Rocket’s Poker Room launches Tilt Poker Festival from December 17-22

When was the last time you enjoyed Poker Tournament in India 2014playing live poker tournament in India? May be a long ago in Goa. This time the action is set to roll out in Bangalore, the silicon city of India and the uprising poker destination. The Rocket’s Poker Room is hosting Tilt Poker Festival from December 17-22.

The 6-event tournament is expected to draw best of the poker minds across the country as no big poker ournaments are scheduled in the Asia region during pre-Christmas weeks. Poker will be high on action in a mix of Freeze-out and Rebuy NLH games. With a buy-in ranging from 3K in the 1st event to 30K in the Main Event, the organizers have planned to cater to all classes of the poker players. The tournament will climax with an exclusive Dealer’s event which remains one-of-its-kind on live poker felt in India. The dealer’s event was planned by Rajeev “RR” which shows his love for the game as well as the dealers of his poker room. When asked who’ll deal at the dealers’ tournament, Rajeev joked, “All dealers will deal themselves.”

Rocket’s has emerged out to be the new harbor of poker lovers in India. Since its opening, the poker room has organized two poker tournaments – the Independence Day series and the Pokerthon which were quite successful in terms of player’s turnouts compared to few other events in Goa. TILT poker festival is the brainchild of One of India’s leading poker pros, Sangeeth ‘Samoh’ Mohan and Rockets’ manager Rajeev Raut. The duo is confident of meeting the guarantees and numbers comfortably.

“Tilt in its literal sense is the undoing of most poker players, but here it will turn out to be the much-needed breath of fresh air,” said Mohan describing the tournament. “Tilt assures its attendees huge guarantees and a great structure that promises you a great poker tournament experience,” he added.

Here is detailed tournament structure:

Event 1: 3K freezeoutDate: December 17th, 4pm

Buy-in: Rs 3,000

Starting stack: 5,000

Event 2: 5K rebuy + 1 add-onDate: December 18th, 4pm

Buy-in: Rs 5,000 + 1 add-on

Starting stack: 3,000/5,000

Event 3: 10K freezeoutDate: December 19th, 4pm

Buy-in: Rs 10,000

Starting stack: 10,000

Event 4: 30K main eventDate: December 20th, 4pm

Buy-in: Rs 30,000

Starting stack: 15,000

Event 5: 4K+1K bountyDate: December  21st, 4pm

Buy-in: Rs 4,000 + Rs 1,000

Starting stack: 5,000

Event 6: 5K dealers onlyDate: December 22nd, 4pm

Buy-in: Rs 5,000

Starting stack: 5,000