Taiwan’s Chou Chien Fa Wins Inaugural Poker King Cup Taiwan Main Event

Taiwan’s Chou Chien Fa has won his first major tournament title. He earned the honour of becoming the first champion of the inaugural Poker King Cup Taiwan Main Event at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association in Taipei, Taiwan. He entered heads-up with unassailable 13-to-1 chip lead and did not allow his final opponent David Erquiaga to make a comeback to eventually win the title. Fa earned TWD 1,639,000 ($52,300) for his win, while Erquiaga settled for TWD 1,150,100 ($36,670).

Final Day Action

Fa returned to the fourth and final day fourth in chips. The action on the final day was intense and the whole FT got wrapped up in a little over four hours. It was Malaysia’s Lee Kuan Wee who scored the first elimination. The player had held pocket aces against Kuang Hung Lee‘s pocket jacks, which did not hold up and Lee was eliminated in 9th place. The next player to fall was Jae Wook Shin who returned second in chips but lost back-to-back hands to Taiwan’s Yu You Ci Tsai to hit the rail in 8th place. Shin had shoved with pocket eights and was called by Tsai with ace-nine suited.

Fa scored his first elimination by busting Wai King Cheung in 7th place. Cheung got short and shoved with pocket sevens. Unfortunately for him, Fa had pocket eights, which held up and won. Fa scored his next elimination in Taiwan’s Yu You Ci Tsai who exited in 6th place. Tsai had run his ace-king against Fa’s queens, which held up and helped Fa to further increase his lead on the FT.

Fa continued to fire and eliminated Lee Kuan Wee in 5th place. He had called a shove of Wee with his pocket tens, which went on to beat ace-six of Wee. The next two players to fall from the final table were China’s Ling He (4th) and UK’s Alex Lindop who exited in 3rd place. Lindop was eliminated by none other than Fa who rivered a full house with pocket fives to beat the Brit’s flopped trip nines to reach heads-up with David Erquiaga from Philippines. The heads-up did not last long and was over after 2 hands with Fa winning the first-ever Poker King Cup Taiwan Main Event.

Final Table Payouts (TWD)

1 Chou Chien Fa 1,639,000
2 David Erquiaga 1,150,100
3 Alex Lindop 739,700
4 Ling He 547,500
5 Lee Kuan Wee 411,000
6 Yu You Ci Tsai 328,600
7 Wai King Cheung 273,000
8 Jae Wook Shin 218,800
9 Kuang Hung Lee 164,000