Poker Sports League Day 3: Main Event Winner Mumbai Anchors Becomes ‘Team of the Day 3’

The Day 3 of Poker Sports League (PSL) ended in style with intense action at Deltin Royale Goa with Punjab Bluffers still maintaining the lead even on Day 3 with 458400 points. Punjab team is closely followed by the Main Event winner Mumbai Anchors with 439800 points. For Mumbai, it was the Adda52 Team Pro Amit Jain who came out with superb show on Day 3 and managed to win the Main Event for his team. We got to see high-octane heads-up action between Mumbai Anchors Mentor Amit Jain and Haryana Hunters Mentor Samay Parikh at Day 3 Main Event. Finally, Amit Jain won the battle and his team was awarded with the ‘Team of the Day’ title on Day 3 of the Poker Sports League.Main Event Winner- Team of the Day

After its impressive show in the Main Event , Teams Event and Heads-up Omaha on Day 3, Bengaluru Jokers managed to move to 3rd spot with 363600 points. Gujarat Acers led by Sumit Asrani maintained its 4th place on Day 3 PSL Leaderboard as well. Norway’s number 1 player and Gujarat Acers’ wild card Henrik Tollefsen performed brilliantly and finished 5th in the Day 3 Main Event, scoring 57,600 points to help his team maintain 4th place on the table. Arjun Singh of Kolkata Royals won the ‘Qualifier Of The Day’ on Day 3. He scored 48600 points by finishing 2nd in the ‘Turbo Event’. Below is the Day 3 PSL Leaderboard:

S. No. Team Name PSL Points
1 Punjab Bluffers 458400
2 Mumbai Anchors 439800
3 Bengaluru Jokers 363600
4 Gujarat Acers 306000
5 Kolkata Royals 305400
6 Chennai Bulls 299400
7 Delhi Panthers 289800
8 Rajasthan Tilters 255000
9 Kings Hyderabad 225600
10 Goan Nuts 222600
11 Haryana Hunters 218400
12 Pune Sharks 216000

Main Event

The biggest event of Day 3 of Poker Sports League remained in the name of Amit Jain, the Adda52 Team Pro and Mentor of Mumbai Anchors. He came out with a super performance and scored 216000 points to win Main Event and earn ‘Team of the Day 3’ title for his team after beating Samay Parikh of Haryana Hunters who finished 2nd and scored 158400 points for his team. Shravan Chhabria of Rajasthan Tilters scored 100800 points and finished 3rd in this event on Day 3. As usual, a total of 8 teams secured prizes in this event.

Position Player Name Team Name PSLP Scored
1 Amit Jain Mumbai Anchors 216000
2 Samay Parikh Haryana Hunters 158400
3 Shravan Chhabria Rajasthan Tilters 100800
4 Muskan Sethi Rajasthan Tilters 68400
5 Henrik Tollefsen Gujarat Acers 57600
6 Danish Shaikh Mumbai Anchors 46800
7 Raghav Bansal Bengaluru Jokers 39600
8 Siddharth Singhvi Rajasthan Tilters 32400

Teams Event

In the Teams Event on Day 3 of the Poker Sports League, a total of three teams secured prizes.Mayank Agarwal & Kunal Sharma of Kolkata Royals emerged the winner of ‘Teams Event’ on Day 3 with 60,000 points. Varun Gupta & Praveen Kumar of Bengaluru finished 2nd in the event, while Sangeeth Mohan & Chiraag Patel secured 3rd position. Have a look at the table given below:

Position Player Names Team Name PSLP Scored
1 Mayank Agarwal Kolkata 60000
Kunal Sharma
2 Varun Gupta Bengaluru 36000
Praveen Kumar
3 Sangeeth Mohan Hyderabad 24000
Chiraag Patel

Heads-Up Texas Hold’em

Another event on Day 3 of the Poker Sports League was Heads-up Texas Hold’em wherein Honey Bijlani of Mumbai Anchors, Ram Kakkar of Kolkata Royals & Siddharth Karia of Goan Nuts came out with amazing performances and emerged the winners, scoring some big points for their teams.

Heads Up PLO Event

In the Heads-Up Omaha event on Day 3 of Poker Sports League, the Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal of Goan NutsSanjay Taneja of Rajasthan Tilters & Zarvan Tumboli of Bengaluru Jokers. Tarun has been in great touch all across the series and yet again he won Heads-Up PLO event, once again showing why he is considered one of the best players in Poker Sports League. After a tough fight with Nishant Sharma and Raman Gujral, Sanjay Taneja finally managed to win the Heads-up PLO for his team. Zarvan Tumboli came back strongly and nailed it again to score points in this PLO event for his team.

Turbo Event

In the last event of Day 3 of Poker Sports League, it was Vinod Megalmani of Delhi Panthers who claimed the title with 77400 points. Arjun Singh of Kolkata Royals finished runner-up with 48600 points. The 3rd place was claimed by Vidwath Shetty of Chennai Bulls. Have a look at the table below:

Position Player Name Team Name PSLP Scored
1 Vinod Megalmani Delhi Panthers 77400
2 Arjun Singh Kolkata Royals 48600
3 Vidwath Shetty Chennai Bulls 30600
4 Vineet Kumar Punjab Bluffers 23400

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