Welcome To The Live Coverage Of DPT 15K Women’s Special – 8 Max

Jyoti Krishna Champions DPT 15K Women’s Special For 1,00,300!

Blinds: 5k-10k

Ante: 10k

Finally, it is over and we have a new DPT Women’s Special champion in Jyoti Krishna who started the final table as a massive chip leader and kept her domination all the way to ship the title. Enroute to her maiden DPT title victory, she eliminated three players. Eventually, she clashed it out with Taruna Kamdar who played well but could not go all the way, finishing runner-up for INR 60,500.

On the final hand, Jyoti had Jc 7s and Taruna held 10d 3d. The community cards fell 3s 5h Jh Qs 5c.

Jyoti shipped it for INR 1,00,300 with a jack pair. Taruna settled in second place for INR  60,500.

It Is Down To Heads-Up With Riyana Exiting in 3rd Place (INR 40,540)


Blinds: 5k-10k

Ante: 10k

With blinds increasing every level, eliminations are happening in quick successions.

We saw back to back eliminations with Kanchan going out in 4th and then Riyana exiting in 3rd place.

Riyana pitted her Qs 9h against Taruna’s Ks 9c and the board opened 5h Kd As Qh Jd.

Riyana found a queen on the turn but Taruna won it with the king pair. Riyana got busted in 3rd place.

Defending Champion Kanchan Sharma Is Out In 4th Place (INR 30,540)!

Blinds: 1000-2000
Ante: 2000

Kanchan Sharma who had won the April 2022 edition of this women’s special tourney has exited the final table.

On her final hand, she opened from UTG to 6K and Taruna in the big blind called.

Flop: 3d 6d 10s

Taruna bet 5k and Kanchan went all-in for 34.5k.

At the showdown, Kanchan turned over Qs 10c and Taruna showed Jd Jc.

The turn was 4d and 2h landed on the river.

Pocket jacks held up for Taruna and she won the pot busting Kanchan in 4th place.
Ankita Ajay Malik Bubbles DPT 15k Women’s Special
Blinds: 1000-2000
Ante: 2000

Ankita Ajay Malik who is known for her online exploits is out on the money bubble!

In her final hand, Ankita open-shoved for 18k and Taruna Kamdar went all-in for 35k. Everyon else folded and the cards were turned over. 

Ankita: Ad 10s
Taruna: Ah Kc
Board: Ac 6s As Kh 5c

Taruna hit full house and took down the pot, busting Ankita on the money bubble.

Poker Mom Radhika Shankar Exits In 6th Place

Level: 9
Blinds: 600-1200
Ante: 1200

It was a pre-flop action where Taruna from SB shoved all-in for 12.4k and Radhika Shankar
from the big blind called with her remaining 11.4k. At the showdown:

Taruna: Qs 4s
Radhika: Ad 6h
Board: 8d 5s Qc Qh 9h

Taruna hit trips with queens, taking down the pot and busting Radhika from the FT.

Sunita Jakhar Busted by Jyoti In 7th Place.


Blinds- 500/1000

Ante- 1000

And it ends for Sunita Jakhar in the Women’s Special as she exits the final table in 7th place.
In her final hand, she pitted her Kh 5h against the Ac 5d of Jyoti.

The board ran out Qs 7h Ah 10d 9s, giving Jyoti an ace pair to win and bust Sunita


Millena (8th) – First Player To Exit Final Table 


Blinds- 500/1000

Ante- 1000

Millena from UTG opens to 3k and gets called by Jyoti

Flop: 7d Qh 8c

Jyoti checks and Millena goes all-in for 14.6k, which Jyoti calls.

Millena: Kc Qs
Jyoti: Qd 10c

Th turn opens Ac, while the 10d lands on the river.

Jyoti takes down the pot with two pairs, busting Milena in 8th place.

DPT 15K Women’s Special Final Table Set With Jyoti Krishna In Lead


Blinds- 500/1000

Ante- 1000

  1. Milena- 17.6K
  2. Riyana Rasheed- 34K
  3. Ankita Malik- 36.1K
  4. Taruna Kamdar- 11.8K
  5. Radhika Shankar- 8.7K
  1. Kanchan Sharma- 38.8K
  2. Jyoti Krishna- 72.9K
  3. Sunita Jakhar- 35.1K


Payouts For DPT 15K Women’s Special Event


Blinds- 500/1000

Ante- 1000

The payouts and prize pool for the DPT 15K Women’s Special have been announced. The event drew in 17 entrants, generating INR 2,31,880 in the prize pool. While the top 4 players get paid out, the eventual winner will walk away with INR 1,00,300 in top prize along with the DPT trophy.

