nd).

Final Table Payouts (INR)

  1. Raghav Bansal – 31,63,652
  2. Debapriya Manna – 22,72,880
  3. Archit Dhadwal – 16,34,220
  4. Anuj Yadav – 11,75,018
  5. Chandan Arora – 8,44,846
  6. Varunn Gaala – 6,07,452
  7. P.V.V.N Swami – 4,36,762
  8. Armaan Kochhar – 3, 14,036

Game over! Debapriya Manna Finishes Runner-up For INR 22,72,880


Blinds: 250k-500k


Finally, it is over with Raghav Bansal winning it. On the final hand, Debapriya Manna shoved all-in for 8.9M after Raghav Bansal bet 1.3M on the trun board of 5d 10d 6s 9s. Bansal had Jd 10c, while Manna held  As 9c. 5s landed on the river and Bansal took down the pot as well as the title.

Raghav banked INR 31, 63,652, while Manna setttled for the runner-up payout worth 22,72,880.

Finally, It Is Heads-Up For Big Millions Title

  • Raghav Bansal: 1,17,35,000
  • Debapriya Manna: 1,39,00,00

And It is Down To Heads-Up! Archit Dhadwal Exits in Third Place For INR 16,34,220


Blinds: 250k-500k

Ante: 500k

In a three-way all-in action pre-flop, Dhadhwal had 3d 2d, Raghav had Qd 7c and Debapriya Manna held Kd Qs. The board ran out Jc 5d 5s 8s 9s where Manna took down the pot, busting Dhadwal  in third place.  Dhadwal walked away with an impressive INR 16,34,220 for his deep run in the tourney.

Raghav Bansal Continues To Fire; Busts Anuj Yadav in 4th place (INR 11,75,018)


Blinds: 250k-500k

Ante: 500k

The veteran pro Raghav Bansal continues to fire and has busted one more player from the FT.

In this hand, online MTT crusher Anuj Yadav left with a little more than one BB open-shoved and Raghav Bansal (BUTTON) called.

Raghav: Ad 6c

Anuj: 5c 2s

Board: Qc 8d 6d 6h Qh

Raghav hits a full house and takes down the pot, busting Anuja Yadav in 4th place.  

Chandan Arora Goes Out In 5th Place For INR 8,44,846


Blinds: 200k-400k

Ante: 400k

Raghav Bansal from the button opens to 900k, SB folds and and Chandan from BB is auto all-in for 250k.

Chandan: Kd 7h
Raghav: Ad Jd
Board: Jd 2c 6c 3d 4s

Raghav flops a jack pair and holds on from there to win the pot and bust Chandan in 5th place.

Varunn Gaala Busted by Raghav Bansal in 6th place (INR 6,07,452)

Blinds: 150k-300k
Ante: 300k

Pre-flop, Raghav Bansal from HJ opens to 600k and Varunn Gaala from BB calls.

Flop: 5c 3h 8d

Vrunn checks and Raghav bets 400k, which Varunn calls.

Turn: As

Vrunn checks again and Raghav bets 1.1m. Varunn tanks and shoves all-in for 4.3m.

  • Varunn: Ac Jd
    Raghav: Ad Kh

River: 2d

Raghav Bansal takes it down with king kicker, busting Varunn in 6th place.

Chip Counts of Remaining Six – Raghav Bansal Leads

  • Level: 4
  • Blinds: 125k-250k
  • Ante: 250k

Debapriya Manna – 66,34,000
Chandan Arora – 7,75,000
Anuj Yadav -13,85,000
Varunn Gaala – 54,35,000
Aarchit Dhadwal – 5,35,000
Raghav Bansal – 1,08,70,000

First-ever DPT Main Event champion Raghav Bansal showing his moves!

Level: 4

Blinds: 125k-250k

Ante: 250k

The veteran poker pro Raghav Bansal is definitely a player to watch out for at the Big Millions FT!

He is the most experienced poker pro on the Big Millions final table and he is making most of his long experience. Yes, he is off to a great start and has already scored an elimination by busting  P.V.V.N Swami in 7th place. Stay tuned to watch out for more from the first-ever DPT ME champion!

