Welcome To The Live Coverage Of DPT 25K PLO Bounty Turbo (7-Max)

Pratibh Saluja Takes Down DPT November 2022 25K PLO Bounty Turbo!

Level: 22

Blinds: 80-160k

Ante: 0

And it is over with the former DPT Xpress Tag Team Event champion Pratibh Saluja winning it! Saluja overcame 186 entries including DPT April 2022 Bounty champion Amit Kaushik in the heads-up play.

It was the second live title for Pratibh who had won the DPT Tag Team event in 2019. He entered the final table as one of the shortest stacks but played some top-notch poker to win it for INR 5,69,183, following a three-way ICM deal with Amit Kaushik (2nd for INR 4,62,064) & Udit Baid (3rd for 6,10,703).

On the final hand, Saluja called 160k and Kaushik shoved all-in for 450k, which Saluja called. 

Amit Kaushik: 2c 6c 4h 3s

Pratibh Saluja: Ah 2d 7s 6h

Board: Qs 5d Kh Qc 9c

Pratibh Saluja took down the pot with Ace high, winning the coveted DPT title. 

Udit Baid Finishes 3rd For INR  6,10,703

Level: 21

Blinds: 40k-80k

Ante: 0

On the turn board of 5c, Ah 5s 9d, Udit Baid shoves all-in 650k and Amit Kaushik calls.

Amit: As 5h Ks 8c

Baid: 8d 7d 10s 4s

River: 4c

Amit flops a full house to win the pot and bust Udit Baid in 3rd place.

Final Three Players Make An ICM Deal

Level: 20

Blinds: 30k-60k

Ante: 0

The final three players, Udit Baid, DPT April 2022 15k Bounty winner Amit Kaushik and Pratibh Saluja have agreed to a three-way independent chip model (ICM) deal. According to the deal, Udit Baid will cash the highest INR 6,10,703, Pratibh Saluja will pocket INR 5,69,183 & Amit Kaushik will take home INR 4,62,064. However, the three players will continue to play for the title and the trophy.

Final Three Players – Chip Counts

Level: 20

Blinds: 30k-60k

Ante: 0

  1.  Udit Baid: 1.5 M
  2.  Amit Kaushik – 750k
  3.  Pratibh Saluja – 730k

Prudhivi Raj Reddy Finishes 4th For INR 2,72,847

Level: 20

Blinds: 30k-60k

Ante: 0

Pre-flop, Prudhivi Raj Reddy raises to 210k and Udit Baid calls.

Flop: 4c 10c 5h

Raj Reddy shoves all-in for his remaining 95k and Udit calls.

Raj Reddy: Kc 3s Ah Kh

Udit: 10d Ac 9d 4s

Turn: 9h

River: 3h

Udit gets two pairs to win the pot and bust Raj Reddy in 4th place.

Karan Kapur Finishes 5th for  INR 2,04,805

Level: 19

Blinds: 20k-40k

Ante: 0

Udit Baid from button opens to 140k and Karan Kapur shoves all-in for 225k. Udit calls.

Karan: Qd 10c 9s 9h

Udit: 5c 7c 10d 4d

Board: Kd 10h 6d 3d 9d

Udit gets a flush and wins the pot, busting Karan Kapur in 5th place.

Gregory Rozario Finishes 6th For INR 1,63,844

Level: 19

Blinds: 20k-40k

Ante: 0

Gregory Rozario from UTG pots 140k and Udit Baid from BB calls.

Flop: 2h Ah Jh

 Rozario shoves all-in for 135k and Udit Baid calls.

  •  Rozario: 6h 4h 5h 7c
  • Udit: As Js 3h 7h

Turn: 6c

River: 3c

Udit gets a seven-high flush to win the pot and bust  Rozario in 6th place.

Madhav Sethi Finishes 7th for INR 1,36,844

Level: 18


Ante: 0

Following the elimination of Rajesh Jagannadham (8th for INR 1,09,003), we saw Madhav Sethi exiting the final table. 

The hand in question saw Madhav Sethi go all-in for 511k and Udit Baid called.

Madhav: Qd 9d Qc 7h

Udit: 6d 8s 10s 3c

Board: Ks Qs 8d 2d 9d

Udit gets a flush and wins the pot, busting  Madhav in 7th place.

