WPTOI 2021 Week 1: Neel Joshi, Nikhil Pandey & Ashish Ahuja End The Week As Top Winners

Exclusively meant for Indian players, the 25 Crore GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI) 2021 is in full swing on Adda52.com. It is the 2nd week of its run and the series is growing grander with some massive guaranteed events lined up ahead. The first week of this prestigious series was a marathon grind for MTT lovers and saw thousands of players battling out for their shot at WPT glory, fame, and hefty prizes across more than 200 events running through the week. Headlining the weekly action were some massive guaranteed trophy events headlined by the 60 Lac GTD WPT India Mini Highroller.

While we witnessed several amazing performances in the first week of the WPTOI series, online regs in Neel ‘neeljoshi23’ Joshi, Nikhil ‘Chikuu36’ Pandey, and Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja topped the weekly charts with INR 16.47 Lac, 13.18 Lac, and 12.65 Lac respectively in total weekly winnings!

Neel Joshi – INR 16.47 Lac In Weekly Winnings

The biggest guaranteed tourney of the week was the 60 Lac GTD WPT India Mini Highroller, and the former Mega Suits champion Neel ‘neeljoshi23’ Joshi championed it to emerge as the week’s top scorer. Online MTT crusher Joshi having an impressive 31 tourney titles under his belt outlasted a star-studded field of 221 entries to take down the 60 Lac GTD WPT India Mini Highroller title on 5th August 2021 to win his career-first WPT Trophy and a massive INR 16.47 Lac uptop prize. This single but massive win was enough to book the 24-year-old player the top spot on the weekly charts.

Aside from Joshi, Vishal “GigaaBet” Bajaj (2nd for INR 9.60 Lac) & Ratul “riverking021” Steves (3rd for 7,20,000) cashed big in the WPT India Mini Highroller to feature among the top winners of the week.

Nikhil Pandey – INR 13.18 Lac In Weekly Winnings

While Joshi was the top scorer of the week, it does not take away from Nikhil ‘Chikuu36’ Pandey`s smashing run. Pandey ended the week in #2 rank with a massive win and several FT finishes. He started his WPTOI campaign in style by winning the biggest trophy event on the opening day of the series. Yes, he bested a strong field of 292 entries in the 30 Lac GTD WPT India 6 Max Championship on 1st August to win INR 7.68 Lac and his first WPT Trophy. Continuing his spectacular run, he then picked up a couple of FT finishes that included a 4th place finish for INR 5.16 Lac in the 60 Lac GTD WPT India Mini Highroller for INR 5.16 Lac and a 5th place for INR 17,250 in the WPT Late Night PKO tourney. The week also saw him making several other ITM finishes in some other WPTOI events.

Pandey registered a massive INR 13.18 Lac in total, getting him the #2 spot in the weekly winnings.

Ashish Ahuja – INR 12.65 Lac In Weekly Winnings

With as many as 122 online tourney titles to his name,  the lawyer-turned poker pro Ashish ‘rocky3705 Ahuja is one of the biggest names in the domestic poker circuit. It has been a heck of an online series for him as he was the only player to capture two WPT Online trophies in the first week of the ongoing series. His first trophy came on 5th August when he championed the 30 Lac GTD WPT Gladiator after outlasting a strong 581-entry field to win INR 7.65 Lac and his first WPT trophy from the ongoing series. He picked up his second trophy on 8th August when he shipped the 15 Lac GTD WPT 3000 for INR 3.96 Lac after besting a strong 559-entry field. Ahuja has won three WPT trophies on Adda52. His first trophy came last year in the WPT Tuesday Feature that he won for INR 3.63 Lac.

Ahuja also final-tabled the 15 Lac WPT Monday Feature 6 Max, finishing 6th for INR 52,500. Besides, he also cashed several other major tournaments at the ongoing series, including 30 Lac GTD WPT Super Stack. Overall, he raked in a massive INR 12.65 Lac in weekly winnings to get him the 3rd spot on the weekly charts. Ahuja is in terrific form and is going all gunz blazing this week. Unsurprisingly, he is currently on the top of the WPT Online India Mega leaderboard standings with 627 points.

