Welcome to the Live Coverage of the DPT May 2024 PLO Turbo Bounty!

Jaydeep S Claims Victory in the DPT PLO Turbo Bounty!

Level: 27

Blinds: 50k-100k

Ante: 100k

The DPT PLO Turbo Bounty has concluded, and Jaydeep S has emerged as the champion after a thrilling heads-up battle against Amrit Kalash. Jayadeep took home the coveted title and a prize of INR 3,30,530.

Jaydeep triumphed over a competitive field of 143 entries to secure his first DPT title and the impressive prize money of INR 3.30 lakh. Amrit Kalash finished in second place, earning a commendable INR 2,44,640.

In the final hand of the tournament, Jaydeep’s 6♠ 7♥ 7♥ 9♣ outmatched Amrit’s A♥ 6♣ 5♣ 8♦. The board revealed 9♠ 2♥ 4♣ K♦ K♣, sealing Jaydeep’s victory and crowning him the champion.

Mohit Bothra Finishes Third for INR 1,81,070

Level 26
Blinds: 40k / 80k
Ante: 80k

Jaydeep S from the button opens to 180k. Mohit Bothra from the big blind makes the call.

Flop: 4♥ 4♦ K♠

Mohit checks, Jaydeep bets 180k, and Mohit goes all-in for 700k. Jyadeep calls.

  • Mohit: 6♣ 7♥ 4♣ 6♥
  • Jaydeep: A♦ A♠ Q♣ 4♠

Turn: 10♦
River: Q♠

Mohit Bothra gets busted in 3rd place for INR 1,81,070.

Chip Counts – Remaining Three Players

Level: 25
Blinds: 30k-60k
Ante: 60k

  • Jayadeep S: 950k
  • Amrit Kalash: 1.035M
  • Mohit Bothra: 876k

Rishab Malik Finishes 4th for INR 1,34,019

Level: 25
Blinds: 30k-60k
Ante: 60k

Rishab Malik shoved for 300k with A♥ A♦ J♣ K♣ from the small blind. Jaydeep S, seated in the big blind, made the call with J♥ 8♥ 9♦ 4♠. The board delivered 8♣ 4♥ 9♥ 8♦ 10♠, ending Rishab’s journey in 4th place.

Piyush Baid Finishes 5th for INR 99,194

Level: 24
Blinds: 25k-50k
Ante: 50k

Piyush Baid’s 6♣ 7♠ 6♥ 8♠ ran into Mohit Bothra’s K♥ K♦ 7♣ 9♦. The board opened A♣ K♣ 9♠ 8♥ Q♥. Mohit Bothra took down the pot, busting Piyush in 5th place for INR 99,194.

Gagandeep Malik Finishes 6th for INR 73,418

Level: 22
Blinds: 15k-30k
Ante: 30k

Amrit Kalash from the button opens to 80k and Gagandeep Malik from the big blind calls.

Flop: 9♥ A♣ 6♥

Gagandeep Malik shoves all-in for 91k and Amrit Kalash calls.

Turn: Q♣
River: J♥


  • Gagandeep: 6♦ A♥ K♣ Q♠
  • Amrit: 9♠ Q♥ 8♣ 9♣

Amrit takes down the pot, busting Gagandeep in 6th place for INR 73,418.

Goldy Babbar Eliminated in 7th Place for INR 54,341

Level: 21
Blinds: 15k-25k
Ante: 25k

Rishab Malik from the HJ opens to 50k and gets two callers in Amrit Kalash and Goldy Babbar from the big blind.

Flop: 9♥ Q♠ 6♦

Goldy Babbar goes all-in for 160k and both his opponents call.

Turn: A♣
River: K♥


  • Goldy Babbar: 10♣ 10♠ 7♦ 4♦
  • Amrit Kalash: A♦ 10♦ J♦ 5♣
  • Rishab: Q♦ 10♥ J♣ 9♦

Rishab takes down the pot and Goldy Babbar gets eliminated in 7th place for INR 54,341.

Puneet Tandon Finishes 8th for INR 40,220

Level: 21
Blinds: 15k-25k
Ante: 25k

In a three-way hand, Mohit Bothra held 10♦ 7♥ 10♥ 2♥, Jaydeep S had 9♣ 9♦ 6♥ 3♦, and Puneet Tandon held A♠ A♣ J♦ 3♠. The board ran out 8♥ 7♦ K♥ 9♥ 5♠, giving Mohit a flush to win the pot and busting Puneet in 8th place for INR 40,220.

