Asian Poker Tour (APT)

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) made its debut in 2006 when it was founded in Singapore. It was launched to be the premier poker tournament in the region and soon transcended to become a multi -destination event with the Tournament being held in Philippines and Macau after Asian Logic acquired the event in 2008. The APT like the European Poker Tour (EPTand World Poker Tour (WPT), focus on Texas Hold’em Poker with all the events being based around the game. There are however events with other games such as Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha Turbo.

Tony G went on to win the first season of the APT in 2006. The Tournaments have further had numerous champions such as David Saab, Adrian Allain, Michael Cua, Andreas Lindblom, Sangeeth Mohan and Divan Le Roux either through the APT or the APT Asian Series. Being a tour of smaller scale, the tourney does not have many events or satellite tournaments, making it an exclusive Tour with quality prizes. The APT individual events conduct the game in United States Dollars whereas the APT Asian Series is conducted in the local currency. These local currency based events, offer quite the game for willing participants. With some satellites offering buy in’s at less than a dollar leading to a massive cash prize at the main event, the lure is irresistible.

In comparison to the WPT, the APT offers much smaller cash prizes in the range of USD 200,000 up till USD 500,000. The APT also gave rise to a smaller series known as the APT Asian series in 2011, which is similar to the APT but has events with Buy in’s at much lower levels. This has helped the game reach out to a much more wider strata in other Asian countries and has recently had events conducted in Cebu, Goa and Manila. These events have had cash prices in the ranges of PHP 5,359,000 in Manila and INR 2,346,000 in Goa in 2011.

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