From Black Friday to Green Friday

Full Tilt Poker launches 'New to the table' GamesIn what was dubbed as the ‘Black Friday‘ in poker for US Players might just be ‘Green Friday’ as frozen payments from Full Tilt Poker have started coming back into players accounts. If the Twitter grapevine is to be believed then US players whose accounts were frozen at FTP and their money stuck have started receiving funds from 28th February 2014 in their bank accounts in the form of Automated Clearing House(ACH) deposits. 

After more than 1000 days of the day when Full Tilt Poker had exit the US market leaving the players stranded and their funds stuck in their accounts. It was just last month, that the US Department Of Justive(DOH) had approved the disbursement of approximately $82 million to around 30,000 players in the U.S. who applied for a remission claim. FTP had later revealed that the first of these payments will stert processing on early Friday morning in the States. Thus Twitter started buzzing with claims of a #GreenFriday.

For players like Blair Hinkle who had won a record $1 Million in the FTOPS Main Event in 2011 was one of the biggest beneficiaries. He also tweeted that his payment is being processed. Another poker player Dan Jungleman also tweeted that his money was back. Reproducing some images of the tweets mentioned by poker players on twitters which has seen tremendous activity since Friday, thanks to the FTP refunds. Hashtags like #GreenFriday, #fulltiltrefund, #nottooshabby, #betterlatethanever were trolling majorly.