Heads-Up With Shravan Chhabria, The Winner Of Adda52’s Latest Victor SNG

Shravan Chhabria continues to crush on Adda52! On 25th April this week, he won yet another SNG – the Victor Leaderboard SNG where the winner was guaranteed 10 Lac. Players who made it to the top 9 spots on the Victor Leaderboard SNG (running from 7th to 21st April 2019) came together to play the Victor SNG Finale on 25th April to battle it for the winner prize of 10 Lac. The top 9 players who competed in the SNG included Sagar Choudhury, Vicky0809, Siddarth Singhvi, Myron Pereira aka ‘zzzzz369’, Shravan Chhabria aka ‘sweatmyass13’, ‘NormanBates’, Goonjan Mall, ‘joey114114’ and ‘bullzeyepower’. Chhabria began as 5th in chips though, he played some solid poker and went on to win the SNG for 8,15,857 in top prize after a heads-up deal with Pereira.

Playing poker for over 10 years, Chhabria is one of India’s top-rated players with many big online and live scores under his belt. He has been constantly performing and winning tournaments on all major Indian sites. His journey on Adda52 has been amazing as he has tons of scores in his name. He has won 3 Godfather tourneys and he is the only player to have won Adda52 Millions 5 times.

Chhabria has turned into the SNG and Leaderboard king as he has been killing it in Leaderboards and SNGs on Adda52. He has already won the Godfather SNG. This is his second SNG win for Victor Leaderboard. He has also won 2 more leaderboards, including the 2018 Adda52 Crazy Leaderboard.

Post his Victor Leaderboard SNG win, we got in touch with the Mumbai Pro – Shravan Chhabria and he said, Well, it was a really deep tournament where everyone nearly started with 400BB. So, there was really nothing extraordinary to do. I just played solid in the early stages and tried to preserve my stack for the time when the blinds go up and then take my chances. And it fortunately worked out. It feels great to ship the Victor SNG! It had a bunch of good regs. I guess, I was on the right side of variance.?

Talking about the competition from players in the Victor SNG, Chhabria said, “To be honest, they were all very competitive. So, I can’t really say about one opponent, as they were all really good!” 

Chhabria’s journey has been amazing on Adda52 as he has won several leaderboards and SNGs on the poker site. Talking about his SNG wins, he said, “I managed to win the Godfather SNG to WSOPE. This is my second SNG win for Victor Leaderboard. I have also won two more Leaderboards on Adda52.”

 Finally, sharing his advice for the new poker players who are looking to make a mark in the online poker world, Chhabria said, “Just put in the hard work and keep at it. It is a marathon!”

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