P.V.V.N Swami – The First Elimination From Big Millions FT

Level: 4

Blinds: 100k-200k

Ante: 200k

And we have the first elimination from the Big Millions final table with P.V.V.N Swami exiting in 7th place for INR 4,36,762. It was a pre-flop action where the first-ever DPT ME champion Raghav Bansal open shoved for 7.3m and Swami made a snap call with his 1.5m stack. At the showdown:

  • Raghav: 9d 8c
  • Swami: Qs Qh
  • Board: 7s 8s 6h 8d Kd

Raghav hit trips, sending his oppponent to the rail in 7th place and bringing it down to 6 players.

Big Millions Final 8 Payouts (INR) – The Winner Gets A Whopping INR 31.64 Lac.

Level: 1

Blinds: 60k-120k

Ante: 120k

The Big Millions final table is well underway here at the Deltin Royale casino in Goa. The action began at blinds starting at 60-120k with an ante of 120k. While each of the FT players has locked up INR 3.14 Lac, the eventual winner will take home a massive INR 31.64 Lac. Here are the payouts. 

1st – 31, 63,652

2nd – 22,72,880

3rd – 16,34,220

4th – 11,75,018

5th  – 8,44,846

6th – 6,07,452

7th – 4,36,762

8th – 3, 14,036

Shuffle up and deal – Final Table Begins With Only Seven Players

Level: 1

Blinds: 60k-120k

Ante: 120k

With the announcement of the customary ‘shuffle up and deal’, the Big Millions final table has begun here at the Deltin Royale. We can see only seven players battling it out with one player missing from the table and the missing player is Armaan Kochhar who plays on Adda52.com under ‘SpaceRacer’.

Welcome To Live-Streamed Final Table of Big Millions

The Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) has been a grand success so far. Today is the fifth day of the prestigious series and it promises to be bigger with several events on the day’s schedule. Kicking off the day is Adda52’s 2 Crore GTD Big Millions  final table that will be running alongside the DPT 45K Main Event Day 1A flight. Both events will be kicking off at 12pm in a while from now here at the Deltin Royale in Goa. The day will also see the Main Event Day 1B that is set to kick off at 7pm.

Coming to the Big Millions, it is one of the tournaments that Indian poker players eagerly look forward to. Hosted between 3rd to 6th November on Adda52.com, the INR 11K buy-in witnessed high octane action across all the days and drew in an impressive 1,936 entries across its six starting flights (Day 1A – 383, Day 1B – 348, Day 1C – 285, Day 1D Turbo – 167, Day 1E – 383, & Day 1F – 407).

Day 2 of the event ran online on 6th November on Adda52. A total of 225 players returned for Day 2 and the top 197 among them made to the ITM list. Following the elimination of Vishal “Darky012” Ojha in 9th place for INR 2.26 Lac, the play was paused for the final table, which will be played live today here at the luxurious Deltin Royale casino in Goa. The Big Millions Day 1A chip leader and latest DPT 25K Bounty winner Varunn “VarunnG”  Gaala will start the live-streamed FT as a chip leader with 55,75,108 chips. He is followed by Archit “Aarchit” Dhadwal with (52,78,732 in chips).

Varunn Gaala is in great form and looks determined after winning the DPT 25K NLH Bounty at the ongoing Deltin Poker Touranment and will be looking to put his best foot forward to ship the Big Millions. 


  1. Varunn Gala aka ‘VarunnG’ – 5,575,108 chips
  2. Aarchit Dhadwal aka ‘Aarchit’ – 5,278, 732 chips
  3. Anuj Yadav aka ‘anuj25395’ – 4,050,083 chips
  4. Debapriya Manna aka ‘debapriya_12345’ – 3,034,564 chips
  5. Pasagada Veera Venkata Narayana Swami -‘Dhana141’ – 30,17,116 
  6. Armaan Kochhar aka ‘SpaceRacer’ – 2,693,061 chips
  7. Raghav Bansal aka ‘BaLuGaWgAlE’ – 2,594,284 chips
  8. Chandan Arora aka ‘darkfish15’ – 2,079,386 chips

While each of the finalists has locked in at least INR 3.14 Lac, they all will be eyeing the INR 31.64 Lac uptop.