Welcome To Live Coverage of WPT India 2019 20K Kick-Off Event

Day 1 Ends With Vikram Kumar Leading Final 11!

vikram kumar

The Deltin Royale poker room in Goa was buzzing with action on the return of the 3rd edition of WPT India. The first tournament on the schedule of this seven-day long festival was the INR 20k buy-in Kick-Off event, which has come to a close. By the time the late registrations closed at the end of level 6, the tournament had registered a total of161 entries, which created INR 30,29,376 in prizepool.

The starting field has been trimmed down to just 11 players with a late rush of eliminations.  Headlining the 11 survivors into the final day is the well-known pro Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar, who has bagged a massive stack of 605,000. Trailing him is the young talent Himanshu Arora (360,000).

While all the 11 survivors are assured at least INR 69,700 prizemoney, the eventual winner will take home home an impressive 8.05 Lac prizemoney along with the beautiful WPT India trophy.

Day of the event begins 2:30 pm on 16th October. Don’t forget to check our coverage.

Final 11 Chip Counts:


  1. Vineet Kumar – 69,000
  2. Vikram Kumar – 605,000
  3. Anand Babu – 62,000
  4. Himanshu Arora -360,000
  5. Guru Kumar – 220,000
  6. Aswees N. – 191,000
  7. Vaibhav Sharma – 236,000
  8. Nirav Parekh -136,000
  9. Aayush G.- 257,000
  10. Deepak Raina – 106,000
  11. Jaydeep Dawer -173,000





Day 1 Ends! Mayer Penkar Finishes 12th for INR 69,700 

Mayer Penkar

Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & BB Ante 8k)

Mayer Penkar becomes the last elimination of the Day 1 of the WPT India 20k Kickoff!
He exited in 12th place for INR 69,700 after his As 6d failed to beat Jh Kd on the rundown of 4d 9d 5h Ks Qd.

Shankar S Exits in 14th for INR 59,100, Rubin Labroo Finishes 13th for the same amount!

Shankar S

Rubin Labroo

Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & BB Ante 8k)
There has been a flurry of eliminations. The latest to hit the rail is Shankar S. who exited in 14th place.

Following Shankar was the former DPT Kickoff winner Rubin Labroo whose pocket nines failed to beat pocket queens of Himanshu Arora.
With the board running 8s 3d Qs 8d 7d, Himanshu made a full house to win the pot and bust his opponent.

Rohit Jinwal Finishes 15th for INR 59,100

Rohit Jinwal

Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & BB Ante 8k)

The recent BPT High Roller champion is no longer in the run. He just got busted by Anand Babu.
Jinwal had pitted his Ac 5d against As Kc of Anand. Both players flopped an Ace pair on the Ad 7c 8d Qc 9h board though, Anand won the pot with his better kicker busting his opponent in the 15th place.


Jayjit Ray Finishes 16th for INR 49,100!

Jayjit Ray
Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)

Aayush G. scores another elimination, this time he eliminated Jayjit Ray!

Ray  shoved his 34k stack putting himself at risk.
Ayush made a quick call and tabled 10d 10c against Ad Kc of Ray.

The board :5c 6d 9d 2d 7c

The pocket tens held up and Aayush won the pot, busting his opponent.


Pratik Mehta Goes Out in 17th Place for INR 49,100

Pratik M

Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)

Eliminations are quick in the ITM stage here at the opening event of the WPT India 2019.

The latest to join the list is Pratik Mehta who jammed for 47.5k holding Ad Kc against  Qs Qh of Aayush G.
The board blanked out and Aayush took down the pot with his ladies, busting his opponent in 17th place.

Naveen Sagar (18th place for INR 49,100) Busted by Vaibhav Sharma!

naveen sagar

Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)

Vaibhav Sharma continues to build his chip towers. A while back, he busted Abhishek Chinya and now he knocks out Naveen Sagar.

