AOPS Day 3: Gagandeep, Monish & Thakkar Among Winners;Sharma Tops Full House Day 1B Survivors!

Day 3 of the flagship Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) served up as many as 6 tournaments. And what an incredible day of action it was! All tournaments concluding yesterday did reasonably well, drawing in impressive turnouts and crushing their respective guarantees. Some of the biggest names took to the virtual felts to seek fame and fortune. A handful of them managed to eventually win big, including Gagandeep Malik who won the biggest tournament of the day – 10 Lac GTD AOPS Candolim. Let us take you through the major highlights of what happened on the AOPS Day 3:

10 Lac GTD AOPS Candolim

Action has picked up the pace with the start of Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) on May 7 and yesterday was no different. The biggest tourney to conclude last night was the 10 Lac GTD AOPS Candolim. As expected, it wrapped up with a grand success, drawing in a total of 303 entries and generating INR 12.12 Lac, which ultimately got distributed among the top 30 players. Banking the lion’s share was none other than the popular pro Gagandeep Malik aka ‘gaganhyd’ who defeated ‘zeigler’ (runner-up for INR 1.84 Lac) and walked away with the top prize of INR 3.10 Lac for his win.

A beast at the felts, Gagandeep holds an impressive online resume with plenty of big wins and FT finishes in marquee events on various Indian poker platforms. The talented pro has been in amazing form for majority of 2020. In March, he had won the 30 Lac GTD Mega Suits for INR 10.38 Lac, his best score on Adda52. Since then, he has been consistently scoring big and has already final-tabled several events like AOPS Hitman, AOPS Warm-up, Adda52 Millions, The Ballers, Holdem High, Big Slick, etc. Last night, he added one more score to his name by shipping the AOPS Candolim.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


1 Crore GTD Full House Day 1B

The AOPS action intensified with the start of the 1 Crore GTD Full House. Yesterday saw Day 1B of the INR 5500 buy-in tourney and it drew a total of 211 entries. After 29 fast-paced levels, only 24 advanced to the event’s Finale. Topping the 24 survivors from the day was none other than DPT Xpress Main Event champion Bhola Sharma aka ‘bhola’ who bagged 554k chips. ‘hhaishwary’ (2nd– 337k), ‘Bankruptcy1234’(337k) and Goonjan Mall aka ‘nothing’ (213k) were among other big stacks.

Top 10 Chip Counts From Day 1B:

1 Crore GTD Full House Day 1C

Yesterday also saw Day 1C of the Full House. A total of 334 entries were registered, out of which only 37 advanced to the Finale. Topping the list of survivors was ‘monujain83’ who ended the day with the most massive stack of 470k. He was followed by ‘grovahova’ (349k) and ‘ankushabc5’ (342k). Rubin Labroo, Mihir Thakkar and Arsh Grover were notables who ended among top 10 stacks.

Top 10 Chip Counts From Day 1C:

Today is an eventful day and it brings the final two starting flights of the Full House – Day 1D and 1E. Don’t miss out on these flights if you are looking to end this weekend with a big win. Good luck!

5 Lac GTD AOPS Table for 6

The second biggest tourney to crown a winner yesterday was the 5 Lac GTD AOPS Table for 6. Like AOPS Candolim, the event fared really well, logging in a total of 233 entries and collecting INR 5.82 Lac prizepool. After several hours of intense fights, it was ‘aashnaint’ who came out on top and walked away with INR 1.59 Lac prize. The runner-up ‘sam20542’ banked INR 93200 for his efforts.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


3.5 Lac GTD AOPS Brunch

The day began with the AOPS Brunch featuring INR 1,250 buy-in. The tourney drew an impressive field with 240 unique and 226 re-entries to create a guarantee-crushing INR 5.30 Lac in prizepool.

Top 49 got paid, while the lion’s share of the prizepool went to ‘imblufing’ who shipped the event for INR 1.29 Lac, after outlasting Saurabh  ‘newkidintown’ Arora in heads-up who banked INR 76,895. Mihir Thakkar (6th for INR 18,561 and Deepak Raina (7th for INR 14,583 were notable FT finishers.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


Other Winners From Day 3

Among other winners last night, Monish Kumar aka ‘monish1965’  outlasted a 330 entry-field in the 2 Lac GTD AOPS Under The Gun to walk away with INR 56,265 prize. 34 players were paid out of the 2.25 Lac prize pool, with Sanjay Khanna (4th for INR 18793) being among the notable FT finishers.

Day 3 finally ended with the 2 Lac GTD AOPS Afterparty PLO and it was the well-known pro Mihir Thakkar aka ‘gameofdeath’ who shipped the event for INR 44,940 after outlasting online regular Priya Ranjan Das aka ‘priyaranjan2k12’ who banked INR 43,598 for the runner-up finish.

 Thakkar was in peak form last night. The online reg finished among top 10 stacks on Day 1C of the Full House and also final-tabled the AOPS Brunch, finishing 6th for INR 18,561 prizemoney.

The AOPS Afterparty PLO drew a total of 306 entries to create 244 Lac prizepool. Top 34 players were paid out in the tourney and among them Saurabh Arora (6th for INR 9180) who finished runner-up in AOPS Brunch last night, and Jimmy Arora (7th for INR 7344) were notable FT finishers.  

It is Sunday! Three big money tourneys awaiting you on today’s schedule, which is given below!

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