Poker Sports League Day 4: Mumbai Anchors Leads, Gujarat Acers Wins ‘Team of the Day 4’ Title

Ahead of the final day of the Poker Sports League (PSL), it is Adda52 Team Pro-Amit Jain’s Mumbai Anchors leading the chart with 610200 points on the PSL Day 4 Leaderboard. Just a day ago, Amit Jain came out with a brilliant performance and won the coveted Main Event title for his team on 3rd Day of PSL. The team Mumbai is followed on the 2nd spot by Gujarat Acers (568800 pts.) that held 4th rank on the PSL Leaderboard on Day 3. After a slow start initially, it has been a great comeback for Gujarat team in this series. Once again superb performance by Gujarat Acers led by Sumit Asrani who won the Day 4 Main Event to take his team to 2nd place on the table with the second highest number of chips. The heads-up battle started at the day 4 Main Event of Poker Sports League between Gujarat Acers Mentor Sumit Asrani and Kolkata Royals Wild Card Jordan Westmorland. After a tough fight for a long time, Sumit won the battle, helping his team to win the coveted ‘ Team of the Day 4’ title in the end.sumit asrani

Gujarat Team is followed by Abhishek Goindi’s team Punjab Bluffers that led the Day 3 of Poker Sports League. It is on 3rd place with 556800 points on the Day 4 of the PSL Leaderboard. Thanks to the brilliant show by Naman Khettry & Kunal Sharma of Kolkata Royals who won Teams Event for Kolkata Royals, which sat on 5th place on Day 3 of Poker Sports League. Gujarat has moved on to the 4th spot.

 Qualifier of the Day 4: Team Goan Nuts sitting on 7th place on the PSL Day 4 Leaderboard won the  coveted ‘Qualifier of the Day 4’. In fact, Siddharth Karia of Goan Nuts had a great show in the Day 4 Main Event. He scored 100800 points and finished 3rd in the main event to score big for his team.

A Look at PSL Leaderboard Day 4

  1. Mumbai Anchors – 610200
  2. Gujarat Acers – 568800
  3. Punjab Bluffers -556800
  4. Kolkata Royals – 523800
  5. Bengaluru Jokers – 478200
  6. Chennai Bulls – 390,000
  7. Goan Nuts – 355800
  8. Delhi Panthers – 347400
  9. Rajasthan Tilters- 309000
  10. Hyderabad Kings – 225600
  11. Haryana Hunters – 218400
  12. Pune Sharks – 216000

Main Event- Gujarat Wins ‘Team of the Day’ and Goan Nuts Claims Qualifier Of the Day’ on Day 4team of the day 4Gujarat Acers with 262800 points won the Team of the Day at Poker Sports League Day 4. Superb show once again by Mentor Sumit Asrani of Gujarat Acers, as he took down the Day 4 Main Event title to steer his team to 2nd place on PSL table. Gujarat Acers owner, Mukesh Agarwal, was ecstatic at his team’s wonderful performance on 4th Day. He was all praise for Gujarat Acers’ mentor and star player- Sumit Asrani and said, “Sumit is overall the best player because he has won one event and finished second in one. So that makes him one of the top players in the Poker Sports League,”

Teams Event – Naman Khettry & Kunal Sharma of Kolkata Royals Win the Event on Day 4

The Day 4 of the Poker Sports League was a great day for Kolkata Royale team, which managed to win ‘Teams Event’. Naman Khettry & Kunal Sharma of Kolkata Royals came out strongly and played some hands very smartly, winning the 4th Day Teams Event for their team, which is on 4th place on PSL table.

Heads-Up Texas Hold’em

Again, the Day 4 of Poker Sports League had this special ‘Heads-Up Texas Holdem’ event wherein  Sujith Sachidanand of Chennai Bulls, Dong Kyu Kim of Bengaluru Jokers & Cate Hall of Rajasthan Tilters emerged as the winners. Bengaluru Jokers is sitting on 5th place with 478200 points on the PSL table on Day 4.

Heads-Up PLO Event

In the ‘Heads-Up PLO’ event on Day 4 of Poker Sports League, Manoj Pentakota of Chennai Bulls, Abhishek Goindi of Punjab Bluffers & Kartik Ved of Mumbai Anchors walked out as the ultimate winners. Once again, Abhishek Goindi showed why he is considered one of the best players in his team. He had been in amazing touch across this PSL. His team is sitting on 3rd spot on PSL table now.

Turbo Event – The Star Player Danish Shaikh of Mumbai Anchors Wins the Event

On day 4 of Poker Sports League, it was Danish Shaikh of Mumbai Anchors who ultimately emerged the winner of the ‘Turbo Event’ on Day 4 and scored big for his team. Mumbai Anchors led by mentor Amit Jain is on the top of the table, which will give them  a huge advantage on the final day of PSL today when they hit tables for the coveted ‘Best Team’ title.

PSL Team Owners Tournament- Co Founder of Adda52 Anuj Gupta Wins the Title

Anuj Gupta, co-founder of came out with a great performance and finally won the PSL Teams Owners Tournament. He finished in the 1st place, Sehul Shah of Chennai Bulls ended the day in the 2nd place, and last but not the least, Darshan Shah of Chennai Bulls finished in the 3rd place.

Watch out for the Final Day of PSL

The Day 5 looks promising for Mumbai Anchors and Gujarat Acers, both holding highest number of chips. With only Mumbai Anchors standing ahead of Gujarat Acers on the PSL Day 4 leaderboard, day five promises to be a big one for Asrani and company. Stay tuned-in for the latest updates right here on OPN.