Weekend Indian Poker Pot: pornoveloO and Karan Radia headlines the action

Indian Poker Wins

Indian Poker players clinched several big pots in online poker on the first weekend of 2015. Karan Radia had a fabulous run on PokerStars winning 2 events and finishing 2nd in another thus, pocketing $17,747 in total out of 3 games. Meanwhile, pornoveloO triumphed the Player of the Year Finale event on Sunday winning taking home 4 Lakhs in prize money with the prestigious title.

Karan outplayed a huge field of players in The Hot $16.50 [Turbo], $50K Gtd event on Friday, 2nd Jan’15 bagging the top prize of $10,473. Capitalizing on this huge win, Karan went on to win the $3.30 Saturday Micro, $25K Gtd event on Saturday for $4,674 while finished as the runner-up in $55 Saturday PL Omaha, $15K Gtd event for $2,600.

Player of the Year (POY) Finale event returned on Adda52 to crown the ultimate champion of the year on Sunday. pornoveloO outlasted the intense poker battle to win the POY title taking home Rs 4 Lakhs. vijaypvhk playing in the same event fell against the champion pornoveloO in the heads-up for Rs 2 Lakhs. In the Adda52 Loyalty Fireworks event on Friday, tushmakster playing strategically against several good players on this site clinched the top prize of Rs 1 Lakh.

bblacklegend also joined the year’s first weekend bash winning $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $10K Gtd event for $3,182 on Saturday, 3rd Jan’15. On the same day, another Indian poker player, Buddhaluv proved his talent in $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $16K Gtd event beating hundreds of players from around the world. He bagged $4,450 for his 1st place finish in this turbo event. armaan007 who led the big wins of Indian contingents on Poker Stars in the past few weeks also cashed in $1,700 on Sunday in $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $10K Gtd event.

deysid90 played down to the heads-up of $27 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout] event but unfortunately ended up as the runner-up with $1,541. The weekend run culminated with a superb show by 4better in $52.50 NL Hold’em [Hyper-Turbo], $12K Gtd event wherein he demolished the final table to winning the first prize of $6,103.

The Indian poker players are on rise with the dawn of 2015 which clearly reflected in their wins on the 1st weekend. They will definitely look to capture even bigger prize pools and title in the coming days. Keep watching this space for the next edition of Weekend Indian Poker Pot.

Here is the Weekend Indian Poker Pot for the first weekend of 2015:


Player/User Name Event Prize/Rank Date
deysid90 PS $27 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Progressive Super-Knockout] $1,541.43/2nd 2nd Jan
Karan Radia PS The Hot $16.50 [Turbo], $50K Gtd $10,473.30/1st 2nd Jan
tushmakster Adda52 Loyalty Fireworks Rs 1,00,000/1st 2nd Jan
bblacklegend PS $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $10K Gtd $3,182.00/1st 3rd Jan
Buddhaluv PS $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $16K Gtd $4,450.50/1st 3rd Jan
Karan Radia PS $55 Saturday PL Omaha, $15K Gtd $2,600.62/2nd 3rd Jan
Karan Radia PS $3.30 Saturday Micro, $25K Gtd $4,674.90/1st 3rd Jan
pornoveloO Adda52 POY Finale Rs 4,00,000/1st 4th Jan
vijaypvhk Adda52 POY Finale Rs 2,00,000/2nd 4th Jan
armaan007 PS $109 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $10K Gtd $1,700.00/2nd 4th Jan
4better PS $52.50 NL Hold’em [Hyper-Turbo], $12K Gtd $6,103.24/1st 4th Jan
bigggTyMer The Hotter 11 $13,699/1st 4th Jan

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