Heads Up With Adda52 Pro LIVE Madan Kumar

madan-kumar-adda52-pro-liveMadan Kumar, one of the regular grinders from Bangalore and a notable player of the Indian poker circuit got signed up as the first pro member of Adda52 LIVE. With an impressive poker resume built over 4 year of professional poker career and incisive knowledge of the Indian poker industry, Madan will represent the brand Adda52 LIVE.

OPN spoke to Madan about his poker journey so far and the new association with Adda52 LIVE. He shares his thoughts on becoming the first Adda52 Pro LIVE and his poker plans further.

OPN – Hi Madan, thanks for your conversation with OPN. Firstly, congratulations on getting singed as Adda52 Pro LIVE. Though you are a well-known player in the India circuit, (for the benefit of all our readers) for our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us about yourself and your poker journey so far.

MK – Thank you. I am a Sales Manager by profession and came across poker on Facebook, later was introduced to live poker at a friends’ home game. It has been 4 years since I have been a part of the Bangalore poker circuit and played almost all of the local weekend tournaments and regular cash games. My frequent travel to Goa gave me the chance to meet with the best in this business and interaction with them helped me improve my game.

OPN – How do you feel as a sponsored pro of the biggest poker brand of India?

MK – It is a great feeling to rub shoulders with the best players in the industry and surely gives one a sense of accomplishment. To me being part of this elite group of players is an assurance of being in the right path to the ultimate goal.

OPN – Now that you are a sponsored pro, how will it change your poker life? (Additional Responsibilities, Brand Representation across the country, mentoring newbies)

MK – Poker has become a very integral part of my life. This opportunity to represent one of the top poker brands in India gives me the confidence to transition from a semi-professional player to a full time poker professional. Needless to say the travel that is part of the sponsorship gives an exposure to the big league poker tournaments.

OPN – What are your poker plans for the rest of the year and 2016?

MK – I will be spending the rest of the year towards fulfilling my responsibilities at work and transition to being a fulltime poker player so that I could focus on playing more games within the country and overseas for the rest of 2016. My goal for the year is to win a major tournament either in India or abroad.

OPN – Poker requires long grind hours and frequent travels. What do you keep yourself at the best for the game? (Exercise, Music, Relaxation etc.)

MK – Like I said earlier, I have a regular 9-6 job, I spend a lot of time after working hours either playing live at the local poker rooms or take it to the virtual felt besides the time spent learning to adapt the ever changing approach to the game. My best relaxation is the time spent at home with family and friends.

OPN – What do you like most off the poker felt?

MK – I love to spend time with my two year old son.

OPN – What will you suggest for the new players to excel at this game?

MK – 3 keys to success in poker: Discipline, Dedication and Honesty. Discipline to make the right choices like bankroll management, Dedication to spend time learning the game as much as playing it and Honesty in playing the game in its right spirit.

OPN – Poker has been on the rise in 2015 in India with lots of live tournaments as well as online action. What more should be done to promote this game in the country?

MK – The initiative taken by a brand like Adda52 to form a team of professional players is extremely motivating, at the same time makes it competitive for players aspiring to make it big in this industry. In my opinion one major step to promote the game will obviously be to legalize it across the country, may be even create a governing body to regularize and ensure a controlled gaming environment.