Shocker: A Player Misreads Hand And Loses More Than $20K At Hustler Casino Live!

Poker is an exciting card game in which you must make quick decisions. While good decisions earn you rich dividends, bad decisions, like misreading your opponents may result in huge losses.

You will be profitable in the long term if you are adept at reading and playing your cards correctly. On the contrary, misreading, playing at whims, making insane calls, or pushing with inferior hands will ruin you as well as your poker bankroll. It is actually a big sin that you would not want to commit if you are really a serious grinder and want to etch your name on the list of the profitable players.

Misreading not only results in the loss of a poker hand, but also in enormous loses in poker. A recent incident occurred at Hustler Casino Live (HCL), where a player lost more than $20k after misreading his hand. The hand in question was part of HCL’s Thirsty Thursday Game, and San Man, who has previously been on the show, was the poor guy who misread his hand and snapped with six-high.

Three and a half hours into the session, six players took to the flop of 10c 9h 5h. The action checked to Dr. H (Qd Qc) on the button who fired a bet of  $1,500 from the button. It came to San Man in the cutoff who snapped with 6s 4c. Then turn card 5h saw San Man check, while Dr. H bet $4,500. San Man called and this strange move came as a big shocker to everyone, including the commentator.

Things then went from bad to worse on the river Jh where Dr. H fired out $14,300 to which San Man was all-in. The former made the call and turned over his winning overpair to secure the $43,670 pot.

As he tabled his hole cards, San Man realized that he did not have a five. Realizing his misread, he shouted, “Oh my god, I don’t have a five, wow wow wow wow wow … what the f**k just happened…”

Here is the video giving you a glimpse of how the action unfolded in this unforgettable hand.

Let us know your take on this. Don’t you think that was an insane and crazy gameplay? 

Credit: PokerNews