The Short stack Sagar had shoved all-in for 16k holding 9h 7h and Sharma called with his As Ks.

The board opened 7h Kc 6c Jd 2d, giving Sharma a top pair with Kings to win the pot and bust Naveen.

Harsh Dembla Finishes 19th for INR 39,400
Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)

It was a pre-flop all-in where the short stack Harsh Dembla shoved all-in holding As Qh and was called by Nirav Parekh who held Ah Kc.

The board missed both players and Parekh took down the pot with his better kicker busting Dembla in 19th.

Abhishek Chinya Finishes 20th For INR 39,400!

abhishek chinya

Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)
Another ITM eliminations comes in Abhishek Chinya. He pitted his Kh 4c against Ad 10d of Vaibhav Sharma. The board 2s 8h Qc 7d Ah blanked out for Chinya, while Sharma found an Ace on the river to take down the pot and bust Chinya in 20th place.


Bubble bursts. 20 players still in play!

Ashish Motwani

Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)
The field has finally narrowed down to 20 players with bubble bursting a while back in Ashish Motwani (22nd) and Kartik Ved going out in 21st place.
It was a three-way all-in. The action reached Himanshu Arora who called big blind. The next to act Kartik Ved from the button shoved all-in for 81k holding AK and Ashish Motwani shoved behind for 25k in BB.

Himanshu who had them covered called with Ah As.

The board ran out 6d 10s 9h 5c 2c where pocket Aces of Himanshu were good enough to win him the pot and bust both his opponents. Ashish went out on the money bubble, while Ved finished 21st for INR 39,400.


Jaydeep Dawer Eliminates Anup Palod


Level 12 (Blinds 1500-2500 & BB Ante 2500)
Another notable to join the list of elimination is none other than the well-known pro Anup Palod.
He open shoved with As Qd for 45k putting his tournament life at risk and Jaydeep Dawer who held Ah Ks called.

The board missed both players and Jaydeep won the pot with a better kicker,busting Palod from the tournament.

Nishant Sharma Busted by Anand Babu

nishant sharma

Level 12 (Blinds 1500-2500 & BB Ante 2500)
Quite a few notables have been eliminated from the tournament and the recent elimination came in Nishant Sharma.
Sharma holding Kc Qs in HJ shoved all-in for 25k and was called by Anand Babu from CO who had Ah Ad.
The board ran out 9c 3d 4s 2h 5s, giving Babu a rivered straight to win the pot and bust his opponent.

Siddharth Godinho Busts A Player

siddarth G.
Level 11 (Blinds 1k-2k & BB Ante 2k)
Pre-flop, we saw Siddharth Godinho limping and a player from HJ shoved all-in for over 33k holding Kd Qs.

While the rest of the players folded, Siddharth who held Qd Qc made the call.

The board ran dry and Siddharth won the pot, busting his opponent.


Varun Vohra Doubles-Up!

varun vohra

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & BB Ante 1600)
A known player on the circuit, Varun Vohra from UTG open shoved for 12600 holding Ad 6d and was called by a player in BB who held As 3d.

The dealer fanned a 6h 10c Ah Jh 9c board where Vohra made two pairs to take down the pot and double-up.


Nishant Sharma Doubles-Up Through Mayer Penkar

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & BB Ante 1600)

A short while ago, we saw Nishant Sharma survive by getting a much-need double up. The 2019 DPT Colossus 50K Warm Up runner-up Sharma held pocket jacks against As Kh of Mayer Penkar. The board ran out 10h Js Kd 6d 2h where Sharma flopped a set to beat AK and take down the coveted pot.

Sailesh Lohia Eliminates Naveen Sagar 

sailesh Lohia

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & BB Ante 1600)
With blinds increasing, eliminations are happening a little faster. Just now we saw Naveen Sagar hitting
the rail.
Naveen held Ad Jc, which lost out to 4c 3c of Sailesh Lohia on the rundown of 4s 9s 3s Ks 3d.

