Heads-Up With Arjanveer Singh Chadha Who Won The Whale Last Night

Yesterday, Adda52 hosted its popular online poker tournament – The Whale, which takes place every Friday and guarantees INR 15 Lac GTD for a buy-in of INR 7,500. This Friday, the tournament drew a strong field with a total of 203 entries. Outlasting this strong field was none other than Arjanveer Chadha aka ‘arjan30’ who won the event after a long heads-up with Adda52 Team Pro – Tarun Goyal aka ‘aggtarun’. While Arjanveer took home INR 3,90,000, Tarun settled for INR 2,47,500.

The top 27 players made money in this event with the lion’s share going to the eventual winner Arjanveer. Some notables who finished in the money included the recent Adda52 Millions winner Sajal Gupta aka ‘sa_jal’ (11th for INR 18,750), Rajat Sharma aka ‘Oshoswami’ and Akshay Nasa aka ‘vibaks’ (17th and 18th respectively). The recent Godfather winner Mihir Thakkar aka ‘gameofdeath’ and another recent Godfather winner Alok Ranjan aka ‘darkmatter’, both took home min-cashes, finishing 20th and 26th respectively. This month’s Adda52 Millions winner Kavish Kukreja aka ‘narcoss’ was also in the race for the title, but he finally exited in 3rd place for INR 1,87,500.

As his name says, Arjanveer is the real ‘veer’ of online poker. The 28-year old poker player from Chandigarh has been in amazing form this year and has won several big online tournaments on all major poker sites of India. His journey on adda52.com has been just wonderful. This was not his first Whale win this year, the player has already won this popular tournament, plus he has also notched up wins in other key events, such as The Roar, Godfather, PayCheck ,etc. Now he is looking forward to the biggest event of the year – WPT India 2018 and we hope that he will notch-up big scores.

After his win, we caught up with Arjanveer to know about his win, journey, and of course his plans for WPT India 2018 starting on 13th November. Here are the excerpts of the online chat with him:

OPN: A big congratulation on The Whale win? How does it feel to win this tourney?

Arjanveer: Now after I have won quite a few fetaured events on various sites, I feel, it wouldn’t excite me that much but the rush of a final table in these events always gets me excited. The high adrenaline run is just amazing, which you can’t get in cash games.

OPN: How tough was the field? Could you describe your tournament journey?

Arjanveer: The field in The Whale is probably the 2nd toughest to only Adda52 millions. Mostly, it’s filled with the top players in the country . So, winning this gives an even greater satisfaction.

OPN: Any special moments or hands you want to share with our esteemed readers?

Arjanveer: There was one hand when 3 players were left and ‘aggtarun’ had a massive lead against the two of us. I had AQ and I opened and he 3 bet pre-flop. I called. Flop came AJx. He bet again and I called. Turn was the ever wonderful another A. He bet really big and I pondered to call or shove it right there. I just called. River was a brick and he finally gave up and I won a huge pot to gain the chip lead.

OPN: You had heads-up with Tarun Goyal. Please describe the heads-up play.

Arjanveer: Well, it was my longest and most gruesome heads up match ever. It must have lasted for more than 90 minutes at least. It was against Tarun Goyal aka ‘aggtarun’. It had everything a heads-up match could have. The chip lead exchanged so many times, I lost the count. Ultimately, I was delighted to have won it when his AQ were all in against my QQ and it held.

OPN: What are your plans in online and live poker? What about WPT India 2018?

Arjanveer: I’ll be playing online tournaments mostly but will be present for the full schedule of the WPT India 2018 (13th November to 19th November) for sure. Looking forward to it.

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