Poker Ranking Update Week 20: Top 10 Indian Players in GPI, PocketFives & Adda52 POY

This week in poker ranking does not see any major twists and turns. Nipun Java, who is originally from New Delhi still leads the way in GPI India ranking with 2,134.05 points, while on PocketFives, it is again Aditya Agarwal from Bengal who dominates the scene with 3,957 points. Moving on to Adda52 POY, it is once again VasuShrest (Vasudev Shres) on top with 2252 points. He has a lead of 62 points over rohanrishi (Rohan Rishi) sitting on 2nd spot.nipun,aditya and tarun

GPI India Ranking

In Global Poker Index (GPI) India ranking, Nipun Java tops the chart with 2,134.05 points. Originally from Delhi, Nipun is one of the most acclaimed Indian-origin poker players holding $270,509 in his best live cash and  $1,895,470 in his total live earnings. His biggest live cash this year came when he finished at 40th place in the No Limit Hold’em partypoker Million North America (Event #2), winning C$30,000 in the prize money. He is followed by New Delhi’s Raghav Bansal sitting on 2nd spot with 1,683.48 points in the GPI leaderboard. Raghav is a prominent name on India’s poker landscape with around $718,745 in his total live earnings. Recently in April, he came in the big headlines for finishing 2nd at PokerStars Championship High Roller in Macau for a whopping HK$2,610,000. Following Raghav on 3rd place is the Indian-origin player Taha Maruf with 982.68 points, while Adda52 Team Pro-Kunal Patni holds 4th place with 932.46 points. Delhi’s Shashank Jain sits on 5th position with 866.80 points.

A Look at GPI Top 10

1 Nipun Java 2,134.05 pts.
2 Raghav Bansal 1,683.48 pts.
3 Taha Maruf 982.68 pts.
4 Kunal Patni 932.46 pts.
5 Shashank Jain 866.80 pts.
6 Aditya “Intervention” Agarwal 769.72 pts.
7 Tarun Ravi 653.07 pts.
8 Krishna Nagaraju 649.55 pts.
9 Dhaval Mudgal 599.69 pts.
10 Apoorva Goel 589.89 pts.

PocketFives India Ranking

In PocketFives India ranking, there is no change in the first top 3 positions with Calcutta’s Aditya Agarwal (intervention) continuing to lead the way with 3,957 points. Aditya is one of the best online poker players with $731,214 in total online earnings. He has won several big online events, including the Full Tilt $40k Guaranteed for $31,700 and the Full Tilt $1k Monday for over $57,000. His largest cash came from the PokerStars TCOOP-50 where he won a whopping $160,000. Yet again this week, Aditya is followed by Shravan Chhabria (shravanc13) from Maharashtra who holds 2nd place with 2,840 points. Shravan legs much behind Aditya with 1117 points. Shravan’s total online earnings include $235,027, while his largest cash is $37,206. Sitting on 3rd spot is xmmukesh with 2,742 points.

The 4th place on the point table is occupied by Delhi’s Karan Radia (2,583 points). Sitting on 5th place is indiandurr (Paneni Papito) from Andhra Pradesh with 2,452 points. The last three positions on the table are occupied by arsenicistheansr on 8th place with 2,355 points, BigggTymeR (Arsh Grover) on 9th place with 2,237 points and Piyush16 (Piyush Gupta) on 10th spot with 2,148 points. Arsh sitting on 9th place is one of the best Indian online poker players and has won several big money online tourneys, both on Indian as well as overseas poker sites. Back in 2016, he won Adda52 Millions on

A Look at PocketFives India Top 10

1 intervention 3,957 pts.
2 shravanc13 2,840 pts.
3 xmmukesh 2,742 pts.
4 Karan Radia 2,583 pts.
5 indiandurr 2,452 pts.
6 Goforitrejam 2,446 pts.
7 armaan007 2,385 pts.
8 arsenicistheansr 2,355 pts.
9 BigggTymeR 2,237 pts.
10 Piyush16 2,148 pts.

 Adda52 POY Ranking

In the Adda52 POY Leaderbaord this week, the leading 3 positions remain unchanged with Vasudev Shrest (VasuShrest) still leading with 2252 points. He holds a lead of just 62 points over rohanrishi (Rohan Rishi) who is chasing him closely on 2nd position with 2190 points. Adda52 Team Pro-Tarun Goyal (aggtarun) maintains his previous 3rd position with 1847 points, almost legging behind Rohan with 343 points. The 5th position held by sa321in (1729 points) the last week is now occupied by Loveleensingh who was sitting on 6th position earlier.

Up next, there is a change in 6th position and it is now held by gameank123 who was sitting on 7th place last week. At the bottom, there is no change in the last 3 three positions 8th, 9th and 10th, as they are still occupied by TEAMfromHELL, smallboy and potpoker.

 A Look at Adda52 POY Top 10

1  VasuShrest  2252 pts.
2  rohanrishi  2190 pts.
3  aggtarun  1847 pts.
4  Loveleensingh  1788 pts.
5  sa321in  1741 pts.
6  gameank123  1672 pts.
7  runez21  1642 pts.
8  TEAMfromHELL  1513 pts.
9  smallboy  1432 pts.
10  potpoker  1330 pts.