Adda52 Player of the Year Leaderboard Gets Bigger; Regular Game Performance to Fetch Points, India’s largest poker site announced exciting new introductions in its Player of the Year leaderboard making it the richest POY promotion in India. To the delight of regular players, a game performance parameter has been added which fetches points on the POY leaderboard. Adda52 has included special benefits in the POY promotion for the players in top levels of its loyalty program. The top 50 performing players on Monthly Leaderboard will get additional rewards every month.adda52-poy-march

Bigger Payout and New Structure

The POY race of Adda52 has expanded its payouts in terms of number of places paid. Now, the top 15 players on the points table will get to share Rs 20 Lacs at the end of the year. The POY changes of Adda52 bring huge benefits to the players of Platinum, Diamond and Royale level on the site. The company has announced exclusive “Double Down” offer for them wherein their prize amount in POY table will be doubled.

The leaderboard formula of Adda52 has now got a unique parameter which makes it the best overall measure of a poker player’s performance. Regular game players on the site can increase their POY points by winning games on designated tables and improve their rankings.  The new formula has been devised to evaluate 360° performance of a poker player on the Player of the Year leaderboard of Adda52.

New Promotions

Monthly Leaderboard, one of the new additions in the Adda52 POY promotion will list the top 50 players based on their performance in a particular month who will get to play special freeroll tourneys named “Leaderboard Multiplier”. In addition to Rs 1.5 Lacs up for grab, players can also earn double points which will be added to POY table in these monthly tourneys.

The company will announce more promotions and offers for the top 50 players on the POY leaderboard in coming months. Another offer coming soon on the site will enable the players to get more points on POY leaderboard against loyalty points they earn. A player will be able to add 10 extra points on the leaderboard for 1 Lac loyalty points. This conversion of loyalty points to leaderboard point can be done only once a month by any user of Diamond and Royale loyalty level.

With the new changes in the leaderboard format and additional giveaways like “Double Down” and “Leaderboard Multiplier”, the POY battle will intensify from the month of March. It comes as an opportunity for the online poker players in India to get rewarded for consistence performance across the months and also throughout the year.

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