The river saw Naveen checking it and Sailesh shoved all-in for 60k, which Naveen called with his remaining 40k stack. Unfortunately for Naveen, Sailesh rivered a full house to take down the coveted pot and bust his opponent from the tournament.


Aditya Kumar Busted!

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & BB Ante 1600)

Pre-flop, Aditya Kumar from UTG shoved all-in for 22k.

While Sangar S. from UTG+ 1 called all-in, the rest of the players decided to get out of the way.

Aditya: 7h 7d

Sangar: Qh Qd

The board ran out Ah 3d Js 8d 5h where pocket queens won the pot for Sangar and Aditya Kumar got busted from the tournament.

Notable Chip Counts At Level 9

Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & BB Ante 1200)

Deepak Raina – 95k
Rohit Jinwal – 93k
Ranjeet Negi – 87k
Aditya M.- 71K
Pratik Mehta – 70k
Deepak Bothra – 59k
Manjo M. – 57k

Nikhil Krishna – 54k
Naveen Sagar – 53k
Jaydeep Dawer – 40k

Nikhil Krishna Rivers A Runner-Runner Full House To Win In Three-Way Pot

nikhil krishna

Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & BB Ante 1200)

Pre-flop, Nikhil Krishna open shoved for 16k and Sandeep Singh shoved behind from MP1 for 28k.

The next to act Shivam T. from BB called the all-in players.
Nikhil: 7H 7S
Sandeep:Jd Js
Shivam: 8h 8s
Board: 6h 10h 4h 7d 6d.
Nikhil won the main pot with a rivered full house, while the side pot went to Sandeep Singh.

Aditya Sushant Doubles-Up Anand Babu 

aditya Sushant

Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 & BB Ante 1000)

Pre-flop, Anand Babu from CO shoved all-in for 14k holding 7d 7h and the defending Champion Aditya Sushant from BB made the call holding Ks Ac.

The board ran out 10h 8d 9s Qd 9h where pocket sevens of Anand held up to beat Sushant’s AK.

Anand won the pot to a much-needed double up and survive in the tournament.


161 entries registered! Payouts announced!

Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 & BB Ante 1000)

We saw a healthy field of 161 entries registering for the 20k Kickoff event. Meanwhile, the prizepool and payouts have been announced. Top 21 players of the opening tournament will share the prizepool. The min-cash will be INR 39,400, while the winner will walk away with INR 8,05,200.

Complete Payouts:

1st – INR 8,05,200
2nd – INR 5,27,500
3rd – INR 3,10,800
4th – INR 1,89,200
5th – INR 1,46,000
6th – INR 1,21,000
7th – INR 1,04,876
8th – INR 92,400
9th -INR 80,500
10th-12th – INR 69,700
13th-15th – INR 59,100
16th-18th – INR 49,100
19th-21st – INR 39,400


Myron Pereira Busted!

Level 7 (Blinds 400-800 & BB Ante 800)

It was a pre-flop all-in. Myron from button shoved all-in for 11.9k and was called by a player in BB.

Myron: 8c 8s

BB Player: 9h 9c

The board ran out Qc 10s 5s Ah Kd where Myron’s pocket eight’s could not hold up against pocket nines.


Manish Lakhotia Hits A Flush To Double-Up!

Level 7 (Blinds 400-800 & BB Ante 800)

A short while ago, we saw Manish Lakhotia to notch up a good double-up!

He picked up Ac 9c and decided to shove all-in pre-flop for 9k in an effort to double up.

The only player to call him was Ranjeet Negi who held Qs Js.

The board ran out 5c 9s 4c Kc 5d.

While it blanked out for Negi, Lakhotia hit a flush on the turn to win the pot and double up.


Prashanth Sekar Doubles-Up!

