Throwback To DPT: Meet The Champions From Fifth DPT Edition Held In April 2017

With the first DPT of 2022 just a few days away now, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to rekindle those good old poker days in Goa by featuring the top winners from the fifth DPT edition held at the luxurious Deltin Royale casino in Goa from 19th to 24th April 2017. Owing to the February series’ overwhelming success, the guarantee was hiked to INR 2.25 Crores for the April 2017 edition. Yet again, the series turned out to be a massive success, attracting 734 entries and generating INR 2.78 Crores in total prize money. Here are the top moments and highlights from the series!

DPT 15K Kickoff  (INR 20 Lac GTD)

 The DPT April 2017 edition comprising of 6 events kicked off with a 7K Warm up on 18th April on wherein Vivek Karwa aka “victor 2coolsmart” emerged the winner and banked INR 3.2 Lac. The live action began on 19th April with the 15K Kickoff, a 20 Lac GTD event that drew 169 entries and collected a guarantee-busting INR 25.34 Lac that was shared by the top 18 finishers with a min-cash of INR 25,000. It was Delhi lad Rubin Labroo who emerged the champion, winning INR 6,80,250 in the top prize money. Labroo eventually outlasted Abhisek Panda (2nd for INR 4,80,000) in the heads-up. The final hand of the tourney saw Panda moving all-in with Six-Four and Rubin Labroo made an instant call with pocket nines. The board ran out 3d 9s 7d Ac 9c, giving Labroo the title.

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Rubin Labroo – 680,250
  2. Abhisek Panda – 480,000
  3. Faiz Alam – 320,000
  4. Amit Sur – 250,000
  5. Deepak Bothra – 188,000
  6. Avinash Kumar – 138,000
  7. Yogesh Madnani – 94,000
  8. Sameer Tavanandi – 75,000
  9. Anup Palod – 56,400

DPT 35K Main Event (INR 70 Lac GTD)

The star attraction of the series was the 35K Main Even with 70 Lac GTD. As expected, the 3-day event easily rode past its guarantee collecting a whopping INR 1,01,87,100 in prize pool on the back of 294 entries. The top 30 players shared the prize pool and walking away with the lion’s share was Kolkata-based poker pro Mayank Agarwal who banked INR 25,45,100, following a heads-up deal with Haresh Kukreja (2nd for INR 18,90,000). The final hand of the event saw Kukreja moving all-in with Kh 6d and Agarwal called with As 2h. The board bricked and got Agarwal his first DPT title.

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Mayank Agarwal – 25,45,100*
  2. Haresh Kukreja – 18,90,000*
  3. Yohan Patel – 11,21,000
  4. Anant Kumar – 8,15,000
  5. Ganesh Kompella – 7,13,000
  6. Atul Khanna – 5,60,000
  7. Tanuj Moorjani – 4,58,000
  8. Kanishk Bansal – 3,05,000
  9. Jayram Nirama – 1,78,000

DPT 100K High Roller (INR 1 Crore GTD)

The highest buy-in event of the series attracted also fared pretty well, drawing in 122 entries and collecting INR 1.22 Crore in the prizepool that was eventually shared by the top 12 players with a min-cash being INR 2,13,000. Pradeep N Sharma was leading the 37 survivors at the end of Day 1 with 306K but when the dust settled, it was Bangalore’s Vidwath Shetty who took down the title.

Shetty started the final table third in chips but he played very smartly and made a few successful moves,which ultimately helped him to cruise his way to the top. He won a whopping INR 36,23,000 in the first place prize money, while Aditya Sushant won INR 5,98,000 for remarkable runner-up finish. The final hand of the tourney saw Shetty opening and facing a 3-bet from Sushant. Shetty moved all-in holding Ace-Nine and Sushant called with Ace-Four. The board missed both players and Shetty took down the pot with a better kicker to win his first DPT title for INR 36,23,000 in prize money.

Final  Table Results (INR)

  1. Vidwath Shetty – 36,23,000
  2. Aditya Sushant – 22,94,000
  3. Pradeep N Sharma – 16,00,000
  4. Samay Parikh – 12,68,000
  5. Chiraag Patel – 9,05,000
  6. Romit Advani – 6,64,000
  7. Santosh Suvarna – 4,52,000
  8. Rohan Dhawan – 3,62,000
  9. Sumit Sapra – 2,71,000

DPT 15K Tag Teams Event & DPT 15K PLO

The other exciting event on the schedule, 15K Tag Teams Event, made its debut at DPT with 42 entries signing up for the 10 Lac guaranteed event and generating INR 12.60 Lac in prize pool that was shared by the top 6 teams. Deepak Bothra & Manoj Pentakota won it for INR 4,74,000.

Aditya Sushant, who gave Vidwath Shetty a good fight in the 100K High Roller, went on to win the last event – the 15K PLO 10 Lac GTD for INR 4,76,950, defeating 107 entries that resulted in INR 15,88,950 prize pool. Top 12 players shared the prize pool with min-cash worth INR 28,000.