Payouts (INR)

1st- 1,00,300

2nd- 60,500

3rd- 40,540

4th- 30,540

Gunisha Sinha Busted by Jyoti Krishna

Level – 7

Blinds- 400/800

Ante- 800

Gunisha Sinha from UTG open shoves 12k and Jyoti Krishna from button calls.

Board- 2h 10s 8c 6c 6d

Jyoti- Jc Js

Gunisha- 4c 4h

Jyoti takes down the pot busting Gunisha

A Winning Flush For Taruna Kamdar

Level- 6

Blinds- 200/500

Ante- 500

We caught the action on the flop reading 3h 8s 7c

Taruna Kamdar (BB) checks, Sunita Jakhar (Button) bets 1.5K. BB calls.

Turn- 4s

Taruna checks and Sunita(BU) bets 2.5K. Taruna(BB) calls.

River- Qs

Taruna(BB) bets 2k and Sunita(BU) calls.

Sunita- 8c Ac

Taruna-9s 6s.

Taruna hits a flush and takes down the pot.

Milena Takes It Down

Level- 5

Blinds- 200/500

Ante- 500

Pre- Flop

Jyoti Krishna from SB opens 1K and Milena from CO calls.

Flop- 2c 7c 4d

Jyoti(SB) and Milena (CO) both checks.

Turn- 6s

Jyoti(SB) bets 1k and Milena(CO) calls.

River- 2d

Jyoti(SB) checks Milena(CO) bets 1.2K and SB tank call.

Jyoti- Ah 8h

Milena- 6c 3d

Milena takes down the pot with two pairs – deuces and sixes 

Sunita Jakhar Chipping Up

Level- 4

Blinds- 200/400

Ante- 400

On the flop reading 5h 6c Kh, both Sunita(BB) and Taruna(UTG) check.

Turn- Kc

Sunita(BB) checks, Taruna(UTG) bets 1K and Sunita calls.

River- 2s

Sunita bets 2k and Taruna calls.

Sunita- 7d 6h

Taruna- 5c Ac

Sunita takes down the pot with higher two pairs – Kings and Sixes.

Jyoti Krishna Takes It Down

  • Level- 4
  • Blinds- 200/400
  • Ante- 400

Sohini Bhattacharya from UTG opens to 1.5K and Jyoti Krishna from Button calls.

Flop- 4h Qs Qd. Both players check the flop.

Turn- 3d- the turn also goes check-chek

River- 5h

Jyoti(BU) bets 1K  and Sohini(UTG) calls

Jyoti- Ad 10h

Sohini- Jc 8c

Ace high good and Jyoti takes it down on the river.

Defending Champion Kanchan Sharma Joins The Action!

Finally, Kanchan Sharma who had won the April 2022 edition of the Women’s Special joins the action. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see pros like Kanchan as she is one of the best female poker players in the country and also impresses with her moves. She finished fourth in the 1.1 Lakh High Roller event of the ongoing series and will be looking to add another title to her name. Stay tuned in!

Familiar Faces At DPT 15K Women’s Special

Level: 1

Blinds: 100-200

Ante: 0

The much-awaited DPT Women’s Special has begun. 10 players have already entered the the event. With the late registration open till th end of level 6, this number is bound to go up. Some notables among the early entrants include Radhika Shanakar (who re-entered the event after busting a while ago), Riyana R, Harshita Jain, Taruna Kamdar, Sohini Bhattacharya, Karishma Awalegaonkar, etc.



Radhika Shankar – First Player To Bust From Women’s Special

Level: 1

Blinds: 100-200

Ante: 0

Harshita Jain from cutoff limps and Radhika Shankar from BB goes all-in.

Harshita takes no time call with Ad Ah against the 6h 4x of Radhika

The board runs out 7d 5h 2c 9s 9h where Harshita wins with pocket aces.

Shuffle up & Deal – DPT 15K Women’s Special Begins!

Level: 1

Blinds: 100-200

Ante: 0

With the announcement of the customary ‘shuffle up and deal’, the DPT 15k Women’s Special event has begun at 100-200 blinds and ante 0.  Stay tuned in for the live updates from the event. 

Welcome To DPT 15K Women’s Special Event

Welcome to the DPT 15K Women’s Special, a women only event which is scheduled to start at 4 pm here at the Deltin Royale casino in Goa. Players start with a stack of 15k with blinds starting at 100-100.

The big blind ante will come into play at level 2. Each level for the event will be 25 minutes, while the late registration/re-entry will remain open till the end of level 6. Stay tuned in for the live updates!