Level 7 (Blinds 400-800 & BB Ante 800)

It was a pre-flop all-in where a player from UTG open raised to 8k and the online poker champ Prashanth Sekar from SB shoved all-in with his remaining 8.5k stack.

Opponent: As 9s

Prashanth: Kc Qh

The board ran out 6d 6s 7h Qs 8h. While the opponent failed to hit a flush, Sekar paired his queen to win the pot and double up.


Himanshu Arora Busts Sidharth Gupta

Level 7 (Blinds 400-800 & BB Ante 800)

Himanshu Arora continues to add to his growing stack and he busted Gupta a short a while ago!

It was a pre-flop action where Himanshu from CO raised to 2k and Siddharth Gupta shoved all-in for 4800 from button.

Himanshu: Ac 7c

Gupta: Ad 5s

The board ran out 9h 3c 6d 7h 9c where Himanshu paired his 7 on the turn to win the pot to make two pairs with nines and sevens and bust his opponent from the tournament.


Series-Opener 20k Kick-Off Event Registers 161 Entries

Level 7 (Blinds 400-800 & BB Ante 800)

We have entered level 7, which means the late registration has ended!

The WPT India series opener has logged in 161 entries. There are approximately 84 players left in the running and Guarav Gupta and Deepak Raina are among the biggest stacks at the moment.


Himanshu Arora Takes It Down On The River!

Level 6 (Blinds 300-600 & BB Ante 600)

Pre-flop, a player opened to 1100 and Himanshu Arora from BB made the call.

Flop 5d 7h 8c

Both players checked the flop.

Turn 5h

Himanshu fired out a bet of 1200 and his opponent flatted.

River 4s

Himanshu checked this time and his opponent bet 3600 to which Himanshu went all-in for 7900.

His opponent tanked for a while before eventually folding his hand.

A decent pot for Himanshu to add to his growing stack!


Rishab Malik Doubles Up To Survive

Level 6 (Blinds 300-600 & BB Ante 600)

Here comes a much-needed double up for Rishab Malik! Malik was the player at risk and he decided to open shove from UTG for 7k holding As 6h and Guru Kumar from BB called holding Jc Qc in BB.

The board ran out 2h 5s 3s 2d 3d where A6 were good enough for Malik to take down the pot and double up.


Sumit Mehta Sends Gautam Sachdeva To The Rail 

sumit mehta

Level 5(Blinds 200-400 & BB Ante 400)

We have already entered level 5 and the latest elimination from comes in Gautam Sachdeva whose pocket deuces could not hold up against Kd Jd of Sumit Mehta as the board ran out 5s 9s 9d 3c Js, giving the pot to Mehta.

Guatam was short-stacked and he, in an effort to double up, decided to shove his remaining 4.7k


Sumit Sapra Busts Rahul Melwani 

sumit sapra

Level 4 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)

Quite a few notables have been spotted on the floor and some of them have already hit the rail. The latest elimination came in Rahul Melwani.

On the flop reading 4s 4d 3s, Rahul Melwani from MP1 checked and Sumit Sapra from CO raised to 2300.
Action folded back to Melwani who jammed for 9700 holding 5d 6d against Jd Jh of Sapra who called all-in.

The turn Ah and the river Qd did not help Melwani and he hit the rail, losing out the pot to Sapra.


Pankaj Kothari Hits The Rail!

Level 4 (Blinds 200-300 & BB Ante 300)
Here is another elimination and this time it is Pankaj Kothari hitting the rail.

Holding As Qs, Kothari from button went all-in on the flop of 9c 2s 2c after a bet from a player in BB who had 9h Js. The turn 6d and river Jh brought no help to him and he got eliminated from the tournament.


Rohan Pinto Eliminated by Laksh Pal Singh 

Level 4 (Blinds 200-300 & BB Ante 300)
It was a pre-flop all-in action. The rising talent Laksh Pal Singh open raised to 2100 from MP1 holding pocket tens. Rohan Pinto in the big blind shoved all-in for 3k with Ad Jh and discovered the bad news as the board  6h 2c Kc 5d 2d blanked out for him. Laksh Pal won the pot, busting his opponent in the process.


