2 Players Win $300,000 Top Prize in the First Week of $100 PokerStars Spin & Go

pokerstars $100 spin n goYes! You read it correct. Within a week of its launch, PokerStars’ $100 Spin & Go has rewarded 2 players the top prize of $300,000. ‘Lev729’ and ‘flesske’ won the massive 6-figure prizes in the three-handed tournaments. Another striking thing to be noticed in these wins is both the players are from the same country – Hungary. Both these players hit the max multipliers in their pot spins and clinched the win in the game.

In the 2 games played for the top prize of $300,000, 4 players received a $30,000 consolation prize. ‘ian2104’ from Ireland, ‘AlexRAVXXX from Russia, ‘barrakuuda4’ from Estonia and ‘wallaks’ from Israel were the runner-ups taking home the consolation prize.

Earlier, PokerStars launched the $100 Spin & Go tournaments on 31st July. These tournaments can generate a prize pool of $360,000 in the random spin out of which $300,000 is reserved for the winner. Prior to this, Spin & Go tournament have been available on PokerStars with buy-ins from $1 to $60 (and a maximum prize pool of $216,000 and first-place prize of $180,000).

It will be interesting to watch how many such top prize pools are generated in the Spin & Go and also if PokerStars brings even bigger tourneys in this format.