Ram Kakkar Outlasts 554 Entries To Win Maverick On Adda52

Yesterday, Adda52 hosted its 6 Lac GTD Maverick tournament that is played every Wednesday night with a buy-in of INR 1,100 and a start time of 8pm. The tournament drew a total of 554 entries, and from these entries, only the top 55 players were paid out with a minimum cash of INR 3,532.

It turned out to be a long grind last night, with Maverick going on for over 8 hours before a winner was declared. It was at 3:14 am this morning when a winner of the event finally emerged. It was Ram Kakkar aka ‘mowgumotu’, who won it to take home the first-place prize of a cool INR 1,11,335.

The Poker Sports League (PSL) Gujrat Falcon’s member – Kakkar, who had grabbed big headlines for finishing runner-up in the WSOPC Thunder Valley NLHE 6-Handed Turbo this year, has been very consistent in online poker, especially over the last few months. He has won several popular online tournaments on adda52.com, apart from making several runner-up and FT finishes across these tourneys. While Kakkar has scored many cashes this year, this win is his biggest online score.

Post his win, Kakkar said, “It is always nice to win a tourney. Good structure and value for buy in.”

Kakkar beat Aditya Kulkarni aka ‘Adit11’ in heads-up, who had to settle for the second-place prize of INR 81,608. The latter fought it hard but could not go all the way, eventually finishing runner-up. On the final hand of the tournament, ‘Adit11’ raised with Ah Jh and ‘mowgumotu’ shoved with Ad 10c. The board ran out 3h 9c Ks 10d 2d where the latter won the pot as well as the tournament.

Some notables who cashed were Sahil Chutani aka ‘bluffme19’ (16th ), Tarun Goyal aka ‘aggtarun’ (37th), Naren Purohit aka ‘IMUNAGI’ (38th ), Deepak Bothra ‘bothras’ (48th), Kavish Kukreja aka ‘narcoss’ (52nd).


Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 mowgumotu 111335
2 Adit11 81608
3 maddy712 59819
4 RamadhirSingh0 43847
5 HaiTohHai 32140
6 Royalty 23558
7 aashnaint 17268
8 Keepwalkin007 12658

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