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OPN Challenger SeriesOPN Challenger Series brings a chance for young and rising poker talents of India to win $10,000 worth entry to the main event of world’s biggest tournament. The series starts on 7th Jan’16 and now has 11 players – Jaideep Sajwan, Vinay B, Abhinav, Aashray Arood , Niwesh Sharma, Vikram kumar, Rajat Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, Deepanshu, Varun Gulati and Ashish Ahuja competing for the huge reward.

Duration: 7th Jan to 31st April 2016
Late Entry: Till 29th Jan 2016

Details of the Series:

  • All players inducted in the challengers series will get an initial bankroll of Rs 25,000 on Adda52.com
  • Players can play cash games of blind level 25/50 and above as well as tournaments on Adda52.com
  • Meanwhile, players can also play live tournaments like Deltin Poker Tournament and India Poker Championship in Goa.
  • A leaderboard with 3 separate parameters will be maintained below and updated regularly on OPN.
  • The topper of the leaderboard will get entry to the Main Event of World’s biggest tournament worth $10,000.


Point Formula for Tournaments: Sqrt{(Total tourney players / your rank in tourney) x sqrt (tourney buy in)}

Final Points Calculator Formula: {(Total Tournament Points) + Sqrt (Hands won x C)}, where C is a constant equal to 2

Player Adda52 tourney points Non-Heads-Up Hands Won Live tournaments points Final Points
Jaideep Sajwan 555 3092 166.24 799.88
Varun Gulati 359 495 390.46
Rajat Sharma 98 83 69.64 180.52
Vinay B 126 1396 178.84
Vikram kumar 26 152 82.4 125.84
Yuvraj Singh 89 581 123.09
Manoj R 6 8 90.24 100.24
Abhinav Mahajan 68 130 84.12
Ashish Ahuja 50 202 70.10
Niwesh Sharma 45 308 69.82
Aashray Arood 21 742 59.52
Deepanshu Kumar 20 474 50.79

* Non-heads up Cash Games 25/50 and above

# Updated till 31stĀ April.

Terms & Conditions:
1. A player can make deposit of any amount after the initial bankroll to play poker.
2. In case, a player loses the initial bankroll, he/she must top up to the minimum level (25K). No maximum limit on top-up and deposit in the entire period. Min-Bankroll will be checked every 15 days.
3. Any player caught doing collusion or other prohibited activities will be immediately banned from the series.

1. OPN has no official tie up with WSOP for tickets.
2. OPN reserves the right to introduce new players in the Challenger Series.

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