A poker player randomly shoves ALL IN for $50,000 and sucks out to win a massive pot

 Poker is an interesting game in which we get to witness some crazy things almost every day. Today we take you a through a story that unfolded on Hustler Casino Live during Wednesday’s stream.

We saw a new “KING” on HCL and he may be the show’s craziest player ever. A new player known as “The King” randomly pushed all in for $50,000 in just one hand on Wednesday and sucked out to win a massive pot. Notably, it wasn’t the first time he’d made that crazy move, nor was it the last.

The “king” player picked up a random hand Kx Jx and moved all-in for $50,000 and ran into Ax Kx.  It was for sure a crazy move and everyone watching him was taken aback. But did he lose the pot? No, his crazy game play turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Yes, the ‘King’ player got lucky as the board ran out Kx 9x 10x Jx Jx, giving him a runner-runner full house to win a $60,000 pot suck-out.

The King didn’t stop there, and his reckless moves continued. On the final hand of the stream, he chose to flip for his whole $88,000 stack against “Pepe,” who had him covered.. After the dealer dealt the cards to each player, The King revealed Kd 8s and Pepe showed only the 9, leaving his second card a surprise to the table but the RFID scanner had already picked up his second hole card, the 7.

The flop came 7h Kd 7s and The KING was thinking that his opponent was almost drawing dead.

“Give me your money, you gotta give me your money,”  the confident The King said taunting  Pepe.

The 5h and 10h on the turn and river respectively changed nothing. Pepe then threw his unexposed hole card on the table and yelled, “ship it,” before scooping the $176,000 pot. That was the end of The King’s road, as he fled the stage at Hustler Casino in Los Angeles, losing about $40,000 for the day.