How Santhosh Suvarna Won Biggest Ever Televised Cash Game Pot By An Indian At Triton Poker

India’s Santhosh Suvarna has been making waves in the international poker arena. The Dubai-based entrepreneur and a former Rockets Poker Room (Bengaluru) operator rose to prominence with a runner-up finish at the 2022 EPT London Event #30: £2,000 NLHE Platinum Pass Mystery Bounty last October. Adding to his accolades, he triumphed over a 158-player field to ship the 2023 Triton Super High Roller Series Northern Cyprus Event #1: $25,000 NLH GG Super Millions Live in May this year, becoming the first Indian to win a Triton poker title. He took home a career-best $700K for his win.

Santhosh has been a formidable force on the Triton Poker scene, and added another feather to his cap by winning the biggest-ever broadcast cash game pot by an Indian worth $1.80 million at a recent Triton Poker cash game. He won this historic pot from none other than the Americas Cardroom CEO, Phil Nagy. The American businessman ran his queens into Santhosh’s kings for his entire stack. While this sent chills down his spines, Nagy was hoping to spike a two-outer to win. His hopes of a suckout were dashed as the two queens remaining in the deck had already hit the muck.

With blinds at a staggering $1,000/$2,000 and $4,000 ante, businessman Nagy opened to $6,000 from UTG holding Qd Qh and got calls from Triton regulars Paul Phua, Tony G and Mr. Long. High-roller Santhosh Suvarna then woke up with Ks Kh in the small blind and decided to reraise to $36,000. Rob Yong, in the big blind, put in the four-bet to $85,000 with Qs Qc – the last two remaining queens in the deck. Nagy then made it to $250,000, which only Suvarna and Yong called.

With the flop bringing 7c 5h 4h, Santhosh was in dreamland and dominated both his opponents but chose to strategically slow-play his cowboys and checked the flop. Following Yong’s subsequent check, Nagy then fired out $300,000 and Suvarna moved all in for $545,000, pushing Yong out of the pot. Nagy wasn’t thrilled with the spot he was in, but the price to call just proved too good to resist.

Yong then revealed that he had folded his black queens, something Nagy did not want to hear. With his hands on his head and a disappointed expression on his face, the VIP had to just watch the massive $1,862,000 pot be sent over to his opponent after opting to run the last two streets twice.