Rahul Khuteta Finishes 9th for INR 35,564

Level: 20
Blinds: 10k / 20k
Ante: 20k

Mohit Bothra in the small blind pots, and the big blind player re-pots, going all-in for 83k.

  • Rahul Khuteta (BB): J♦ 10♥ J♣ 8♣
  • Mohit (SB): Q♦ J♥ 2♣ 2♥

Board: 6♣ Q♣ 2♦ 5♥ 6♥

Mohit wins the pot with a full house, and Rahul gets eliminated in 9th place for INR 35,564.

Abhash Srivastava Bubbles DPT PLO Turbo Bounty Final Table

Level: 20
Blinds: 10k / 20k
Ante: 20k

Preflop action saw UTG player Rahul Khuteta open to 70k, and BB player Abhash Srivastava go all-in, putting himself at risk.

  • Abhash (BB): A♠ 8♦ K♦ 8♣
  • Rahul (UTG): A♥ 8♠ A♦ 9♣

Board: J♠ 10♠ 10♦ 6♠ J♣

Rahul wins the pot and Abhash Srivastava gets busted in 10th place for INR 31,446.


Final Table Set with Jaydeep S in the Lead at DPT PLO Turbo Bounty

Level 20
Ante: 10k /20k
Ante: 20k

The stage is set for an exhilarating finale at the DPT PLO Turbo Bounty as the final table chip counts are in, with Jaydeep S commanding a significant lead. The competition has been fierce, but only the best have made it to the last leg of this prestigious event.

Here are the final table chip counts:

Jaydeep Selvaraju – 660,000

Amrit Kalash – 612,000

Mohit Bothra – 616,000

Rishab Malik – 227,000

Piyush Baid – 215,000

Goldy Babbar – 210,000

Gagandeep Malik – 201,000

Puneet Tandon – 90,000

Jaydeep S, with an impressive stack of 660k, leads the table. Hot on his heels are Mohit Bothra and Amrit Kalash with 616k and 612k, respectively, promising an intense battle for the top spot.

While each player is assured at least 40,220, they all will have their eyes on the INR 3,30,530 top prize!


DPT May 2024 PLO Turbo Bounty Payouts

Level: 9

Blinds: 800-1600

Ante: 1600

Finally, the payouts for the PLO Turbo Bounty are out. The tournament pays out the top 17 players, with the winner taking home INR 3,30,530. The runner-up will walk away with INR 2,44,640

Payout List (INR)

1st place – 330530

2nd place 244640

3rd – 181070

4th -134019

5th- 99194

6th – 73418

7th – 54341

8th – 40220

9th – 35564

10th -31446

11th- 31446

12th – 31446

13th- 31446

14th- 27805

15th- 27805



Late Registration Closes With 143 Entries

Level: 8

Blinds: 600-1200

Ante: 1200

With the start of level 8, the late registration for the PLO Turbo Bounty has officially closed. The INR 22k buy-in event has attracted an impressive 143 entries, generating INR 28,60,000. Out of this, INR 14,30,000 goes into bounty prize pool. Stay tuned in for our payouts and prize pool update ahead.

Welcome to DPT May 2024 PLO Turbo Bounty!

Ladies and gentlemen, poker enthusiasts, and fans of fast-paced action, welcome back to the DPT May 2024 series at the vibrant Deltin Royale casino! Following the remarkable turnouts and intense competition in the first seven events, we are excited to present live coverage from Event 8: the PLO Turbo Bounty!

This thrilling single-day event takes place on May 25th, starting at 5 PM with 20-minute levels, offering rapid and exhilarating gameplay. Players will begin with a 20k starting stack, ensuring a dynamic and action-packed competition. Late registration is open until the start of level 8, giving everyone a chance to join the fun and hunt for bounties.

With a buy-in of INR 22k, the PLO Turbo Bounty attracts a diverse field of players eager to showcase their skills in Pot-Limit Omaha. In the previous edition, Anirudh emerged victorious, taking home INR 1.92 Lac in the DPT PLO4 Bounty. Will we see another standout performance this time around?

After the impressive participation and fierce battles in the Micro Main Event, Mystery Bounty, Highroller, Turbo Mix Event, Mini Main Event, and the Mini Highroller, as well as the ongoing Main Event, we anticipate another electrifying competition.