Vegas Fantasy League – 50,000 Freeroll

Are you following poker tournaments going on this summer in Las Vegas? Following has now become rewarding with Vegas Fantasy League by OPN India. All you need to do is create your star team of poker players and enter the 5 different freeroll leagues. OPN brings 50,000 in cumulative prize across 5 fantasy leagues.Vegas-Fantasy-League-830x230

League 2 – $50K Championship League 

League 3 – $25,000 High Roller PLO League

League 4 – $111,111 League

League 5 – $10K Grand League 

  • Each league is a freeroll and brings 10,000 in prize pool.

To pick your “Star Team” of 6 players, you have got 1 million fantasy coins. You can spend it based on the purchase value of the draftable players.

Here is the list of draftable players with their purchase value.

Adding to the excitement of drafting is an option to pick the captain for your “Star Team”. The captain of your team will fetch 2X points.

Once drafted, you can submit your “Star Team” via this form.

Formula to be used for scoring = Sqrt{(Total tourney players / Rank in tourney) x sqrt (tourney buy in)}

Terms & Conditions –

1. User has to make sure that the team is made within 1 million fantasy coins. Otherwise, the team will be rejected from the league.

2. No changes in team allowed after the submission.

3. Minimum 10 teams required for a league.

4. Prizes to be given away in terms of Cash Bonus on

5. In case of tie among 2 or more teams, the team with better MVP will be chosen as winner.