A Quick Look at Eliminations (24th – 8th places)

25th & 24th (Split between Himanshu Arora & Mitang Soni (INR 32,498)

23th – Nikesh Chawla – INR 32,498
22nd – Tanmai Relwani – INR 32,498
21st – Anant Purohit – INR 36,560
20th – Harsh Bubna – INR 36,560
19th – Milena Mezhuiva -INR 36,560
18th – Aditya Sarin – INR 41,638
17th – Rachit Parihar -INR 41,638
16th – Vikhyat Ahlawat -INR 41,638
15th – Santosh Reddy – INR 49,085
14th – Siddhart Jain – INR 49,085
13th – Vikram Kaushik – INR 49,085
12th – Selvam Karuna Sethi – INR 59,580
11th – Mandar Darade – INR 59,580
10th – Gaurav Guru – INR 59,580
9th – Anuj Laddhad – INR 81,583
8th – Rajesh Jagannadham  – INR 1,09,003

Final Table Set With Udit Baid In Lead

Level: 18


Ante: 0


  • Madhav Sethi  (Seat 1) – 511K
  • Prudhivi Raj Reddy (Seat 2) – 332K
  • Amit Kaushik (Seat 3) – 298K
  • Udit Baid (Seat 4) – 625K
  • Gregory Rozario (Seat 5) – 158K
  • Rajesh Jagannadham (Seat 6) – 58K
  • Karan Kapur (Seat 7) – 593K
  • Pratibh Saluja (Seat 8) – 216K

Anuja Laddhad Bubbles FT Finishing 9th For INR 81,583

Level: 18

Blinds: 15k-30k

Ante: 0

Pre-flop, Anuj Laddhad from UTG opens to 70k and Amit Kaushik from button goes all-in.

Anuj, who had a shorter stack than Kaushik’s, calls.  Both players turn over their cards.

  • Amit: 9c Ah Ac 8s
  • Anuj: 4s 3s 2d 5s
  • Board: 2s 6c 8c Js Jd

Amit takes downs the pot with two higher pairs, busting Anuj in 9th place.

Gaurav Guru Finishes 10th For INR 59,580

Level: 18

Blinds: 15k-30k

Ante: 0

Gaurav Guru from button pots to 105k and Madhav Sethi goes all-in for 205k.

Gaurav Guru goes all-in for his remaining stack of 17k.

Madhav: Kh Qd Kd 9h

Gaurav: Qc 5c 7c As

Board: 8h 3c 5h 9c Jd

Pocket kings good and Madhav takes down the pot, busting Gaurav Guru.

Mandar Darade Busted by Amit Kaushik

Level: 17

Blinds: 10k-20k

Ante: 0

Mandar Darade from UTG open shoves for 41k.

Amit Kaushik from CO pots and everyone else folds.

Mandar: Qh Qc 2s 8s

Kaushik: Js  2c Qs 10c

Board: 7h 6h 9h 2h  10h

Unfortunately for Mandar, DPT April 2022 Bounty winner Kaushik makes two pairs, winning the pot and busting Mandar Darade.

Siddharth Jain Busted by Udit Baid

Level: 17

 Blinds: 10k-20k

Ante: 0

Pre-flop, Udit Baid from HJ opens to 60k and Siddharth Jain (SB) shoves all-in for 16k.  

Siddharth: Kh 5h 10H Jd

Udit: Ad 6c 9c 8c

Board: Qh 7h As 5s 9d

Siddarth gets a 5 pair but Udit takes it down with two pairs of Aces and Nines.

Vikram Kaushik (13th )Busted By Karan Kapur

Level – 17

Blinds – 10k/20k

Vikram Kaushik from SB raise 60K

Karan Kapur from BB goes all-in 400K

Vikram(SB) calls for his remaining 30k stack

Vikram : 4d 7s Jd Jc

Karan : 5s Qd Kd 10s

Board : 9h Qh Ad 4s Kh

Karan Kapur gets two pair, winning it and busting Vikram Kaushik on 13th position.


Mitang Soni Bubbles DPT 25K PLO Turbo Bounty

Level: 14

Blinds: 5k-10k

Ante: 0

Madhav Sethi from UTG opens to 40k and Mitang Soni from SB goes all-in for 55k. Sethi calls.

Mitang: Ah As Jh Qs

Sethi: Ad Ac 5h 9d

Board: 4h 7c 2s 3d 10d

Sethi makes a winning straight to win the pot and bust Mitang on money bubble.

Ashish Bhambani Busted by Aditya Sarin


Level : 12

Blinds : 3000/6000

Ashish Bhambani from BB shoves all-in for 65k

Aditya Sarin, who had a bigger stack, calls.

Ashish : Ac 7d Jd 8c

Aditya : Qh Qs 4h 3s

The board runs out Qc Kh 7d 8c 5s.

Aditya Sarin flops a set, winning the pot and busting Ashish Bhambani.

Along with the pot, Aditya Sarin also won a bounty prize worth 5k.

Kalpesh Bhikadiya Doubles-Up

Level: 10

Blinds – 1500/3000

Kalpesh Bhikadiya from Button opens to 34.5k

Mitang Soni from BB calls.

