‘Strip Magic’ debuts with Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari

After years of hiatus, Poker Pro Antonio Esfandiari is back to his magical ways with Ultimate Poker debuting ‘Strip Magic‘ , a six episode web series featuring exclusive interviews and street magic. This episode marks the return of the 2012 Big one for One Drop Winner to magic, a professional magician before he turned poker pro.

This web series will be the first attempt of an online poker room to launch an entertainment series involving a poker player. The first episode takes viewers through Esfandiari’s story, from humble beginnings as a teenager learning magic to giving it up for the poker dream, interconnected with his recent  impromptu magic performances in Las Vegas. This web series is an effort by the poker site to give its players an insight into Team Ultimate Poker’s lifestyle.

Esfandiari, as a child had a dream of being a successful magician like David Copperfield until his passion for poker took over. This web series not only gives him a chance to re-live that dream and also combine the two main interests of his life. Ultimate Poker, which also holds the distinction of being America’s first regulated online poker provider will be launching the episodes of ‘Strip Magic’ every wednesday at youtube.com/ultimatepoker.

Close on the heels of this web series by Ultimate Poker was the announcement by Everest Poker this week that they will be doing a series of web episodes with their new ambassador Sam Trickett where he will trace his journey at the 2014 WSOP through videos.