What are Interesting new features of Adda52’s 3.0 Angular update?

Adda52 is your one-stop destination for enjoying the skill based game of poker. The site management keeps striving to make your experience more rewarding and fulfilling. In the attempt to offer you a gaming feel that defies your expectations, 3.0 Angular update has been installed to give the site a refreshing new look. The rejuvenated interface is an added attraction for players who look up to Adda52 as the premiere site catering exclusively to their gaming and entertainment needs.

The Angular moment

New Poker game experience on Adda52.com is set to delight you. The authoritative appearance has been painstakingly designed to make your ‘being Indian’ sense stronger. This can be attributed to the Angular 3.o web development framework whose potential has been optimally harnessed to make a bold statement of India’s own poker platform Adda52.com.

The features of adda52 3.0 Angular integration would really amaze you. The design has been enriched with newer elements that present the entire site in a spectacle of colour with individual elements serve as a counterpoint. The swarthy screen has lighter hues peeking out at places, causing the interface to sparkle and capture your attention intuitively. This means that as soon as you reach the landing page, your mood would be set for a thrilling game of poker.

Plethora of  Cascade View

Any game makes for interesting play only when all the relevant elements are set in ordered fashion for ease of access and quick reference. Adda52’s Angular 3.0 touch has attempted to pull off the same.

With the ‘Cascade’ option from the ‘View’ menu, you can cause separate game windows to appear in arranged manner for you to hop between active windows as well as resize them to your preferences.

Play on multiple tables simultaneously

You can now try your hands concurrently on Adda52 Poker games by availing of the ‘Choose Tile’ option from ‘View’ menu which arranges all open tables side by side along the screen. The multi-tabling gameplay is now sheer fun.

Set your eyes on relevant information seamlessly

A separate popup has been dedicated to ensure that relevant information appears before you in clear, legible manner so as to keep the table clutter free and play ready. The game area’s bottom left section now carries various windows such as dealer chat, hands etc. which you can maximize at your will and get a fleeting view of information on the go.

The magic of ‘Global Setting’

An attempt has been made to enhance the poker game experience on Adda52.com through new features in ‘Global Setting’. You can access the setting option from the lobby as well as all game rooms. Within the ‘Global Settings’, you can tune the hotkey feature to assign specific playing actions to keyboard keys. Now, you can play without the use of the mouse in an agile manner. You can also change your password from over here without having to move all the way to the website’s registration page.

Other cool features

You can also list all open tables in the header section of the game table. If you have been multi-tabling, the open table button comes to your aid. It starts blinking if your turn appears on any other active table.

You can also access the loyalty earned information in the header section of the game table. You can also know how much loyalty is being credited to your account.

The MTT lobby design has been revived to insert fluidity and enhance access ease to important information. New filters have been added in the tourney lobby.

The size of the cards has been magnified. An icon has been placed on the player’s capsule to let you know if notes from other players are available for you.

The features of adda52 3.0 Angular update spell real convenience for poker lovers. Gameplay experience is bound to be redefined.