July 2018 DPT HR Champ Eka Vedantham Hits A Fullhouse!

eka 2

Level 2 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 0)

July 2018 DPT HR Champion Eka Vedantham is off to a good start here at the opening event of the WPT India 2019. Just now we saw him taking down a decent pot from the poker champ Deepak Raina.

Pre-flop, Raina had raised to 600 from CO and Eka called from BB.

Both players checked the flop Qs Qd Ks and the turn 10h.

The river was the 5h where Eka fired out a bet of 3k, which Raina called.

Well-played by Eka who turned over Qs 10h for a winning Fullhouse, while Raina mucked his hand.


Harsh Dembla Takes It Down On River From Siddarth Singhvi

Level 2 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 0)

Harsh Dembla is off to a good start here!  Just now, he battled it out against the well-known pro Siddarth Singhvi. He open-raised pre-flop to 500 and Singhvi called from the small blind.

The flop opened 6s 3c As and Singhvi decided to check, while Dembla bet 800, which Singhvi called.

Turn 2c

Singhvi checked one more time and Dembla fired out a bet of 1500 this time, which his opponent called.

River 6d

Singhvi checked it for the last time and Dembla bet 1500 yet again. After a slight pause, Singhvi decided to fold his hand and with this Dembla won the pot.


Ankit Wadhawan Hits A Straight To Take It Down Early

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

Pre-flop, Raja S. opens to 2500 and gets a caller in Ankit Wadhawan from button.

Flop 7c 8c Qd

Raja bets 1100 on the flop and Ankit decides to call.

Turn Js

Raja fires out a bet of 2500 and Ankit calls again.

River 6d

Raja continues for 2500. Ankit calls on the last street and tables 9d 10d against Ks Kc of Raja to take down the pot with a straight. Unfortunately for Raja, his cowboys get beaten and he loses the pot!


Notables In The Field

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

The opening event of the WPT India 2019 is currently underway! We have many notable names in the field, including Last year’s WPT India Big Bounty champion Alok Birewar, Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni, latest BPT Kickoff champion Abhijeet R Shetty, Gaurav Gupta, Vidur Singhal, Eka Vedantham, female pro Maria Kirloskar, Jayjit Ray, last year’s WPT India Megastack Turbo champion Siddarth Singhvi, Rubin Labroo and Meherzad Munsaf and many more. So, it is not going to be an easy field to beat and emerge the champion in the opening event.


Shuffle-Up & Deal

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

With the announcement of the ‘ Shuffle-Up & Deal’, the opening event of the WPT India 2019 gets underway here at the Deltin Royale. Players start with a 15k stack and blinds are 100-100 for the first level.


Welcome To Live Coverage of WPT India 2019 20K Kick-Off Event

welcome pic

Welcome to the 3rd edition of WPT India 2019 onboard the Deltin Royale casino, Goa, where some of the best players from India and around the world will be battling it out over the next 7 days for the poker glory, stardom and big prizes. It’s going to be an exciting ride for all the players as the action goes down in India’s most luxurious floating casino – Deltin Royale. Not only top Indian pros are going to participate but also some of the world’s biggest poker names will be joining the action, including  the poker legend – Robert Mizrachi. So, there going to be plenty of fun interactions on and off the felts with top pros and new players.

The most-awaited series kick off in a while from now with its opening event – 20k Kickoff NLH, a 2-day event featuring a buy-in of INR 20K and starting stack of 15k. Each level for this event will be of 30 minutes and the late registration will close at the end of level 6 approximately at 6:40 pm this evening.

Last year, it was the WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant who bested a strong field of 201 entries to win the Kickoff title. The battle for the title begin again today. Stay tuned for the live updates!