Zynga Plus Poker fails to add Zing to Party Poker

Zynga2Zynga Plus Poker, the online poker edition of Zynga has seen almost a month of poker action in the United Kingdom now but it has failed to add substantial poker traffic to its parent Party Poker or bwin network. In fact, latest poker traffic numbers suggest that the Party Poker Network has only come down behind iPoker Network.

Zynga Plus Poker launched their real cash games in the UK on 4th April and hoped that the company’s profits as well as the poker rankings for Party Poker will go up. But Party Poker which generally ranks second/third behind Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker in number of cash players has miserably dropped to fourth in the latest rankings released by Poker Scout, an independent poker room ranking agency.

PokerStars has always been the undisputed leader with 24 hour peak traffic of more than 35,000 players. Full Tilt used to occupy second spot but has fallen to fourth behind iPoker and Party Poker now. But iPoker is the one which has majorly benefited and has captured second spot and if trends continue then it will soon establish itself as the solid Number 2 poker room of the world. Party Poker though getting an initial spurt from Zynga Plus Poker launch ultimately faded out and has been trying hard to cling to third or fourth position.

To add to Zynga’s woes, the company released its financial numbers this week and its share price fell by 9 percent because of a 18 percent fall in revenue and number of users. The revenue was down to $264 Million from $321 Million last year. 

While the real money poker games launch was a promising one for Zynga and poker players were looking forward to it but it has failed to kick off well for both Zynga and its parent company. It waits to be seen in the long run whether Zynga Plus Poker catches the nerve of the UK poker player or no.