Flop – 2h 2s 4d

The button (Kalpesh) goes all-in 8.7K and BB (Soni) calls.

Kalpesh : Ks Kd Jd 5s

Mitang : 7d Ad Qh 9h

Turn- 5d

River- 3s

Kalpesh Bhikadiya double-up with Kings and deuces.

PLO Bounty Turbo (7 Max) Prizepool & Payouts 

Level : 10
Blinds : 1500/3000

1st – INR 8,17,526
2nd – INR 5,73,114
3rd – INR 3,68,310
4th – INR 2,72,847
5th – INR 2,04,805
6th – INR 1,63,844
7th – INR 1,36,844
8th – INR 1,09,003
9th – INR 81,583
10th-12th – INR 59,580
13th-15th – INR 49,085
16th-18th – INR 41,638
19th-21st – INR 36,560
22nd-24th – INR 32,498


Notable Chip Counts After Late- Registration – Anant Purohit Leads

Level – 8

Blinds – 700/1400

Ante: 0

  1. Anant Purohit – 126K
  2. Puneet Sachan – 125K
  3. Gregory Rozario – 123K
  4. Saransh Garg – 99K
  5. Mitang Soni – 85.5K
  6. Pratibh Saluja – 85K
  7. Gaurav Guru – 80K
  8. Prudhivi Raj Reddy – 69.9K
  9. Leon Menezes – 64K

Late Registration Closes With 186 Entries

Level: 8

Blinds: 700-1400

Ante: 0

With the end of level 7, the late registration has closed with 186 entries for the event.

There are over 77 players remaining and Siddharth Jain is among the chip leaders. The payouts will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for our chip count & payout update ahead!

PLO Bounty Turbo (7 Max) Chip Counts – Siddharth Jain in Lead

Level : 6

Blinds : 400/800

Ante: 0

  1. Siddharth Jain – 137.4K
  2. Gresory Rozario – 114K
  3. Kshitij kucheria – 75K
  4. Ranjeet Negi – 69K
  5. Karan Kapur – 66K
  6. Pratibh Saluja – 55K
  7. Nikesh Chawla – 49K
  8. Sandy Lamba – 40K

Puneet Sachan Busts Two Players In One Hand

  • Level: 4
  • Blinds: 300/600
  • Ante: 0

Pre-flop, Nagendra Verma from UTG limps

Anuj Laddhad from MP raises to 2.2k

Puneet Sachan from BB re-raises to 7.2k

Action back on Nagendra Verma who goes all-in, both his opponents call.

Anuj : Jh Qs 9d 7h

Puneet : 10h Ah 5h 9h

Nagendra : Jd Ac 7c 5s

Board : 9c 10c 10d 7d Qc

Puneet takes down the pot with full-house, busting Anuj and Nagendra.

Along with the pot, Puneet also wins two bounties worth INR 10K. 

Akshat Busted by Ranjeet Negi

  • Level: 3
  • Blinds: 200/400
  • Ante: 0

Ranjeet Negi from the UTG opens to 900 & Akshat from Co calls.

Flop : 4s Qh 7s

UTG bets 1.6k and CO calls

Turn – 6c- Both Checks

River- Jc

UTG checks, CO goes all-in for 5k and UTG calls.

Ranjeet: Qs 8s 3d Ah

Akshat: 9h Ks Qh 5d

Ranjeet Negi takes it down with queens and kicker ace and Akshat gets busted.

Along with the pot, Negi also wins the bounty worth INR 5K. 

Subhradip Roy Is Off To Good Start In PLO Bounty

Level: 1

Blinds: 100/200

Ante: 0

Pre-flop, Siddharth Jain from UTG opens to 700 & Subhradip Roy from BB calls.

Flop : 7c Jc 7s

UTG bets 1.7k and BB calls

Turn – 4d- Both Checks

River- 2c

UTG bets 4.5k and BB calls.

Siddharth : Ah 4c 8h 5c

Subhradip : Ah As Ks 5s

Subhradip wins the pot with higher two pars of Aces and sevens.

Welcome To DPT 25K PLO Bounty Turbo Underway

Level: 1

Blinds: 100-200

Ante: 0

The fourth event at the ongoing Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), 25K PLO Bounty Turbo, is underway.

Already 17 players have entered the Bounty tournament with notable faces like Paawan Bansal, Vineet Kumar, Vikas Shah, Pratibh Saluja, Mitang Soni, Abhishek Sharma to name a few.

Players start with a stack of 15k and each level will be 30 minutes with blinds starting at 100-200.

The late registration for the event will remain open till the end of level 7. Stay tuned for updates!