Wednesday Majors: Anuj Yadav, Advait Rajguru & Gurpal Singh Ship Adda52’s Wednesday Marquees  

With no online tournament series running on, the regular Wednesday tournaments led the charge. The biggest draw of the day, the 15 Lac GTD Maverick, drew in an impressive 539 entries and found a winner in online MTT beast Anuj ‘anuj25395’ Yadav who bested Sachin ‘brownguy26’ Raj (2nd for INR 2,21,250) in the heads-up, winning the title for INR 3.90 and topping the day’s charts.

  • Total Entries: 539
  • Prizepool: 15 Lac
  • Places Paid: 55

Naresh ‘emperor457’ Veeravalli (3rd for INR 1,53,750), Clinton ‘RedArmy07’ Tavares (4th for INR 1,12,500), Ashit ‘nexus010’ Sharma (5th for INR 79,500), NaveenKumar ‘satyappanavar’ S (6th for INR 52,500), & Anubhav ‘killabot’ Ray (7th for INR 41,250) were the other notable regs to finish on the FT.

4 Lac GTD La Luna

The other Wednesday marquee, 4 Lac GTD La Luna, was shipped by Advait “ronaldinho018” Rajguru who came out on top of a 201-entry field in the INR 1800 buy-in tourney to win INR 1.11 Lac in top prize. Yogendra “pokeraddictive” Meena placed runner-up, banking INR 65k for his deep run.

  • Total Entries: 201
  • Prizepool: 4 Lac
  • Places Paid: 21

Featuring among the other prominent Wednesday winners were the user “rishu1293” (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 33,360),Gurpal ‘TheUndecided777’ Singh (Won 1.50 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda for INR 30,059), and ‘Paulpogba’ (Won 1.20 Lac GTD Maverick Lite for INR 19,764).