Online Poker Shopping in India for Poker and Card Game Lovers

Go splurge on poker shopping this weekend

Shopping is a word that brings a smile on faces of almost every human being. Shopping is made for everyone and every style. Games have their followers and passionate game lovers love to wear colours of their favourite teams, players or game that they support. Poker is the same where its followers like to adopt poker lifestyle and use associated products. But what are the options that a poker player has when he ventures online to buy poker chips, poker cards and poker books that satiate his poker appetite. 

There are many items in the long list for example poker chips, shufflers, playing cards, poker tables, poker cards, customized poker apparels, gift items and much more. Poker in the international arena has a significant presence and so do poker product shopping sites. But in India as this game has started to grow its shopping sites also cropping up now. Today we look at some online poker shopping options in India where you can locate your favourite poker giveaways.


First and foremost name which comes to mind when someone goes for poker shopping is, a site which has been recently launched with a wide variety of poker items to offer. Site offers poker products under 6 to 7 categories where it covers poker T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Polo T-Shirts, poker accessories, playing cards, poker related books, movies, music and customized poker gift items like mugs, card holders etc. The site has the best and most up to date poker goodies that a poker player wants to make his lifestyle shine. 

2.       The Shark (

Another online store which has been one of the pioneer in poker shopping is The Shark. It offers poker tables, poker chipsets, poker bricks, playing cards, T-Shirts and Shufflers. Especially known for its following in the poker community The Shark has been one of the favourite destinations for poker shopping in India.


India’s most favourite and biggest online shopping store also offers poker related products to game followers. has playing cards, poker chips set, poker cards of renowned brands like copag, parksons, cartamundi and many others.

Apart from these major sites Snapdeal, Amazon, Casinoite also offer poker products from where poker followers can buy their favourite products. The prices of these products have been kept suited to Indian pockets. and Casinoite are two sites which take poker shopping to the next level with freebies offers. All in all you have good number of sites to satisfy your poker shopping appetite. So next time you want to shop poker products do make a visit to above mentioned indian sites and share your experience with us.