Throwback To 2021: Meet Top Winners Of 2021 On Adda52

New Year is not just about setting new resolutions and goals, it is also a great opportunity for poker players to look back at the year gone by. It is fair to say 2021 was a year to remember especially for Adda52 and its players. The online poker giant hit several massive milestones in 2021, some of which include the launch of exclusive ladies events, INR 499 buy-in 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal (first-ever tourney in India at such a small buy-in),  2 Crore ACL Leaderboard that seeks to find the next Adda52 Team Pro from the industry, the 8 Crore GTD Adda52 Tournament of Champions (ATOC), etc.

Talking about how 2021 went for players, we saw several regs ending the year with massive winnings on Stealing the show was none other than the online poker phenom Gaurav Sood who raked in a whopping INR 1,37,75,321 in winnings. He was followed by MTT crushers Devrat Singh (INR 1,09,58,803), Ashish Ahuja (INR 1,09,58,722), Manish Lakhotia (1,07,92845). Ranking 5th on the list of the top winners 2021 was Sanat Mehrotra who cashed several big tourneys and raked in INR 99,03,188. Here is a quick look back at their top five tournament scores of 2021 on!

1.Gaurav Sood aka “gauravarod” – INR 1,37,75,321

Gaurav Sood is a Gurgaon-based MTT pro who got introduced to poker during the first year of his college in 2013. He started playing it professionally after completing his BDS degree in 2019 and has been taking the virtual felts by storm since then. With as many as 130 MTT titles and 12.62 Crores in online cashes, the dentist-turned poker pro is one of the best MTT players on the circuit today.

The 25-year-old  MTT pro was the winningest player in 2020 and he proved yet again by topping the charts in 2021. He had a break-out 2021 on as the online phenom shipped plenty of big-ticket tourneys, raking in over INR 1,37,75,321 and ending the year as the biggest MTT winner on the site. His biggest score came in the 1 Crore GTD WPT Super Highroller where he topped a star-studded field of 88 entries to win a career-best INR 32,60,295. Here is a look at his top five scores:

  • WPT Super High Roller (1st for INR 32,60,295) in August 2021
  • DOPT Highroller (1st for INR 13,50,000) in November 2021
  • ATOC Thursday Feature(1st for INR 7,20,000) in February 2021
  • Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 6,95,000) in February 2021
  • Godfather (1st for INR 6,12,500) in October 2021

2. Devrat Singh aka “Vickypune” – INR 1,09,58,803

Ranked 2nd on the list of the biggest MTT winners of 2021 is a well-known online reg in Devrat Singh. No stanger to winning big on the virtual felts, Singh holds as many as 94 tourney titles to his name and has more than INR 1.98 Crore in winnings. 2021 was incredible for him on Adda52. He kicked off the year with a bang by taking down the 1 Crore GTD Full House Finale in February and then went on to win two Maverick tournaments, Excalibur, DOPT PKO, and WPT Min 6-Max to name a few. His biggest score came in the Full House Finale where he topped the 1892-entry  field to win a personal best INR 21 Lac. His winnings in 2021 on Adda52 amounted to a massive INR 1,09,58,803, making him the second biggest winner of the year on the site. Here is a look back at his top five scores:

  • Full House Finale (1st for INR 21,00,000) in February 2021
  • Maverick (1st for INR 3,93,575) in September 2021
  • Maverick (1st for INR 3,82,500) in April 2021
  • Excalibur (1st for INR 2,91,330) in April 2021
  • DOPT PKO (1st for INR 2,58,766) in June 2021

3. Ashish Ahuja aka “rocky3705” – INR 1,09,58,722

Ashish Ahuja is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tournament poker. The lawyer-turned poker pro has hit many milestones, especially over the last two years. The Chandigarh-based MTT reg crossed 9 Crore mark in October 2021 and has now over INR 9.59 Crores in lifetime winnings.

With as many as 146 titles to his name, Ahuja is one of the biggest MTT crushers on the circuit today. He closed out 2021 as the third biggest winner on Adda52 with over INR 1,09,58,722. His biggest score of the year came in October when he finished runner-up in the Adda52 Big Game for INR 10,99,666. Some of his other notable scores included INR 7,80,000 for his Adda52 Millions win and INR 7,65,000 for his victory in the WPT Gladiator. Here is a look at his Adda52 top five scores of 2021:

  • Adda52 Big Game (2nd for INR 10,99,666) in October 2021
  • Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 7,80,000) in May 2021
  • WPT Gladiator (1st for INR 7,65,000)  in August 2021
  • ATOC Gladiator (1st for INR 6,66,596) in February 2021
  • Godfather (1st for INR 6,63,600) in June 2021

 4. Manish Lakhotia aka “newkidpoker” – INR 1,07,92,845

Manish Lakhotia is a man with a lot of winnings to his name. With over INR 9.8 Crores in winnings and as many as 95 tourney titles under his belt, Lakhotia is one of the biggest MTT winners on the Indian circuit today. 2021 was a big year for Lakhotia as he closed out the year as the fourth biggest winner on Adda52 with over INR 1,07,92,845 in winnings. While he raked in several big scores on the site, his biggest score of the year was INR 17,92,435 that he earned as a runner-up in the DOPT Main Event Finale in June. His last recorded major win of the year came in October when he shipped The Ballers for INR 5 Lac payday. Here is a quick look at his top five scores of 2021 from Adda52:

  • DOPT Main Event Finale (2nd  for INR 17,92,435) in June
  • Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 7,29,600) in May 2021
  • Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 6,50,000) in July 2021
  • The Ballers (1st for INR 5,00,049) in October
  •  Maverick (1st  for INR 4,02,106) in May 2021

5. Sanat Mehrotra aka “mehro2511” – INR 99,03,188

Ranked 5th on the list is another Gurgaon-based player in Sanat Mehrotra. The 29-year-old online phenom has as many as 78  titles and over INR 7.21 Crore in lifetime online winnings. The IIT and IIM alumnus was the biggest winner on Adda52 in 2020 and closed out 2021 on a good note, rounding out the top five winners of the year with INR 99,03,188. He kicked off the year 2021 by finishing runner-up in the Adda52 Big Game in February. July turned out a break-out month for the online beast as he notched up two massive scores that included INR 8,80,000 for his Mega Suits Finale win and INR 8,40,000 for his runner-up finish in the Adda52 Big Game. Here are his top five scores:

  • Adda52 Big Game (2nd for INR 9,85,272 ) in February 2021
  • 50L Mega Suits Finale (1st for INR 8,80,000) in July 2021
  • Adda52 Big Game (2nd for INR 8,40,000) in July 2021
  • Adda52 Big Game (3rd for INR 7,14,000) in May 2021
  • Adda52 Millions (1st for INR 6,63,000 ) in December 2021

A big shoutout to these players and their passion for the game. We wish them all the best for 2022!