Baazi Poker Tour: Gautam Sachdeva Wins The Main Event For 43.21 Lac!

The showstopper at the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) January 2020 edition is finally in the books, with Gautam Sachdeva topping a field of 609 entries to win it for his career-best INR 43.21 Lac prizemoney.

On his way to the victory, the former DPT Main Event champion Sachdeva outlasted a star-studded final table that featured the likes of 2018 WSOP Main Event best Indian finisher – Nishant Sharma, PokerBaazi CEO and 100K High Roller Champion of the series – Navkiran Singh,  2019 WPT India Main Event 3rd Place Finisher – Jai Saha,  2017 WPT India Main Event champion – Vikash Mantri, 2019 October BPT High Roller 3rd Place Finisher – Siddharth Karia and the young talent – Ayush Garg.

Sachdeva began the FT with the 6th largest stack and went on to bust Himanshu Dewan (8th), Vishrut Jain (6th), and Vikash Mantri (3rd) to eventually reach heads-up with the start-of-the final table chip leader Nishant Sharma who had a great start at the series with back-to-back final table finishes in the 10K Kick-Off (6th for INR 1.19 Lac) and the 15K Big Bounty (7th for INR 1.10 Lac).

In heads-up, he began as the chip leader against Sharma (who started off well by eliminating Jai Saha in the 9th place) and went on to maintain his lead till the end to finally take down his second live title for his career-best score of INR 43,21,600. Sharma had to settle for INR 27,28,900 prizemoney.

The final hand of the heads-up saw Nishant Sharma with Kc 10c and Sachdeva with 6h 6d. The board 3h 3c 6c 8h 2c gave Sharma a flush but it was no good against Sachdeva’s flopped full house.

Kicking off on January 11, the Main Event  drew 609 entries across its four starting flights to surpass its  guarantee of 2 Crores. Day 2 saw 104 runners returning to the felts, and after 40 eliminations, the money bubble burst on Uday Moola (64th), which means top 63 places were paid and some notables among them were Phanindra Akkina (13th for INR 2.32 Lac), Jasven Saigal (15th for INR 2.32 Lac), Manoj Pentakota (17th for INR 2 Lac), Pranay Chawla (21st for INR 1.68 Lac), Kartik Ved (24th for INR 1.50 Lac), Madhav Gupta (27th for INR 1.34 Lac), Ankit Wadhawan (28th for INR 1.16 Lac), Aditya Sushant (29th for INR 1.16 Lac), Sajal Gupta (47th for INR 84,200), Vidwath Shetty (50th for INR 84,200), Bharat Suda (55th for INR 70,100), , Jayjit Ray (42nd for INR 1.02 Lac), Gokul Raj (51st for INR 84,200), and Raghav Bansal who exited in 59th place for INR 70,100.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1. Gautam Sachdeva – 43,21,600

2. Nishant Sharma – 27,28,900

3. Vikash Mantri – 17,03,100

4. Navkiran Singh – 12,42,200

5. Ayush Garg – 9,73,800

6. Vishrut Jain – 7,31,300

7. Siddharth Karia – 6,21,100

8. Himanshu Dewan – 5,00,900

9. Jai Saha – 3,60,900

 Content & Images Courtesy: Poker Guru & Baazi Poker Tour