Phil Ivey

Nick NameTiger Woods of Poker
Place of Residence              Las Vegas, Nevada
Birth Date                            February 1, 1976 (age 36)
WSOP Bracelet(s)                 8
Live tournament Earnings  $ 17,159,556
WSOP Money Finishes         51
Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey


Phillip Dennis Ivey Jr. better known as Phil Ivey in Poker circles is a professional American poker player and considered among the best for his string of victories at the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, online poker and numerous other money finishes.

Phil has eight WSOP bracelets to his name and is considered to be one of the best among all-round poker pros. Phil Ivey started out quite young in to the world of Poker. He was playing regularly in his teens and got hooked onto the game when he played at an event hosted by the father of a friend. He went on to consistently beat the game that day. Phil started bankrolling himself for his Poker escapades right after high school by taking up a telemarketing job.

By the time he turned 18, he spent hours at the casino clocking up to 18 hours in a day playing poker. He faced numerous losses but learnt a lot from the game. There were nights when he slept on the boardwalk in Atlantic City but those moments strengthened his resolve to become a top poker player. In 1997, Phil made a permanent move to Atlantic City to take up poker as a professional career. In less than four years, he won himself four WSOP bracelets, of which he won three within the same year.  To add to that, he won his fifth bracelet in 2005 after which he continued to remain amongst the top players in many events regularly.

Given his drive and hunger for victory, it was no surprise that Phil Ivey made a comeback and won three more WSOP bracelets in 2009 and 2010. By this time he had mastered the different varieties of the game and showed that he was a true poker pro through the victories he had in games like Omaha Hi/Lo, 2-7 Draw ball, 7 card stud and even in H.O.R.S.E. The fact that he won his bracelets in different formats just cemented his reputation. Phil in fact currently holds the record of being the fastest to achieve eight WSOP bracelets in a span of 10 years.

Phil came up in the world of Poker through sheer hard work and determination. He is seen as a risk taker with a passion for the game and will go to any length even in a high stakes game. He married his High School Sweetheart but they decided to divorce in December 2009 after seven years of marriage. He resides in Vegas and is the representative of Full Tilt Poker, of which he is a founding member as well.

Poker Career Highlights

TournamentWinnings (USD)BraceletsCashesFinal Tables
World Series of Poker5,834,93584828
World Poker Tour3,369,8211139
European Poker Tour514,003031
Total Casino Winnings17,159,556
Online winnings23,990