How to Win MTTs on : 9 Tips from Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni

Multi-table tournaments could be some of the most profitable games for poker players. However, it requires a lot of discipline, skill, determination, and luck to regularly ship MTTS. Some players overlook the early levels in MTTs, which are so crucial to get off to a good start. Early stages of a tournament not only help to make a good use of the soft field to add to your stack but also help to gain knowledge of the opponents from the very start. So, I have decided to tackle this topic and created a list of 9 tips to win the online Multi-Table Tournaments on

1.Don’t Overlook Early Levels

Play the tournament from the start, as Adda52’s tournaments are by far the softest in the industry and it’s a crime not to play from start and lose easy spots to accumulate chips.

2.Play ABC Poker During Early Stages

ABC poker is often a good strategy to add to your stack. Play ABC poker during the initial stages of the tournaments – when you have the goods, you will definitely get paid off here.

3.Re-buy if Your Bankroll Allows

If you are short-stacked and your bankroll permits, then definitely re-buy into high-value tournaments. Trust me, there is too much value to be missed out if you don’t do it.

4.Surprise with Your Goods

Be ready to be pleasantly surprised (or rudely shocked as the case may be) – players would shove even 150bb with A10 on an A93 rainbow board when you have AK. Surprise them when your AK remains good. Also get ready to be shocked when you see a 10 on the river.

5.Avoid Slow Playing or Trap Checking

You will be surprised with the number of times you will get three streets of full value – I avoid slow playing/trap-checking as much as possible while playing on I have gone bet-bet shove and have been shocked at the number of times I have been called down with real marginal hands.

6.Don’t Compare Your Stacks

Please, and I repeat, please stop comparing your stack with the average stack / biggest stack in the multi-table tournaments. All that is needed is 1-2 hands for things to turn around. This is true for almost all tournaments in general and more so for MTTs on

7.Make Use of Adda52 Re-player has a wonderful re-player where you can see the mucked hands of your opponents. I suggest you make extensive use of it to get an idea about the players on your table.

8.Make Notes of Your Opponents

Make notes on your opponents and use them extensively when you play with them again. Remember, players cannot play with multiple IDs on unlike all the other sites and it’s a huge advantage as you know who you are playing against at all times and in every tournament.

9.Avoid Real Crazy Poker

I have seen some real crazy poker happening at my tables during MTTs. It is important not to get flustered by this and play your own game – the game which best suits you. Don’t let a crazy table make you do crazy things. Remember, it’s very easy to build a good stack in the MTTs on and as easy to give it away if you involve yourself in a real crazy poker.