Zynga scraps plans for Real Money Gaming in USA

Zynga (1)Zynga, in its second quarter earnings report has declared that it no longer plans to enter real money gaming in the USA. The company declared that the social gaming giant plans to focus on free-to-play games which are its main foray currently.

Zynga had said last year through its then CEO, Mark Pincus that the time was ripe to enter real money gaming in the USA and the company had also filed an ‘application for a preliminary finding of suitability‘ with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Zynga had also started hiring online gambling experts post December 2012. But a change at the top which meant Pincus was replaced by Don Mattrick might be the reason for this.

It may be recalled that Zynga had earlier this year launched real money gaming in the form of real money poker in United Kingdom as a test to evaluate their capability and traffic. The company has said it will continue to explore when it might be a good time to be in the real gaming zone but immediate plans have been scrapped.