Wednesday Majors: Rishab Malik Denies Vishal Bajaj Maverick Win; Abhimanyu Mittal Ships Bounty Madness

Wednesday was a pure adrenaline rush on with several high-value tournaments running on the site. While there were many exciting events to look forward to, the key highlight was the 15 Lac GTD Maverick. Sporting a buy-in of INR 2,750, the Wednesday flagship drew in 550 entrants and crowned a winner in Rishab “rish1994” Malik, who banked INR 3.9 Lac for his victory.

  • Total Entries: 550
  • Prizepool: 15 Lac
  • Places Paid: 55

Vishal “GigaaBet” Bajaj (2nd for INR 2,21,250), Karan “Reg_Slayer” Radia (4th place for INR 1,12,500), Hardik “hardiknair1999” Nair (5th for INR 79,500), Sandy “Narcos” Lamba (7th for INR 41,250), and Sahil “cashout69” Aggarwal (8th for INR 30,000) were the other notables to finish on the Maverick FT.

Abhimanyu “PsychoDrama” Mittal (Won 3 Lac GTD Bounty Madness for INR 63,834), Kamal “kamalpunjabi11” Punjabi (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 33,360), “attacksmack” (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda for INR 30,059), and “h2owater” (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Maverick Life for INR 22,940) took down the other online marquees on this past Wednesday.