EPT Berlin Day 5: Robert Haigh Leads Final Table

Robert Haigh in lead in EPT Berlin Day 5
Robert Haigh in lead in EPT Berlin Day 5

After a marathon fight of six hours among 9 players, Dashgyn Aliev busted out to make way for the 8 handed final table of the Main Event of the European Poker Tour(EPT) Berlin at the Grand Hyatt here today. Now the poker players brace up for action to compete for the first prize of Euro 880,000.

Day 5 saw some very slow action and very few hands as everyone tried to stay on in the final table. Robert Haigh leads with 5,495,000 chips and is also the most capable poker player present on this final table to win the title. He is placed sixth in the EPT Player of the year award and is miles ahead of the others in terms of poker achievements. But in terms of chip stack, he isn’t far ahead with Daniel Gai-Pidun also in contention with 5,250,000 chips.

Roman Herold was the chip leader at the close of Day 4 and was also responsible for many eliminations that day. The playing field had been cut from 34 to 17 on Day 2 and many could be attributed to Roman. But things didn’t go that well for Roman on Day 5 as his chip stack is just about average at 3,050,000.

The final table after end of Day 5 of Main Event of EPT Berlin:

Rank Player Name Chip Stack
1. Robert Haigh 5,495,000
2 Daniel Gai-Pidun 5,250,000
3 Lasse Forest 3,700,000
4 Alexander Helbig 3,315,000
5. Roman Herold 3,050,000
6. Roman Korenev 2,995,000
7. Pascal Vos 1,750,000
8. Julian Thomas 1,735,000