 The 6 Lac GTD WPT Moonlight winner Raghav ‘FuckedUpLife’ Siddalanga (Weekly Cashes – INR 10.27 Lac), 60 Lac GTD WPT India Mini High Roller runner-up Vishal “GigaaBet” Bajaj (Weekly Cashes – INR 9.69 Lac), & 20 Lac GTD WPT India Bounty Champion Anant “pro_baba” Purohit (Weekly Cashes – INR 9.12 Lac) were the other most profitable players from the WPTOI first week. 

Trophy Event Winners From WPTOI 2021 Week 1

More than a dozen of trophies were awarded in the first week of the WPT Online India 2021 edition on Adda52.com. Here is the complete list of the WPT Trophy Event CHAMPIONS from the week:

Day 1 Trophy  Event Winners (Sunday, 1st Aug)

WPT India 6 Max Championship
Nikhil ‘Chikuu36’ Pandey 
Won INR 7.68 Lac  

WPT Super Stack
Satnam Singh  
Won INR 5.40 Lac

WPT Kickoff
Ashwin Vijay
Won INR 3.18 Lac

Day 2 Winners (Monday, 2nd Aug)

WPT Monday Feature 6 Max
Saumya Agarwal
Won INR 3.67 Lac

Day 3 Winners ( Tuesday, 3rd Aug)

WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max
Vishnu Khandelwal
Won INR 5.40 Lac

Day 4 (Wednesday, 4th Aug)

WPT Wednesday Rush
Ankit Wadhawan
Won INR 3.85 Lac

WPT Deepstack
Sriharsha Doddapaneni
Won INR 4.42 Lac

Day 5 (Thursday, 5th Aug)

WPT India Mini Highroller
Neel Joshi
Won INR 16.47 Lac

WPT Gladiator
Ashish Ahuja
Won INR 7.65 Lac

Day  6 Winners (Friday, 6th Aug)

WPT Superstack Classic
Rajat Mahajan
Won INR 7.94 Lac

WPT Bounty Classic PKO
Won INR 4.52 Lac

Day 7 Winners (Saturday, 7th Aug)

WPT India PLO Championship
Ronak Gidwani
Won INR 5.6 Lac

Day 8 Winners ( Sunday, 8th Aug)

WPT Super Stack
Rony Chowdhury
Won INR 7.65 Lac

WPT India Bounty Championship
Anant Purohit
Won INR 7.35 Lac  

WPT 3000
Ashish Ahuja
Won INR 3.96 Lac

Some Interesting Statistics From WPTOI 2021 Week 1

  • Saumya Agarwal aka “bigcards” was the only female player to win a trophy in the first week of the WPTOI. She championed the 15 Lac GTD WPT Monday Feature to win INR 3.67 Lac & a grand WPT trophy.
  • Amandeep Singh aka ‘amanpoker27’ won the highest number of the micro tourney titles. He won an incredible 17 micro tourneys in the week and is currently on top of the WPTOI Micro Leaderboard.
  • Gadadhar Behera aka ‘Indianthug’ and Avinash Kumar aka ‘I_fart_you_faint’ shipped the highest number of mini tourney titles in the week. Each of them won an impressive three mini tourney titles.
  • Ashish Ahuja was the only player to claim two mega tourney titles in the week. He won the 30 Lac GTD WPT Gladiator and then shipped the 15 Lac GTD WPT 3000, both of which were the trophy events.

We salute all the top winners and congratulate them for acing the sizzling action-packed tables in the first week of the WPTOI series. The days ahead promise to be even bigger as the series is growing crazier and grander with each passing day. Keep playing and winning BIG, only at Adda52.com!