Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton Leads 2016 WPT Montreal Final Table

The legendary Mike Sexton has been a well-known commentator for the World Poker Tour ( WPT) since its inception 15 years ago. Wednesday evening saw the Poker Hall of Famer Sexton grab big headlines when he made it into the final table of WPT Montreal $3,850 CAD No-Limit Hold’em main event. Backed an impressive resume, he will now enter into Thursday’s televised WPT final table as chip lead with 6,215,000 in chips and will be looking forward to adding a WPT title in his poker career.SextonCHipLeader

Mike Sexton will ,however, not have an easy time at the final table of the 2016 WPT Montreal, as he has to battle it out with some tough opponents. Chasing him in the second place is Ema Zajmovic with 5,385,000 in chips. Zajmovic is a Canadian woman who is looking to become the first female player to win a WPT main event. Among the other final six on the table include Benny Chen (2,480,000), Ilan Boujenah (2,290,000) and Jake Schwartz (1,550,000)- all big names in the world poker circuit.

The main event of the 2016 WPT Montreal drew a total of 648 entries, creating a prize pool of$2,199,960 CAD. Only 17 players could made it into Day 4. Among those who fell before the final table were Alex Keating (13th) eliminated by Sexton and Jason Mann (14th) knocked out by Zajmovic. The Day 4 ended with Samuel Gagnon, the chip leader at the resumption of play, finishing as the unfortunate final table bubble. He was busted by legendary Sexton in the seventh place. Gagnon earned $67,790 CAD for his efforts, while Sexton became the chip lead of final table through him.

The final hand of the Day 4 saw Gagnon move all in for 1.375 million from the button after a raise from Benny Chen to 160,000. Sexton sitting in the small blind made the call and Chen quickly folded. When the cards were tabled, Mike Sexton’s pocket jacks beat Gagnon’s pocket tens on the board of Ks-9c-2d-8h-Qc. Gagnon hit the rail, while Sexton shot into final table as the chip lead among final 6.

The final six players will return to the Playground Poker Club on Thursday at 4 p.m. The WPT will be live-streaming the final table action, but you will also be able to follow updates posted on

A Look at XV WPT Montreal Final Table:

Seat 1:  Nadir Lalji – 1,520,000
Seat 2:  Benny Chen – 2,480,000
Seat 3:  Ilan Bouljenah – 2,290,000
Seat 4:  Mike Sexton – 6,215,000
Seat 5:  Ema Zajmovic – 5,385,000
Seat 6:  Jake Schwartz – 1,550,000