WPTOI 2021 Day 10: Khanna Wins WPT Tuesday Feature; Arikeri & Kulkarni Headline Other Major Events; Mehrotra Tops WPT Mini Main 1C Survivors

With the 25 Crore GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI) 2021 edition running on Adda52.com, Tuesdays have become a lot more exciting for MTT lovers. This past Tuesday was no different as there were as many as 11 events running on WPTOI Day 10 yesterday, with 9 of them crowning winners.

Rising star Ritwik “ritwik27” Khanna topped the Tuesday charts as he shipped the 22.50 Lac GTD WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max, the day’s biggest guaranteed event and the only tourney to award a trophy. Khanna walked away with INR 5.51 Lac and a grand WPT Trophy for the win.  The doctor-cum-poker player Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri bagged his first WPT title, winning the 8 Lac GTD WPT Mini 6 Max for INR 1.98 Lac. Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni (won the 4 Lac GTD WPT Hustle for INR 1.02 Lac) and Raghav “FuckedUpLife” Siddalinga (won the 3 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PLO for INR 76,800) featured among the other prominent winners on WPTOI Day 10 yesterday.

Let us check out the top moments and highlights from Day 10 of the ongoing WPT Online India!

1 Crore GTD WPT India Unreal (Buy-in INR 499)

Two starting flights played out on Day 10 of the WPTOI series. The most prominent of them was flight 10 of the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal. The 10th flight of the INR 499 buy-in drew 515 entrants but only 62 players could make it to Day 2. The mystery player ‘vikas6016’ bagged the end of the day chip lead with a stack of 476,481 chips, while ‘Karlmary’ (438,197 chips), ‘YOGESHH92′ (396,946),’ AmliDiPeenak’ (377,907), and ‘dakshmanda’ (372,838) rounded out top five stacks of the day.

With its 10th flight in the books, the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal has so far logged in a total of 4909 entries. There are 20 more flights still to go, with the 11th flight starting today at 7:30 PM.

50 Lac GTD WPT Mini Main Event Day 1C (Buy-in INR 999)

Running alongside the WPT Unreal Flight 10 was third flight of the 50 Lac GTD WPT Mini  Main Event. Day 1C, the third flight of the event, drew a total of 206 entrants, with 25 of them advancing to Day 2. Online MTT beast Sanat Mehrotra aka “mehro2511” (249,671) ended the day as a chip leader, while Siddharth “gabandheer” Pandey (209,582 chips), “realstar007” (196,344), Mohak “sparkie” Kapoor (195,335), and Kavish “narcoss” Kukreja (192,758) rounded out the top five stacks of the day.

The INR 999 buy-in event has already gathered 633 entries (Day 1A – 232,  Day 1B – 195 & Day 1C – 206). Seven more starting flights are left to play out, with Day 1D starting today evening at 7:30 PM.

22.50 Lac WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max (Buy-in INR 4400)

The biggest guaranteed event to crown a champion on Day 10 of the ongoing series was the 22.50 Lac GTD WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max, which was the only trophy event of the day. Improving upon his two FT finishes at the series, rising star Ritwik “ritwik27” Khanna championed the tourney to finally get his hands on the grand WPT Trophy. He outlasted a field of 471 entries, including the mystery reg “Oshuri” (2nd for INR 3.26 Lac) in the heads-up to claim the title and top prize worth INR 5.51 Lac. Naresh “nareshnow” Kumar (3rd for INR 2.25 Lac) rounded out the podium finishers.

8 Lac GTD WPT Mini 6-Max (Buy-in INR 2200)

Online MTT reg Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri came out on top of a 389-entry field to earn his first WPTOI title and INR 1.98 Lac in the top prize. Online MTT beast Ankit ‘d00mtr00p3r’ Wadhawan narrowly missed out on the title as he placed runner-up for INR 1.20 Lac. Also finishing on the FT was the last night’s WPT Late Night PLO winner Raghav “FuckedUpLife” Siddalinga (6th  for INR 28,000).

Top Results From Other WPTOI Day 10 Events

There were a total of 9 tournaments crowning winners on Day 10 of the WPT Online India series yesterday. Here are the top results from the seven other WPTOI events that concluded yesterday. 

4 Lac GTD WPT Classic (Buy-in INR 1250)

  • Total Entries: 280
  • Prizepool: 4 Lac
  • Winner: ‘MkDDA’ (INR 87,706)
  • Runner-up: Monday’s WPT Multiplier winner Ankita ‘ankumalik’ Ajay Malik (INR 75,694)

4 Lac GTD WPT Multiplier (Buy-in INR 1250)

  • Total Entries: 308
  • Prizepool: 4 Lac
  • Winner: ‘void191’ (INR 1,00,000)
  • Runner-up: Goonjan Mall aka ‘gmtesting’ (INR 60,600)

4 Lac GTD WPT Hustle (Buy-in INR 1100)

  • Total Entries: 411
  • Prizepool: 4.11 Lac
  • Winner: Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni (INR 1,01,928)
  • Runner-up: ‘jpoker’ (Won INR 61,650)

3 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PLO (Buy-in INR 880)

  • Total Entries: 295
  • Prizepool: 3 Lac
  • Winner: Raghav “FuckedUpLife” Siddalinga (INR 76,800)
  • Runner-up: Raghav “mrbean98” Ananth (INR 45,750)

2.75 Lac GTD WPT Alpha (Buy-in INR 1000)

  • Total Enries: 227
  • Prizepool: 2.75 Lac
  • Winner: ‘Maddy000001’ (INR 75,488)
  • Runner-up: ‘rishithole98’ (INR 44,000)

2 Lac GTD WPT Warmup (Buy-in INR 770)

  • Total Entries: 233
  • Prizepool: 2 Lac
  • Winner: ‘moto007’ (INR 54,900)
  • Runner-up: ‘bluefloyd’ (INR 32000)

1.4 Lac GTD WPT Battlefield (Buy-in INR 550)

  • Total Entries: 212
  • Prizepool: 1.4 Lac
  • Winner: Aditya “konstantin” Singh (INR 31,259)
  • Runner-up: “gokugg” (INR 24,673)

WPT Online India Mega Leaderboard Standings After Day 10

Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja (627 points) who has already won two trophy events at the series and last night’s WPT Late Night PLO winner Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalinga (563 points) continue to lead the WPTOI Mega Leaderboard standings after Day 10. Yesterday’s WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max champion Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna (522 points) has moved to the third spot.

  1. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja – 627
  2. Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalanga – 563
  3. Ritwik ‘ritwik27’ Khanna – 522
  4. Vishnu ‘violator’ Khandelwal – 488
  5. Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha – 472
  6. Ankit ‘d00mtr003r’ Wadhawan – 470
  7. Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh – 440
  8. Rajat ‘Happyfish’ Mahajan – 430
  9. Arsh ‘BigggTymeR’ Grover – 398
  10. Arun ‘runyrules’ Sriram – 397