Strategy with Sushi: Part V – How to overcome bad situations in poker

strategy-with-SushiOnlinePokerNews (OPN) presents an exclusive column of poker strategies with Adda52 Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant in which he’ll share his views on several strategy questions. With over 5 years of experience at live as well as online poker games, Aditya is one of the most successful professional poker players in India. In this weekly strategy column, he will share his thoughts on a number of poker strategy topics and give a detailed insight of this game of skill.

Poker is a game of skill but, there are rough phases in every poker players career. In such situations when bankrolls and profits go down, one needs to review his/her gameplay for further improvement and keep grinding. However, when it comes to a single badbeat or wrong move on the table, one can take a break and jump in the game afresh.  In the 5th chapter of “Strategy With Sushi”, Aditya Sushant talks about how to overcome bad situations in poker.

Q1. Every poker player goes through a bad phase. How should one sail through that patch of time?

Sushi – If you feel you’re going through a rough phase, you may go down on limits. You should play cautiously without taking much risk and manage your bankroll properly at the same. Believe in yourself and you can bounce back.

Q2. How should one overcome a bad beat and prevent tilt?

Sushi – Many players do not get affected by a bad beat and continue grinding. However, if you feel down after a bad beat, you should take a break from the game, get some fresh air and calm down. After a while, you may start playing again.

Q3. When someone is facing a negative variance for a period of time which all games should he/she play?

Sushi – This depends on the nature of a player, his/her game style and risk appetite. One must secure a bankroll in such a phase and play smartly to maintain it at a level.

Q4. Sometimes a player makes a mistake on the table like a bad call or overbet which he realizes the next moment. How should one handle that situation?

Sushi – It’s good that a player figures out his own mistake before any of the opponents does. In that case, one should avoid chasing to cover up that mistake. One should play smartly to recover and if this is not possible in that hand, it would be better to exit from that hand and focus on the next one.

Q5. Online grinders go through a phase when they are unable to win or cash big in tourneys.  How do you think one should keep moving ahead?

Sushi – If your profit graphs are going low in online tourneys, you may play the low buy-in tourneys and build some cash. You should also analyze your hands and results to improve your tourney game. If you are more of a cash game player, start grinding more cash tables than tourneys. Once you gain confidence, you can anytime jump back to the big tourneys.

Strategy with Sushi’ is an attempt to help the amateur poker players to understand his poker path. We start with elementary poker questions and gradually tread the unchartered territory. If you have a question to ask or a topic to discuss then email us at and we will surely take it up with the Pro.