WPTOI 2021 Leaderboards: Siddalanga Still On Top Of Mega Leaderboard; Behera Leads Mini Leaderboard

The 25 Crore GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI Series is in the final phase and played host to 10 WPT branded tournaments on Adda52.com on Tuesday. Sahil Chutani, who had recently placed runner-up in the WPT Gladiator, took down the trophy tournament of the day (the 22.50 Lac GTD WPT Tuesday Feature) to win INR 5.40 Lac (single largest score of the day) and his second WPT Trophy.

In total, 38 trophy events have been run and won so far at the WPT Online India. With less than a week left for the series to wrap up, the 33 Lac mega leaderboard race has now got more intense. Following his runner-up finish in the WPT Mini 6-Max last night, Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalinga (1,078 points) has extended his lead on the 33 Lac Mega Leaderboard standings. Meanwhile, Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja (1,010 points) and Ankit ‘d00mtr003r’ Wadhawan (958 points) continue to hold on to the #2 & #3 spots, respectively. Both Ashish Ahuja (WPT Gladiator & WPT 3000) and Ankit Wadhawan (WPT Wednesday Rush & WPT Friday Feature) have won two trophy events, apart from making multiple deep runs across various WPTOI events. Gadadhar “Indianthug” Behera (2255 Points) continues to top the 12.5 Lac Mini Leaderboard race, while Satbir “satbir2222” Singh (3785 Points) and Manish “manishji” Miglani (1716 Points) lead the Micro and Satellites Leaderboard races, respectively. Let us check out the current standings across different leaderboards!

33 Mega Leaderboard Standings

With three tourney titles and over dozen of FT finishes across mega tournyes, Raghav Siddalanga (1078 Points) is the man to catch in the Mega Leaderboard race. Following him at the second and third places are Ashish Ahuja (1,010 points) and Ankit Wadhawan (958 points), respectively. 

  1. Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalanga – 1078 points
  2. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja – 1010 points
  3. Ankit ‘d00mtr003r’ Wadhawan – 958 Points
  4. Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh – 876 Points
  5. Anant ‘Pro_baba’ Purohit – 876 Points

12.5 Lac Mini Leaderboard Standings

The Mini Leaderboard promising 12.5 Lac in prizes to the top 50 ranked players is open to players who participate in events with buy-ins ranging from INR 550 to INR 2200. The player who tops the charts will receive 2.55 Lac and a WPT trophy. With 24 days in the books, it is Gadadhar “Indianthug” Behera (2255 Points) ruling this leaderboard. He is followed by Niteen “niteenplus” Raj (2124 Points).  

  1. Gadadhar “Indianthug” Behera – 2255 Points
  2. Niteen “niteenplus” Raj – 2124 Points
  3. Devrat “vickypune” Singh – 2079 Points
  4. Kritagya “kritagya_17” Sharma  – 2069 Points
  5. Ankita “ankumalik” Ajay – 2062

7.5 Lac Micro Leaderboard Standings

The Micro Leaderboard is meant for players participating in events with buy-ins upto INR 549. It has an impressive 7.5 Lac in prizes to the top 50 players, with the Leaderboard topper set to walk away with 1.5 Lac and a stunning WPT trophy. Satbir Singh, who has already won as many as 20 micro tourneys, is sitting on top with 3785 points. Hot on his heels is Amandeep Singh with 3744 Points.

  1. Satbir “satbir2222” Singh – 3785 Points
  2. Amandeep “amanpoker27” Singh – 3744 Points
  3. Pramila “aurora999” Arora – 3534 Points
  4. “dreamanil9” – 3345 Points
  5. “unmesh100” – 2878 Points

2 Lac Freeroll Leaderboard Standings

While the participation in freerolls is free, the rewards for players who rank high on this leaderboard are awesome. This exclusive leaderboard pays out the top 50 players, with the topper getting 40k. Currently, it is ‘mystery47′ leading the race with 1122 points. Here are the current top 5 players:

  1. “Mystery47” – 1122 Points
  2. “MAAKAL1” – 1037 Points
  3. “Kraker”  – 1029 Points
  4. Bhairab’bhairab404’Mandal – 1026 Points
  5. Manish “manishji” Miglani – 1016 Points

10 Lac Satellites Leaderboard Standings

There is a hefty 10 Lac up for grabs for players participating in satellites and step satellites for the series. The top 50 players are set to be paid out with the the leaderboard topper getting 2 Lac. After 24 days of the WPTOI series, it is Manish “manishji” Miglani who leads the satellites leaderboard with 1716 Points. Following him in the second place is Bhairab ‘bhairab404’ Mandal (1649 Points). 

  1. Manish “manishji” Miglani – 1716 Points
  2. Bhairab’bhairab404’Mandal – 1649 Points
  3. Sonu’Ghachak25′ Kumar Shah – 1544 Points
  4. “Mystery47” – 1431 Points
  5. “Kraker” – 1127 Points

8 Lac Event-Wise Leaderboards

The WPTOI also has an exclusive 8 Lac event-wise leaderboard for daily events like WPT Daily Warm-Up, Classic, Alpha, Multiplier, Battlefield, Hustle, and Late Night. There are three separate event wise leaderboards running with varying prize money to be awarded to the top 20 ranked players. Here is a quick look at the current standings across three separate event-wise leaderboards of the WPTOI:

WPT DAB (WPT Daily Warmup, Alpha & Battlefield) Leaderboard

  1. Gadadhar “Indianthug” Behera – 849 Points
  2. Niteen “niteenplus” Raj  – 780 Points
  3. Kritagya “kritagya_17” Sharma – 749 Points
  4. Devrat “Vickypune” Singh – 706 Points
  5. Ankit “ankitbawa” Bawa – 607 Points

WPT CM (WPT Classic & Multiplier) Leaderboard

  1. Ankita “ankumalik” Ajay – 764 Points
  2. “MkDDA” – 634 Points
  3. Gadadhar “Indianthug” Behera – 610 Points
  4. Niteen “niteenplus” Raj – 589 Points
  5. Devrat “Vickypune” Singh – 577 Points

WPT HL (WPT Hustle & Late Night) Leaderboard

  1. Mohak ‘sparkie” Kapoor – 827 Points
  2. Harsh “harsh1327” Bubna – 758 Points
  3. Jimmy “milliondollerdream” Arora – 661 Points
  4. Himanshu “baagdi” Bagdwal – 658 Points
  5. Deepak “peacelover” Singh – 608 Points

Daily 25k & Daily 65k Leaderboards

Adda52.com is also running the Daily 25k and the Daily 65k leaderboards where payouts are being made on daily basis. While both these leaderboards pay out the top 20 players, the payout for the topper differs. The topper of the Daily 25k Leaderboard receives 6,700, while the winner of the Daily 65K leaderboard earns 17,500. To check out today’s winners across these leaderboards, click HERE!

A couple of wins or a few deep finishes in WPT events may change it all for you. Play more and earn more points. Bring your A-game to the table and fight for the lucrative Leaderboards. All the best!