Tuesday Majors: ‘Ronako’ Denies Kanchan Sharma The Mint Title; Pankaj Rautela Wins Voyager

After a little dull Monday, it was a thrilling Tuesday on Adda52.com with several big guaranteed events running on the platform. Headlining the Tuesday roster was the 14 Lac GTD The Mint. In its latest run, the 3850 buy-in tourney drew in 358 entries and ended with the user “Ronako” taking it down for INR 3.50 Lac. Finishing runner-up was none other than the DPT 10K Women’s Special champion Kanchan “thandicoke” Sharma who walked away with INR 2,12,100 for her efforts.

  • Total Entries: 358
  • Prizepool: 14 Lac
  • Places Paid: 38
  • Min Cash: 8,400

The former Nano ME champion Ram “mowgumotu” Kakkar (3rd for INR 1,54,000), Devrat “Vickypune” Singh (4th for INR 1,12,000), Aditya “konstantin” Singh (5th for INR 75,600), Rakshit “ved234” Vedh (6th for INR 52,500), & Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri (7th for INR 42,000) also made it to the FT.

2.5 Lac GTD Voyager

Pankaj “eminempunk” Rautela emerged victorious from a guarantee-busting field of 287 entrants to win the 2.5 Lac GTD Voyager for INR 59,925. G “mohan1969” Mohan (runner-up for INR 57,315) and rising star Aman “karmapoker” Parakh (3rd for INR 33,005) rounded out the podium finishes.

  • Total Entries: 287
  • Prizepool: 2.87 Lac
  • Places Paid: 30
  • Min Cash: 2,296

Siddharth “gabandheer” Pandey was the last player standing in Adda52’s 1.5 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda and won INR 30,059. The user “playhereforsure13” (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 32,940),“Bluffminister” (Won 50K GTD Morning Adda for INR 15,490),“NeeravSuri” (Won 50K GTD Sundown Adda for INR 12,000),“Dada19” (Won 50K GTD Evening Adda tourney for INR 9,939), and  “RJTHEGOD” (Won 40K GTD Freezeout Adda  for 14,266) won the other marquees on Adda52.com.